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Michel de Hey & Rauwkost – Julienzzz / Gibsome


Here’s the next release coming on on John Digweed‘s forward-thinking Bedrock label, on June 9th 2014.

Julienzzz & Gibsome is a collaboration between one of Holland’s most influential techno DJ/producer’s – Michel de Hey – and Amsterdam’s highly original Rauwkost, is an incredibly exciting meeting of creative minds. The end results – “Julienzzz” flying high on a deep throbbing techno backbone overlaid with hypnotic melody flourishes, and the counterbalancing “Gibsome” taking on a more laidback, deeply groovy warmness and heartfelt, soulful, spiritual vibe – are nothing short of extraordinarily superb.

The creator of some of the freshest sounds in techno music in recent years, fellow Dutchman, Ramon Tapia, is also on fire here. For his remix of “Julienzzz”, a teasing percussive intro leads into a monstrous, infectious, booming groove that is sure to cause chaos all summer long. Italy is also strongly represented here by the super-hot production duo – Paolo Martini & Paul C, who never fail to impress. Their catchy and bouncy techno remix style rides high on a rhythm that has the groove and swing factor turned up to the max.

If you like what you hear here, then don’t miss Ramon Tapia’s next monster release, also coming on Bedrock on June 23rd 2014, in the form of a collaborative project with Stavroz, called “Havana”.