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Video: Kelela – Rewind


The sensual, neon illuminated video for Kelela’s “Rewind” embodies the feeling of the song as an ‘End-of-Summer-Jam’ visualizing Kelela in sweltering, nocturnal settings as the sunny season slips away. As with most of Kelela’s work, “Rewind” is a beautiful duality of simultaneously bounce-fueled optimism and a deep yearning which gives it both it’s dancefloor heft and emotional complexity.

Kelela remains front-and-center commanding the viewer through subterranean sweatboxes and laser-lit ballrooms. The insistent energy of “Rewind” is one of many standout moments on Kelela’s Hallucinogen EP. In contrast to the psychotropic animation of “A Message,” the viewer gets a more direct, yet subtly uncanny representation of Kelela in her performative essence.

After being named Zane Lowe’s “World Record” on his acclaimed Beats Radio show, “Rewind” has proved to be a late summer essential stunning audiences everywhere from the incredible Afropunk Festivals to Opening Ceremony’s headline runway show at New York Fashion week, which featured it’s models breaking character to dance to the song for its whirlwind finale.

“Hallucinogen” EP is out October 9th 2015 on Warp Records.

KELELA – Rewind


I think there’s something particularly ‘Kelela’ about starting on a somber note;” this is how Kelela introduces her sublime, shape-shifting new EP, and in particular the cavernous tumble of its first song “A Message.” While the track continually falls to pieces and puts itself back together again, Kelela duets with a disembodied spectre of herself, recounting the emotional purgatory of a newly abandoned relationship. It’s more than an opening song, it is the moment that launches the narrative arc that is the backbone of the EP, titled Hallucinogen.

Co-produced by Kelela/Kingdom/Nugget, “Rewind” perfectly embodies the breathless euphoria of infatuation. Kelela steers some mutant form of Miami-bass-freestyle-electro to a sweaty basement rave where furtive companions lock eyes across a chaotic dance floor.

“Hallucinogen” EP is out October 9th 2015 on Warp Records.

Video: Kelela – A Message (prod. by Arca)


Kelela announces “Hallucinogen EP”, out on May 5th 2015. Watch “A Message” video, directed by Daniel Sannwald.

The HALLUCINOGEN EP is a 6-song cycle that explores the light and darkness of love and sexuality. Written over the course of two years it takes the listener through different stages of relationship, ranging from tumultuous to blissful.

HALLUCINOGEN EP is music to ride out to, whether you’re sitting on 44s or a bench seat on London’s tube. The production is distinctly American, but as before, borrows freely from the icy sounds of UK Grime. The EP was born out of recording sessions over the last two years, songs intended for the debut album that found a natural synergy with one another. HALLUCINOGEN is a bridge between her debut Cut 4 Me, and Kelela’s debut album due this Autumn.

about A Message:

I met Alejandro [Arca] on a boat in August of 2012. We sought one another out across a dance floor and within 5 minutes agreed to meet each other as soon as possible to collaborate. I had one song released to my name and had just heard one of his mixes, but we knew we’d found something in one another. We spent the next three days, 14 hours a day talking about our artistic visions and how it intersected with our personal lives, making songs that reflected that while dancing around the room to let it all out. About 5 or 6 demos were born out of these three days.

“A Message” is one of the demos that came from those sessions and it speaks to the despair that I was experiencing at the time. The initial version of the song spilled out of us in about 25 minutes. Since then, it’s been like a sculpture that I’ve come to and refined over time, adding a lyric here, refining a melody there, adding a bridge, etc. It’s a process that is now finally complete with its release and I’m so happy that I finally get to share it with all of you.”

1. A Message
2. Gomenasai
3. Swoop
4. All The Way Down
5. Hallucinogen
6. The High

Video: Kingdom – Bank Head feat. Kelela

Here’s the video for the lead single from Los Angeles producer Kingdom‘s fifth EP, Vertical XL. “Bank Head” is tense, restrained R&B, a new look for a producer who comes from the vortices of clubland. Making her Fade to Mind debut, Kelela sings of a physical desire and an attendant longing, which video director Jude MC depicts as nothing less than elemental, eternal like the sun and the stars, deep like a murky cave. Out now on Fade To Mind.