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Masaya – Borderline EP


With the Borderline EP, the final act of 24th Chapter is unveiled.

Selected from Masaya’s recently released ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ LP, one of the most refined tracks now has its moment in the spotlight, accompanied by reworks from three greats of the house and techno scene.

Initially released on vinyl only last year, Borderline’s signature tension, atmosphere and ethereal vocal lines are reprised first by the internationally renowned Patrice Baumel (Kompakt, Crosstown Rebels, Afterlife). Typically, this Edition is a classy, peak time affair. A chunky groove sets things up before the inexorable climax, setting dancefloors ablaze in the process.

Diynamic artist Johannes Brecht is next up. Fresh from his remix of Moby’s Natural Blues and the chart-topping Voix Grave with Christian Prommer, the multi-instrumentalist producer delivers a standout Edition which is melodic, powerful and hymn-like. This piece presents him at his sophisticated and direct best.

Last onto the stage is Irish-born Berlin émigré Neil Flynn (Lossless, Needwant). His Reduction Edition is a masterclass in minimalism, keeping the listener gripped as vocals evolve into synth lines and back into vocals again, all against a pared down techno backdrop.

The Borderline EP presents a constellation of stars in one of Chapter 24’s most significant outings yet.

Masaya – Borderline (Original Mix)
Masaya – Borderline (Patrice Baumel Edition)
Masaya – Borderline (Johannes Brecht Edition)
Masaya – Borderline (Neil Flynn’s Reduction Edition)

Johannes Brecht – Enjoy The Void EP

johannes brecht

Ten Wall’s Boso imprint is fast becoming one of the hottest underground labels. The burgeoning imprint has delivered some of the biggest tracks of the year so far and this next release keeps the standards sky high. Released both digitally and on 12´, ‘Enjoy The Void EP’ is the fourth release on the label and creation of Johannes Brecht, consisting of three original tracks and an instrumental version of the title track. ‘Enjoy The Void’ has beautiful depth, dark yet driving with progressive synth lines enhanced by an overall melancholic feel and highly infectious vocal. On a more uplifting tip ‘Another World’ is a modern twist on house with alluring melodies, while ‘Fallen Angel’ strips things down with an abstract melody.

Enjoy The Void
Enjoy The Void (Instrumental)
Another World
Fallen Angel

As a studio and live musician for many of Germany’s major artists, Johannes Brecht has been able to build a reputation as a talented newcomer in recent years, with his great span of work not keeping him restricted to one genre. Until more recently Brecht remained largely in the background, which is where he has felt most comfortable.

Brecht is responsible for all orchestral arrangements of the Henrik Schwarz ‘Instruments’ project that sparked huge enthusiasm in Tokyo, Amsterdam and Berlin as part of the Red Bull Music Academy. As Henrik Schwarz heard the first production of his band member, he decided to reactivate his label Sunday Music in January 2013 to release Brecht’s ‘Holla EP’.

After a few orchestra tours through Europe and Asia, Brecht developed his interest in popular music studio technologies and his enjoyment of club and electronic music. But blunt dancefloor material is not his claim; his productions are have this melodic, deep and sometimes hymnic character. Although Brecht took his first steps into the light of attention in 2013, his latest projects exemplifies his quality as a producer.

Johannes Brecht stands for the sound of the future. He is a talented musician, multi instrumentalist and an exciting producer – a potent newcomer with vision.

Stelios Vassiloudis & Sasse – Refuse

Berlin-based Klas Sasse Lindblad teams up once more with Athens’ Stelios Vassiloudis to drop some more pure pressure for Audiomatique – subsequent to their 2013 release ‘Options & Futures’. Sasse has been making house for the best part of 20 years, both for his own Moodmusic label and many other imprints. Stelios Vassiloudis has also carved out his own niche, not least via his debut album on John Digweed’s Bedrock label.

Here they combine their strengths again for this exceptional release – ‘Refuse’ is a deep, snarling house bomb, dripping in sex and sweat. The bassline struggles to free itself from its moorings, mutating and evolving menacingly over the tight, driving rhythm.

Play with caution – things may get messy. Johannes Brecht’s remix takes things even further down the rabbit hole – strange bleeps and blips tear through the track, which has been streamlined into a slick tech workout. Beatport customers also get access to the killer dub version, which somehow manages to tame the wild bassline but turns up the heat on the groove. Out on May 19.