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CFCF – On Vacation (Remixes)


International Feel launched their mini-album series late last year and second in line was CFCF with ‘On Vacation’ which many hailed as one of the finest of 2016 so far. As ever we asked a few people we like to do some versions.

Pharaohs come from LA and blend Liston Smith vibes in a modern electronic context. They have released music on ESP Institute and 100% Silk. Their take on ‘Pleasure Centre’ is a bongo driven ride with acoustic guitars and jazz infused flute harmonics. It’s a lovely thing.

CFCF himself takes on ‘Fleurs laissés dans un taxi’ in a beautiful balearic style. Super mellow with sweet guitar in a classic Pat Metheny style brings out the melody with the pads & syncopated drums and percussion rolling away in the background. Stream the original below:

Apiento takes the chance to re-edit ‘Chasing’ which was one of our favourites from the label. A little dub and an extension is all it takes to let this one breathe for a little longer.

Pleasure Centre (Pharaohs Remix)
Fleurs laissés dans un taxi (CFCF Re-Version)
Chasing (Apiento Edit)

CFCF – On Vacation LP


Michael Silver is CFCF, a man with a gift for a melody. He continually delivers timeless music as aptly illustrated in his debut release for International Feel, ‘On Vacation’. CFCF is a Montreal native who has been making music since he was 12 years old. Pitchfork have previously described his work as “a strong case for how much unexpected magic can be found in the ordinary and another excellent chapter in CFCF’s story.

The second in International Feel’s mini-album series, ‘On Vacation’, is an album inspired by places and spaces – some imaginary, some real. The keen sense of melody allows CFCF to switch genres thoughout this release and shows him in clear analogue organic territory. “It’s really gentle and low-key and I hope that people will not take it too seriously,’ explains Silver, ‘It’s a kind of jazzy affair.

‘Sate Padang’ is the album opener. A mystic little track, the likes you’d be happy to find in a dusty Japanese record store. It timelessly sets the scene. A mixture of digital and organic sounds perfectly held together by tight melodies and lush sounds. ‘Arto’ swiftly follows and pays homage to one of the great Japanese composers – Seigen Ono. Acoustic guitar and piano play harmoniously alongside a conga beat and sumptuous accordion, it transports you to an imaginary place within. An ambient piece, ‘In The Courtyard’ follows, with ‘Pleasure Centre’ closing the A side and showing Silver’s love of that under appreciated side of the 80s synth sound.

The B side opens with the stunning ‘Chasing’ where acoustic instrumentation swoops in for a beautiful run through a flowing melody. A track that makes us want to hit rewind and play again instantly. ‘Fleur Laisses Dans Un Taxi’ gives a nod to Paris in the Spring, ‘Lighthouse On Chatham Sound’ to a late afternoon setting by the sea and the album closes with ‘Vermont’, a contemplative piece that considers a future journey.

This album shows Silver in full stride and hitting somewhere pretty special. An artist open to music and melody and not hindered by genre or time and space. A cliche? Yes maybe… But listen and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Familiar for his own productions as well as collaborations with the likes of How To Dress Well, Holy Ghost!, Azari & III and Crystal Castles, Silver spent the first part of 2015 scoring an art film by Andrew Thomas Huang, who worked on Bjork’s latest album. He is currently scoring a crime movie set in Montreal and a meditative feature film by David Lynch’s son Austin Lynch, in collaboration with Cameron Reed aka Babe Rainbow.

Len Leise – Lingua Franca

len leise

International Feel, the much-respected Balearic imprint introduces the first release in a new series of mini-albums from Len Leise. Consisting of six to eight tracks, the concept allows each artist to show more of who they are musically without the constraints of the traditional album format. It will followed by a beautiful release from Canada’s CFCF, an ambient album from Jan Schulte and the return of Gatto Fritto.

Len Leise is Australian, that we know for a fact. Does he exist? Maybe in the mind of his creator. He has released three beautiful EP’s to date and there is a very natural musical theme to his music, one that is built around emotion, times and spaces. His first long-form work ‘Lingua Franca’ shows the varied palette of music he was listening to, from ambient jazz through to afro disco. The likes of Yasuaki Shimizu, Jake Solo and Ike White. Rare names for a rare sound.

‘Lingua Franca’ is all about travel and progression. Both from one place to the next and an emotional migration. An imaginary journey based on real experiences – though as with his name – what is real and what is not doesn’t matter. Morocco appears in the deep ride of ‘Forlorn Fields’, Spain in ‘Leaving Llucmajor’ and Russia in ‘Route To Reutov’. Ever on the move, trade language is necessary – a ‘Lingua Franca’. India finds its way here via the chimes of ‘Madala Maksim’, Brazil in the afro disco sound of ‘O Camino’ and Africa in the slow thoughtful pace of ‘El Modelo’.

Sometimes a visual brings the music to life, sometimes a thought or feeling. It’s music to keep and get lost in, a spiritual ride across the world’s paths and percussions. These sounds are true to Len Leise and ‘Lingua Franca’ has been designed to delve inside his mind. A spread of wings, changes of pace and a chance to indulge in those wispy, smoke-filled thoughts.

Artwork comes courtesy of The Material Collective, responsible for International Feel’s recent switch back to full cover art. Each mini-album will have a similar look and evolve into a diverse series of interlinked journeys through the sonic spectrum of artist’s imagination.

José Padilla – Blitz Magic (Tambien & Deetron Remixes)

jose padilla

Out with a bang, ‘Blitz Magic’ is the final release in the Jose Padilla ’Too Many Colours’ campaign from International Feel. A carefully curated project, from the selection of producers working on the album (Mark Barrott, Wolf Müller, Tornado Wallace, Telephones, I:Cube and Dream 2 Science), superior productions and remixes to boot, through to the beautiful artwork. Now it draws to a beautiful close.

’Blitz Magic’ – a Telephones production – is the perfect club track to follow the wondrous ‘Lollipop’. The original of ‘Blitz Magic’ is a lovely balearic ride that feels the influence of the all time classic ‘E2-E4’ or in turn ‘Sueno Latino’. It has now been placed in the hands of Tambien and Deetron for remix duties.

Tambien are a trio from Munich. They are the Bartellow and Public Possession pair Marvin & Valentino who have released on various labels but in recent times ESP Institute and their own Public Possession. They create that intriguing mix where intelligent meets club music such as their Jil Thunder Light Remix. Deetron is an award-winning Swiss producer and DJ that keeps his soul in Detroit and his heart in warm techno. This sound is perfectly shown in his stripped down remix – cleaning out the drums and taking it back to pure club values.

As Autumn arrives it feels the perfect time to release this third single from Padilla, the last in a beautiful string of releases that for International Feel have perfectly encompassed the Balearic sound as it is now. Play loud and you’ll get the benefits.

Out 20th November on International Feel.

o+ José Padilla is loved by many for his work soundtracking sunsets at the Café Del Mar and compiling the seminal Café Del Mar compilations which sold over six million copies. His fans are wide and varied, on one end of the spectrum you have Madonna or Karl Lagerfeld, and on the other DJ legends such as Harvey and Andrew Weatherall. His new album ‘So Many Colours’ was released on International Feel earlier this summer to great acclaim and is regarded as the most forward-thinking Balearic album of the year.

Mark Barrott – Sketches from an Island 3


Two years ago, as his first summer in Ibiza beckoned, Mark Barrott was heading off to bed one night when he had an idea for a track. That was the first track to feature the infamous Uruguayan Botanist Dr Nimm and spawned what ultimately became the first Sketches from an Island EP.

Although International Feel are known for sometimes been a little mysterious and contrarian, that first EP was only a 300 press as Barrott didn’t think that many people would be into what he called ‘slow, weird music’…it turned out he was wrong, it sold out on the day of release and that coming winter, he hunkered down to work on what became last years acclaimed ‘Sketches from an Island’ LP, lauded by everyone from Terje to Trevor Jackson, it’s evocative, melody driven atmospherics and beautiful birds of paradise artwork has taken on a life of it’s own.

He briefly broke cover again last winter with those Tuff City Kids for the Balearic classic ‘Balanzat’ and again in April this year, with the ultra deep ‘Bush Society’, but as soon as the first sunset of the year forms on the horizon, Barrott’s thoughts always go back to his beloved Sketches project and he now returns with four new tracks for EP 3, again with beautiful artwork from Stevie Anderson.

‘Right 4 me’ feels like the natural successor to the sunshine in a bottle vibe of ‘Baby Come Home’ and he also revisits the bizarre world of Dr Nimm (this time via his Mysterious Island). The polyrhythm’s of ‘Cirrus & Culumus’ trace his love of Ghanan Music & Steve Reich and closing track ‘der Stern, der nie vergeht’ is reminiscent of every beautiful sunset you’ve never seen, blended with the delicate sounds of Roedelius and re-contextualized for his Sketches world.

Although now firmly entrenched in his Ibizan compound, this summer will see Barrott break cover to take up a residency at Harvey’s Mercury Rising night at Pikes and also provide sunrise sounds at this years final Garden Festival, before decamping back to Ibiza to start work on the second Sketches from an Island LP.

Jose Padilla – Lollipop


Balearic legend Jose Padilla’s ‘So Many Colours’ has been one of the albums of the year for many. The remix package for ‘Lollipop’ features luscious remixes from I:Cube, Dream2Science and a special 12 inch version from original producer Telephones.

In Autumn 2014, Jose invited four of the best current producers to the island of Ibiza and developed an album that covers all angles – from beachlife to nightlife or simply watching the sunset, this is an record to get lost in. Bringing together the production skills of Mark Barrott, Wolf Müller, Tornado Wallace and Telephones, it is the perfect summation of the Balearic scene in one album, all brought together in a beautifully artworked package.

There is no shortage of singles International Feel could have run with from the album, but following the success of the Spring-released ‘Day One’, it made sense to look to another Telephones production ‘Lollipop’ as the next single.

‘Lollipop’ sounds like summer. The floating melody and rolling groove instantly putting you in that ‘Ibiza Summer state of mind’, perfectly complemented by new remixes from I:Cube and Dream2Science.

Keep it summer with International Feel.

Steve Cobby and Trudie Dawn Smith – We Start Over


‘We Start Over’ arrived on the desks at International Feel and it felt perfect for us. Deep electronics, a lovely mood, forward thinking and a gorgeous vocal from Trudie Dawn Smith. Lots to play with from a remix perspective and a great original track in itself.

Steve Cobby is a British producer, musician, composer, and DJ, based in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire. He co-founded Fila Brazillia in 1990 and released 10 critically acclaimed LP’s and produced over 70 remixes for artists as diverse as Radiohead, Busta Rhymes, Black Uhuru and A Certain Ratio. Cobby now releases music via his own label Déclassé label. His latest and third solo LP ‘Saudade’ was released in March 2014 and received considerable critical acclaim.

The first 12” consists of the original version and on the flip a remix by Apiento & Lx (their first track together since the underground classic ‘The Orange Place’). The remix is slow trance in its purest sense, made for lasers and dark nightclubs. It’s already receiving club play and has been named by Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston’s ALFOS as “one of the records of the summer”. High praise.

On the second 12” the reins have been handed to Gerd Janson & Phillip Lauer a.k.a Tuff City Kids – two people making some of the finest house at their at the moment with Janson also getting massively known globally for his DJing. Their remixes are made for the clubs. The ‘Garage Dub’ is classic New York house that is as deep as you like and one of those hooky ones that does everything perfectly. The other, ‘Private Acid Mix’ goes heavy on the beats and drops the 303 in a fine style with the vocal looped and twisted.

As you would expect from International Feel this is classy and classic club music covered from all angles from a balearic original, a deep chug remix from Apiento & Lx and the Tuff City Kids bringing the house vibe. Deep deep deep.

Mark Barrott – Bush Society


Take a large dose of Goji percussion, a dash of Detroit soul and some Ibiza sunshine and you have the next release on International Feel from head honcho Mark Barrott.

Mark Barrott has been quietly making waves under numerous aliases and releases on International Feel since inception, but has, since last year’s beautiful ‘Sketches from an Island’ album, starting working under his own name, creating a fine body of work.

‘Bush Society’ sees Mark with a new sound that he wears well. Who knows how long he’ll stay here, but it’s a Sketches lean on a different path. A melting pot of all that is making his world go round at the moment. A field recording from his time living in South America breathes ‘Bush Society’ into life, before the Goji drums and Brazilian percussion are joined by a four ­four groove and those Carl Craig­esque strings.

The flipside, ‘Saviours Or Savages’ shows Barrott in deep Ibiza mode again, leaning towards the Sketches sound that was so adored last year by Balearic heads, music aficionados & new age crystal dwellers alike, but this time with a different twist. If you want to find the true melting pot of Balearic­ Beat currently, then this may well be one of the finest examples you are likely to hear. Pure mood music that made the island a worldwide force for thinkers and music makers alike.

International Feel by name. International Feel by nature.

A quirky take on Bush Society that didn’t make the vinyl, now offered as a gift to celebrate today’s release.

Double Knots – Double Vision EP


The latest offering from International Feel comes from the union of Toby Tobias Smith and Daniel Mode under the title of Double Knots.

The idea for this EP was inspired by a birthday weekend away in beautiful herne bay with a lovely crowd of people” Toby Tobias (Double Knots)

Imagine Tangerine Dream soundtracking Miami Vice through Todd Terje’s ears. There the template was set for Double Knots. Music your head could enjoy as much as your feet. The Double Vision EP is an experiment into melodic deeper synth based melodies and soundscapes, tinged with mid-tempo House and cosmic dust. The three tracks encourage the listener to float away on a heady journey.

The warm and smooth rhythm of opening track Remote Control Memory, the groove-based ­Toby Tobias remix and luscious guitar licks and heady rhythms of Vital Connection makes a perfect debut from Double Knots.

o+ Toby Tobias has been an established figure within the music industry for over a decade and is a respected producer (his “Close Shave” release on Rekids set the template for his melodic house sound). He is also a DJ who enjoys the controlled chaos that comes from the right music in the right place with the right crowd. These records are made for those moments. The other Knot in the Double, Daniel, came from a desire to add a melodic edge to his beats and production and the group was formed. More to follow…

o+ Since launching in 2009 International Feel have released tracks that have clearly been created with a real passion and love of high quality music. These are records that have been thought about from start to finish and the Double Knots EP is no exception.