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Ikonika – Praxis


Earlier this month, Ikonika revealed plans to release a new EP for Hyperdub on August 25th 2014. Before Position land, the London-based producer has shared EP cut “Praxis” as a teaser. Check it out below and pre-order the EP here.

Ikonika – Position EP


Ikonika is in straight up banger mode on this EP, possibly her finest release to date. Confident, energetic and tough, these tracks are made from solid tour experience and made for big room dancing. The EP is made with an almost 3D sense of contrast, and a brilliant ability to balance dusty old school sounds and shinier new ones and reshape them into something that sounds really fresh.

Position kicks things off with rough kicks and snares that sound like they’ve been created in a foundry, mixed into rolling kicks lifted from a crumbling drum machine and vocals sliced and diced into sharp hallucinatory rhythms.

Praxis sounds like a track that could have come from her groundbreaking Contact, want, love, have debut album, except the straight forward melodies with droning synths and steamy drums over growling bass, give the track a confident upgrade.

Strawberry Underlay builds melody lines over a single basic, repeating riff in quick succession while a series of interchangeable, tight old school drum patterns stop and start underneath in quick succession. It’s a brilliant exercise in dynamics and tension.

Wakeup Sequence, sounds like freestyle pop driven into strange atari game shapes, bubbling arpeggios, rough, funky melodies, ancient drum machines, and distorted guitar synth and weird squeaks.

Perc on remix duties, takes Mega Church from Ikonika’s 2013 album Aerotropolis and literally chews it up, sending it through layers of hyped up rolling, distorted drums, everything about the track sounds rough and trippy.

Ikonika’s VIP of her own You Won’t Find It Here track, takes the original and makes it bigger and more angular, throwing a wordless vocal melody into the centre of the mix and sending shapes wooshing across the spectrum.

Alex Deamonds remixes You Won’t Find It Here starting his mix with rough, boxy sounds, seemingly played into a room and recorded, gradually building in the wonky melody and piano chords of the original, along with a repeated ‘oh’ vocal and rolling, slapping drums.

Ikonika’s Position EP (HDB085) is out August 25th 2014 on Hyperdub.  In the meantime, Ikonika’s own VIP edit of “You Won’t Find it Here” can be heard below.

01. Position
02. Praxis
03. Strawberry Underlay
04. Wakeup Sequence
05. Mega Church (Perc Remix)
06. You Won’t Find It Here (VIP)
07. You Won’t Find It Here (VIP) (Alex Deamonds Edit)

SND.PE Vol. 02 [2014]

Teki Latex and Orgasmic’s Parisian dance label Sound Pellegrino prepares the latest entry in their Crossover Series, titled SND.PE Vol. 02. The compilation features a set of 10 collaborations by pairs of often-divergent producers and is described as a response to the “new generation of chin-stroking 14-year-old YouTube-bred musical intellectuals [that] tends to be jaded, easily bored and boring.”

Below, you can stream Crystal & Ikonika’s electro-laced ‘Dream Incubation’. SND.PE Vol. 02 is due out January 27 and is available to pre-order now (via factmag).

1. Matthias Zimmermann & SCNTST — ‘Tommy’
2. Crystal & Ikonika — ‘Dream Incubation’
3. Eero Johannes & Teki Latex — ‘Things That I Do’
4. Crackboy & Jean Nipon — ‘Ligne Onze’
5. Dexter & Gant-Man — ‘Ur Booty Soft’
6. L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke — ‘The Pit’
7. Feadz & Orgasmic — ‘Throw It Up’
8. Nicolas Malinowsky & Tommy Kruise — ‘Disstopia’
9. Truncate & TWR72 — ‘Frame’
10. Helix & Hrdvsion — ‘Gmail’

18. Ikonika – Aerotropolis

#blogovision2013 #18

Η Βρετανίδα Sara Abdel-Hamid ή αλλιώς Ikonika επιστρέφει με το δεύτερο της άλμπουμ, γεμάτο με retro εlectro-funk, tech-house πιασάρικους ρυθμούς και μελωδίες και μας προσφέρει ίσως το πιο προχωρημένο ηλεκτρονικό χορευτικό άλμπουμ του 2013. Το καταπληκτικό Beach Mode (Keep It Simple) με την Jessy Lanza ήταν το απόλυτο σάουντρακ / μότο του καλοκαιριού (άκουσε στο spotify).

until now:
19. Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest
20. TOKiMONSTA – Half Shadows

CHVRCHES – Lies (Ikonika Remix)

Glaswegian electro-pop Chvrches’ début track, Lies, is getting re-released with a full remix package. Following the remix from London producer Tourist, now you can stream the rewqrk from experimentalist and obvious retro sounds lover Ikonika. Out December 2.

Video: Ikonika – Mr Cake

London DJ/producer Ikonika will release her new LP, Aerotropolis, next week on Hyperdub. Below, you can watch the official video for LP’s track, Mr Cake, directed and created by Rob Walker. You can also stream the full LP here.

Video: Jessy Lanza – Kathy Lee

On September 10, Hyperdub will release Ontario singer Jessy Lanza‘s debut LP, Pull My Hair Back, which was co-produced and co-written by Junior Boys‘ Jeremy Greenspan. This moody first single from the LP, Kathy Lee, is accompanied by a video that features someone named “Jed the dancing guy”, apparently shot in the Canadian town of Hamilton. Directed by Lee Skinner. In case you missed it, below, you can also stream the collaboration of Lanza and Ikonika in “Beach Mode (Keep It Simple)”.

Ikonika – Aerotropolis [2013]

Veteran London DJ/producer Ikonika has announced the forthcoming release of her new LP, Aerotropolis, her second full-length effort for Hyperdub. “This new album plays on an inspiration I wished I had focused on more growing up,” she explains. “I started fantasizing about making freestyle house and early pop, wishing I was a little older at that time so I could actually have made this music [then].” Aerotropolis drops on July 29 via Hyperdub; Stream the album cut “Beach Mode (Keep It Simple).”

01 Mise En Place
02 Beach Mode (Keep It Simple) feat Jessy Lanza
03 Mr Cake
04 Practice Beats
05 Eternal Mode
06 Completion V3
07 Manchego
08 Let a smile be (y)our Umbrella
09 Lights are forever
10 Mega Church feat Optimum
11 Cryo
12 Backhand Winners
13 You won’t find it there
14 Zen Sizzle