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DVA’s new album NOTU_URONLINEU marks a strong and brave turning point for his music.

Made with the [Hi:Emotions] moniker that DVA has used for a number of remixes in the past, NOTU_URONLINEU is very different from what you might know him for both in it’s darkness and it’s abstract ambitions, but the detail and quality of the music is likely to win over new fans.

The rhythmic brilliance and use of space that have given his dance floor recordings their distinct character have mutated and undergone re-assembly into deeper and darker shades. A more pronounced ‘off grid’, improvised character has seeped in which gives the record a looser feel to previous work, as if intuition guides it rather than club practicalities.

The album was made under some new self-imposed conditions; of the recording of the album he says ‘I realised before making this album I was most happiest when listening to music in the dark like I did when I was at school. So I decided to record the whole album in the dark too’.

Along with this, The album is peppered with hints of faux- therapeutic advertising and psychotic jingles – a reflection of the stress of online life.

Of the themes, DVA says ‘The album project comes from thinking about a short visual story set in a time where a mega corporation H:E / Hi:Emotions is slowly taking control of everything, and plan to eventually make all people live life under one brand in virtual reality.’

NOTU_URONLINEU puts you at the start of that journey.

Released on October 7th on Hyperdub.


02. ‘SUZHOU’
04. ‘AD1_V1’
05. ‘B IT’
06. ‘ALMOSTU’ feat. Rae Rae, Roses Gabor
07. ‘DAFUQ’
10. ‘FD14’

Jessy Lanza – Oh No LP


Jessy Lanza’s second album ‘Oh No’ is addressed to her own constant nervousness. The pressure of music making. The exclamation ‘Oh No’, for Jessy, marks yet another incident of randomness interrupting her tranquillity. All of which seems at odds with the confidence and spontaneity of this album as well as recent collaborations with the likes of Caribou, DJ Spinn and Morgan Geist and his Galleria project.

Made in her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, with production partner Jeremy Greenspan from Junior Boys, the plaintive, reverb drizzled mood of the first album has all but given away to a more direct, self-assured and joyful album. As with many artists whose hometown lie off the usual network of cultural hotspots, ‘Oh No’ is driven positively by the idea of making music that isn’t inspired by where she lives. Instead, the album resonates more with the philosophy of experimental pop of Japanese 80s electro outfit Yellow Magic Orchestra and Jessy’s breathless, pitched vocals are reminiscent of YMO collaborator Miharu Koshi. Playfully laced with cascading arpeggios, crispy drum machines and breezy songs, ‘Oh No’ has an infectious energy that has been brewing in her live shows since her first album. As Jessy says of it ‘I want to make people feel good and I want to make myself feel good’.

Watch the video for the Shangaan Electro tinged ‘It Means I Love You’ here.

Jessy Lanza tours the world with Junior Boys in February and March, see the dates below.

12.02. UK Glasgow Stereo
14.02. UK Ramsgate Music Hall
16.02. UK London Oslo
17.02. FR Paris Point Ephemere
18.02. CH Zurich Papiersaal
19.02. IT Milano Magnolia
20.02. DE Munich Ritournelle @ Kammerspiele
21.02. AT Vienna B72
24.02. DE Hamburg Uebel & Gefahrlich
25.02. DE Berlin Berghain
26.02. SE Malmo Babel
27.02. PL Warsaw Fabryka Trzciny
28.02. DK Copenhagen Lille Vega
01.03. BE Brussels Botanique
02.03. NL Amsterdam Tolhuis
03.03. DE Cologne Gewoelbe
04.03. NL Zwolle Where the Wild Things Are

10.03. CA Vancouver The Imperal Theatre
11.03. US Seattle , WA Neptune Theatre
12.03. US Portland, OR Star Theater
14.03. US San Francsico, CA Mezzanine
15.03. US Los Angeles, CA The regent Theatre
18.03. US San Diego, CA Casbah
19.03. US Tucson, AZ the Flycatcher
21.03. US Dallas, TX Club Dada
22.03. US Austin, TX the Mohawk
23.03. US Houston, TX Warehouse Live Studio
24.03. US New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks
25.03. US Bimingham, AL Saturn
26.03. US Atlanta, GA The Loft
28.03. US Carborro, NC Cat’s Cradle
29.03. US Washington, DC Black Cat
30.03. US Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer
31.03. US New York, NY Webster Hall
01.04. US Allston, MA Brighton Music Hall
02.04. US Pawtucket, RI The MET Cafe
04.04. US Pittsburgh, PA Altar
05.04. US Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom
06.04. US Chicago, IL the Metro
07.04. US Pontiac, MI The Crofoot
08.04. CA London London Music Hall
09.04. CA Toronto Phoenix Concert Theatre

Kode9 – Nothing LP


‘Nothing’ is Kode9’s first solo album, after Memories of the Future (2006) and Black Sun (2012) which were both made with The Spaceape, long time friend and collaborator who died in 2014 after a prolonged battle with cancer.

‘Nothing’ is obsessed with zeros. The album throws horror soundtracks, sampled library records, and j-pop into a no mans land between grime, early dubstep and Chicago footwork.

Mostly instrumental, it zigzags between hypnotic, downcast loops, growling drones, jagged cut-ups of androids gone haywire, threaded through twitchy, transatlantic rhythms and sub-bass inaudible through your laptop speakers.

In 2016, in collaboration with simulation artist Lawrence Lek, Kode9 will tour a live a/v set which revolves around an evacuated, fully automated, luxury hotel known as ‘The Notel’.

The album will be available on CD / Digital and Special Edition 2 X LP, worldwide. Due on 6th November.

1. Zero Point Energy
2. Notel
3. Void
4. Holo
5. Third Ear Transmission feat. The Spaceape
6. Zero Work
7. Vacuum Packed
8. Wu Wei
9. Casimir Effect
10. Respirator
11. Mirage
12. 9 Drones
13. Nothing Lasts Forever


Video: DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad: Dubby feat. Danny Brown


DJ Spinn is one of the founders of Chicago’s Teklife’s crew who alongside the late DJ Rashad is credited with bringing the culture of footwork from the streets to the world, touring the Planet, even supporting Chance The Rapper across the US, and featuring in newspapers and magazines all over the world too.

Spinn has appeared on lots of tracks with DJ Rashad and on the Teklife Comp from last year, but this is his debut EP debut for Hyperdub.
The EP effortlessly consolidates energies from all over into footwork’s 160bpm grid, the last track ‘Dubby’ which was written with DJ Rashad features Detroit rapper Danny Brown. Here’s the Video for Dubby featuring the Teklife Crew, directed by Ashes57. The EP will be ready for presale in the next few days.

Video: DVA x Addison Groove – Allyallrecords


DVA is back on Hyperdub with the Allayallrecords EP, “a stripped-back and vivid suite, using unusual spaces and loose arrangements so as to emphasize sharp rhythmic angles.” The 4-track EP features collaborations with Addison Groove, Mickey Pearce, and Clara La San.

Allyallrecords EP is only available on Vinyl Direct from the label here, and on digital on 28th of August from all good digital distributors. Video by Jono Toomey.

01. DVA x Addison Groove “allyallrecords”
02. DVA x Clara La San “Pink22”
03. DVA x Mickey Pearce “Spoonbender”
04. DVA “Perxoflyf”

Video: Jessy Lanza – You Never Show Your Love feat. DJ Spinn, Taso


Hamilton Canda-based producer and Vocalist Jessy Lanza meets Chicago’s world famous Teklife crew on this sultry EP, with DJ Spinn and Taso’s first released RnB track, and a Teklife, footwork remix with assistance from the late DJ Rashad.

The main mix is a dejected confessional, slow jam with Jessy’s plaintive vocal sitting in the middle of spiralling drums and teardrop-like chords, a gentle guitar refrain dropping in at the end like a comforting hand on the shoulder.

Following the instrumental version, the Teklife mix doubles the tempo, switching the gentleness to deliver an interpretation that touches on tense anger, with the sweeping chords the track is built on, snapping into shivering shapes, as strings simmer in the background building the tension. Bambounou’s ‘Fuck Diamond’ remix (from Jessy’s debut album) appears on vinyl for the first time (after a release last year on the final Hyperdub 10 compilation) and he transforms it into a rough drum machine workout, leaving sparse elements of the original in there; a splash of vocal and a held chord, building a dynamic trance that slips and slides in and out of different patterns.

Jessy Lanza’s You Never Show Your LoveEP is out July 24 on Hyperdub.

Flashback: Burial – Ghost Hardware


Hyperdub says that this December they won’t release any new music from Burial.. Anyway, back in December 2007, Burial released “Ghost Hardware” as a digital single, taken from his Untrue LP. Watch an unofficial video of the track below.

Burial – Lambeth


Here’s Burial’s previously unreleased “Lambeth”! Out now on Hyperdub’s “10.4” Compilation.

Hyperdub and Teklife present Nextlife


‘Next Life’ is a compilation of new material from Chicago’s primary footwork crew, Teklife, carrying the torch for the late, great DJ Rashad who passed away earlier in 2014.

Packed to the limit with hyper-kinetic rhythms and manically chopped samples, there is nothing quite like this disc of pure energy currently in circulation. Not only does this album feature some of footwork’s originators such as RP Boo, Traxman, DJ Spinn, Gantman, Manny and DJ Rashad himself, but it’s also packed with the elite of Teklife’s second wave, DJ Earl, Taye, Boylan, Phil, Taso, Sirr Tmo, Tre and Heavee, plus extended members of the Teklife family from around the US (Durban, Tripletrain, DJ Chap) and Europe (DJ Paypal, Jackie Dagger & Feloneezy), who were welcomed in by DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn while on their extensive travels spreading the footwork gospel.

The CD bristles with rhythmic ingenuity and hypnotic vocal science. Frantic tracks such as Spinn & Taso’s ‘Burn that Kush’, DJ Taye & DJ Manny’s dazzling ’The Matrixx’, DJ Earl & DJ Taye’s thumping ‘Workin Da Bass’ and ‘Do this Again’, DJ Phil’s ‘Gods House’ and DJ Tre’s ‘DNB Spaceout’ sit alongside warped hi-energy rave cuts such as DJ Paypal’s ‘FM Blast’, Feloneezy, Jackie Dagger and Paypal’s ‘U Should No’, DJ Chap’s ‘Glacier Bae’, Tripletrain’s ‘Never Could Be 2’ and Taso’s ‘Get Down Low’ and more laid back, stoned affairs such as DJ Manny’s ‘Harvey Ratchet’ and Durban’s ‘I’m So’ into patches of melancholy introspection with Traxman’s ‘Sit Ya Self Down’ and Sirr Tmo’s ‘Live in Chicago Subways’, or the hypnotic vocal science of RP Boo’s ‘That’s It 4 Lil Ma’, the chip-tunes footwork of Heavee’s ‘8bit Shit’ and DJ Rashad’s totally wired ‘OTS’.

The CD bears out the full spectrum of moods at which DJ Rashad excelled. ‘Next Life’ is a fitting tribute from his musical family to a true hero of electronic music who will be sorely missed for years to come. All profits from sales of this CD will go to DJ Rashad’s son, Chad.

Release date: November 10th 2014

01 DJ Spinn & Taso: “Burn That Kush”
02 DJ Earl & DJ Taye: “Do This Again”
03 DJ Taye & DJ Manny: “The Matrixx”
04 DJ Phil: “Godz House”
05 DJ Tre: “DNB Spaceout”
06 Traxman: “Sit Ya Self Down”
07 Sirr Tmo: “Live in Chicago Subways”
08 RP Boo: “That’s It 4 Lil Ma”
09 Gantman: “Jungle Juke”
10 DJ Manny: “Harvey Rachet”
11 Boylan: “He Watchin Us”
12 DJ Paypal: “Fm Blast”
13 DJ Earl & DJ Taye: “Wurkinn Da Bass”
14 Rashad x Spinn x Taso x Manny: “OTS”
15 Heavee: “8 Bit Shit”
16 Tripletrain: “Never Could Be”
17 Durban: “I’m So”
18 Taso: “Drop That Thang”
19 DJ Chap: “Glacier Bae”
20 DJ Paypal x Feloneezy x Jackie Dagger: “U Should No”

Hyperdub 10.4


Coming full circle, like 10.1, the final in the series of 4 compilations celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hyperdub, returns to the club, this time focused on house, garage and techno. As with 10.1, 10.4 is a double CD, one of new and recent material, the second of bangers from the Hyperdub canon in the last 5 years.
The new material kicks of with a long awaited, previously unreleased track by Burial, with an unusually triumphant and, compared to recent extended montages, relatively direct 2 step feel. This is followed by another classic from the vaults, Cooly G’s skeletal house cut, ‘Him Da Biz’.

We turn the energy levels up with Ossie & Phrh’s bouncy ‘Ugly Observation’, and Funkystepz’s ‘Vice Versa’, a track in demand since Kode9’s Rinse 22 mix compilation from 2013. From here, we move into 3 distinct takes on techno: Walton’s face melting ‘Laser War’, the low slung tech-garage of Kode9’s ‘Oh” and a VIP mix of Ikonika’s recent dance floor bulldozer, ‘Position’. Another exclusive VIP mix is included, this time of Funkystepz’s banger ‘Fuller’, and Dorian Concept turns in a quirky remix of Martyn’s classic ‘Mega Drive Generation’ which appeared on Hyperdub’s 5th anniversary compilation.

Next we are graced with the epic dubbed-out acid house of ‘The Phoenix’, the title track from the recent album by King Britt under the guise of Fhloston Paradigm, then into the fathoms deep, bubbling bass and synth washes of DVA’s extremely psychedelic ‘Monophonic Dreams’. We rise above the surface with Parisian Bambounou’s brilliantly stripped down drum machine remix of Jessy Lanza’s ‘Fuck Diamonds’, and the lush deep house of Cooly G’s ‘Love Again’. Finally, we veer off grid with Kyle Hall’s rhythmically dazzling ‘Kaychunk’.

As with 10.1, rather than an album merely to listen to from beginning to end, this double CD also functions as an ammunition belt for adventurous dance floors and DJs.

Release date: November 3rd 2014.

01. Burial – Title TBA
02. Cooly G – Him Da Biz
03. Ossie + Phrh – Ugly Observation
04. Funkystepz – Vice Versa
05. Walton – Laser War
06. Kode9 – Oh
07. Ikonika – Position VIP
08. Funkystepz – Fuller VIP
09. Martyn – Mega Drive Generation (Dorian Concept Rmx)
10. Fhloston Paradigm – The Phoenix T
11. DVA – Monophonic Dreams
12. Jessy Lanza – Fuck Diamond (Bambounou Rmx)
13. Cooly G – Love Again
14. Kyle Hall – Kaychunk

01. Burial – Street Halo
02. Kode9 & The Spaceape – Love Is The Drug
03. Cooly G – Love Dub Refix
04. Walton – Need to Feel
05. Darkstar – Gold (John Roberts remix)
06. DVA – Step 2 Funk
07. LV feat. Okmalumkoolkat – boomslang
08. Ill Blu – Bellion
09. DVA – Walk it Out
10. Cooly G – Narst
11. Walton – 808 Vybzin
12. Laurel Halo – Noyfb
13. DVA – Polyphonic Dreams
14. Laurel Halo – Chance Of Rain