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Video: Rone – Quitter La Ville


Erwan Castex aka Rone has shared the video for “Quitter la Ville”, featuring Frànçois Marry. The track is taken from Creatures, out now on InFiné. A film by Julien + Adrien.

I give directors total carte blanche to express themselves using my music as inspiration… For me that’s the whole point of this type of collaboration. Either you’re constantly full of inspiration or you’re dead… The three characters are local kids who had never been off the estate before the film shoot… That’s why I found the final scene touching. The smiles are real and so is the sense of freedom.” Rone

Video: Rone – Sing Song


Parisian producer Erwan Castex aka Rone has shared an animated video for “Sing Song”, taken from Rone’s third album “Creatures”, out now via his InFiné as usual. The video is directed by Paulynka Hricovini, based on illustrations by Liliwood. Get the album here.

Video: Danton Eeprom – Biscotto and Chimpanzee feat. Birkii

With his second album released this week on InFiné, Danton Eeprom has shared the weird and wonderful video for the album’s lead single ‘Biscotto & Chimpanzee‘. Directed by Quentin Cafier.

Danton Eeprom – Biscotto & Chimpanzee EP [2014]

Following on from his acclaimed 2010 debut ‘Yes Is More’ London based French producer Danton Eeprom returns with ‘If Looks Could Kill’, set to be released February 3rd on InFiné Music. First up though in January is new single ‘Biscotto & Chimpanzee’ featuring Birkii and remixes from Fairmont, Cristal and Man Power.

You can check clips of all the versions now, below, along with a short video filmed in Red Bull’s Paris Studios.

Danton Eeprom – If Looks Could Kill [2014]

Danton Eeprom‘s sophomore album "If Looks Could Kill" is set to be released February 3 on InFiné Music, the aftermath of an intense period at the controls of his purpose-built studio. The result is a record which is hybridised at its core, where pop songs gradually intertwine with dance floor values while sprinkling risqué references in the process. A foretaste for a handful of DJs only – "FemDom" may have ‘early nineties techno’ written all over it , but still manages to leave a strong Eeprom aftertaste when it’s all said and done.

Rone – Pool feat. John Stanier of Battles

French producer Rone‘s, a.k.a. Erwan Castex, trance-y 2012 album “Tohu Bohu” is getting an overhaul, with an extra six tracks filling out a reissue package put together by InFiné. Thankfully, In “Pool”, Battles drummer John Stanier takes a guest turn, which forces him to attune to its myriad twists and turns as Rone, guides him through ruminative ambient planes and buoyant, uplifting passages. (via)