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I-Robots – Brother Man (Rouge Cover remixes)

OPCM 12 084 artwork

Opilec Music’s eclectic remix series rolls on with another essential package, this time tackling a single from label boss I-Robots’s Law of Robotics album back in 2008. Adding their own spin to things are Red Axes and Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito after the likes of Kuniyuki Takahashi, Djembe Monks, Danny Ocean, Los Hermanos, Gary Martin, Alexander Robotnick, Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi have all stepped up previously.

Israeli duo Red Axes go first, a pair known for mixing up synths and guitars in exciting new ways on labels like Hivern Discs, I’m A Cliche and ESP Institute amongst others. Their excellent version of the track re-works it as a deep and spine tingling house cut. Moody chords lull you into a hypnotic and zoned out groove that is finished with some intoxicating spoken words.

Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito is next, an acclaimed Kompakt and Transmat artist who makes succulent techno with ambient atmospheres. His brilliant version here is just that, with cosmic chords and slippery rubber beats carrying you away into the night. Warm and inviting, it elevates you to the next level over its long length, it is a classy bit of techno that also comes as a stripped back instrumental version.

After this vital EP come more remixes from the same album, they will all then be put together on I-Robots – Laws Of Robotics 10 Year Anniversary album in 2018.

01 Brother Man (Red Axes Remix)
02 Brother Man (Hiroshi Watanabe Kaito Remix)
03 Brother Man (Hiroshi Watanabe Kaito Instrumental Remix)

Hiroshi Watanabe – Multiverse EP


Transmat is activated and back with a Trilogy. For its 30th anniversary the record label from Detroit is releasing 3 new records from 3 new artists. Techno-Legend Derrick May will plan to support more upcoming artists with his record label.

The first one of these artists is the Japanese artist Hiroshi Watanabe, whose Multiverse EP is picking up classic Motorcity sound, while simultaneously sounding very current and fresh. The artwork for the cover was designed by Abdul Quadim Haqq, who has already created the cover art for Underground Resistance, Juan Atkins, DJ Rolando and Rhythim Is Rhythim.

The collaboration of the Japanese artist Hiroshi Watanabe and Derrick May began with the “Multiverse” track. Derrick May already had been fascinated for a long time with Japan and its music scene. May’s first reaction to Watanabe’s Multiverse was a short “Amazing!” and symbolized the beginning of making this record. This song became the name of the EP as well as the thematic frame for the release. Subsequently, one thing led to another. A real soul traveller story between the worlds began. “All tracks I made for the record came across the multiuniverse travelling myself”, says Watanabe; “under the theme of ‘receive, send, feel, connect’, all tracks are connected and combine into one large work of art”.

In line with the Transmat label’s values, Watanabes release contains the typical elements of the classic Transmat sounds. Finely and wonderfully crafted, never ending sequences bring the listener on a voyage through Deep Space. Always contemplative and never melancholic, rather it is optimistic with a vision towards the future, the tracks reference the Motorcity sound and convince through an incredible contemporary production approach. Watanabe’s productions have an amazing dynamic and a untamable enthusiasm, which manifests itself on an incredibly emotional and spiritual level.

A1: The Multiverse
A2: The Leonids
B1: Soul Transitions
B2: Aperture Synthesis

Video: Kaito – Until the End of Time

Hiroshi Watanabe will release his eighth album as Kaito via Kompakt next. Below, you can watch the official video for the the title track, "Until The End Of Time". Pre-order here.

Kaito – Until The End Of Time [2013]

Hiroshi Watanabe is set to release his eighth album as Kaito via Kompakt on October 28. “Until The End Of Time” sees the Tokyo producer further explore his penchant for warm, trancey and organic electronica. The record features two tracks from the recent sampler 12-inch Behind My Life and eight new cuts. It’s the latest full-length to arrive in Kompakt’s 20th anniversary year, which has seen a string of compilation and album releases. Below, you can stream the stunning “Run Through The Road In The Fog” and “Behind My Life”.

01. Sky Is The Limit
02 I’m Leaving Home
03. Will To Live
04. Run Through The Road In The Fog
05. Behind My Life
06. Inner Space
07. Star Of Snow
08. Dear Friends
09. Until The End Of Time

10. Smile