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Phil Kieran – Blinded By The Sun Remixes Part 2

Almost a year since Phil Kieran released Blinded By The Sun, and following on from Roman Flügel and Andrew Weatherall remixes, Hot Creations return with a second remix package. Mano Le Tough, Matthew Herbert and David Holmes join forces to create a set of flawless cuts.

Revered by his peers, Kieran has been producing music for over a decade, building on his solid reputation and forever pushing boundaries with his music. When selecting the second group of remixers, Kieran chose “people who have influenced me and still currently do, in some way I guess they have a connection to the record already. I made a wish list of who I wanted and to my surprise it all seemed to come together very quickly”.

Both heralding from Ireland, Mano Le Tough aka Niall Mannion was an obvious choice for Kieran due to the shared dedication of their craft, and leaves a deeply emotional imprint on Solar Storm. In 2013 Mannion released his debut album Changing Days on Permanent Vacation, soon followed by Resident Advisor ranking him #8 in their Top 100 DJs Poll.

Similarly to Kieran, English musician and producer Matthew Herbert regularly ignores the restraints associated with dance music, instead choosing a path of innovation. Taking Realities Forgotten into the early morning hours, Herbert punctures a swinging rhythm with electronic glitches.

David Holmes under his Unloved alias concludes the package with a cinematic remix of Think Too Much, overflowing with emotion, it makes the perfect conclusion to a stellar release. Also from Belfast, Holmes has been composing music for over two decades, winning his second Ivor Novello award in 2016.

Release Date: 23/06/2017, Label: Hot Creations

Audion – Starfucker


Matthew Dear lands on Hot Creations under his Audion moniker. The electrifying Starfucker is remixed by house music veteran Ian Pooley and the notorious young NYC duo The Martinez Brothers.

“Special songs deserve special releases.’ Dear explains. ‘’Starfucker’ and ‘Need Your Loving’ were two new tracks from a recent studio jam session that leaned more toward house music than previous Audion tracks and I immediately thought of Hot Creations.”

In true Audion style, Starfucker takes a series of unexpected turns and the groove propelled track is made to shake up big rooms. Audion’s second original Need Your Loving is equally intoxicating, with subtle vocals and driving drums. Matthew Dear as Audion is responsible for hit releases such as Suckfish and Mouth To Mouth. At the top of his game for over a decade, the talented artist has also released successful albums under his original name and performed with a live band opening arenas for Depeche Mode, Interpol and more. He also recently released the latest installment of the DJ Kicks compilation and an acclaimed Audion artist album.

Over twenty years into his career and Ian Pooley is still releasing on the biggest and cutting edge labels, with recent appearances on Innervisions, Ovum and Tsuba. He packs the swing into his remix and adds his signature style with a touch of class.

The Martinez Brothers remix is bursting with energy and demonstrates the duo’s understanding for how to work the big stage. An unstoppable force, the two have been taking the world by storm with their energetic DJ sets, consistent output of music and running of their labels Cuttin’ Headz and Tuskegee.

Phil Kieran – Blinded By The Sun Remixes Pt. 1

170124112549  HOTC089-600x_.jpg

Roman Flügel and Andrew Weatherall supply two outstanding remixes of Phil Kieran recent album ‘Blinded By The Sun’, which David Holmes claimed is “one of the best electronic dance inspired records in recent times.”

Mixmag described Phil Kieran as “one of those producers that impresses with every release” so it comes as no surprise that two music heavyweights have jumped on board for remix duty. Kieran accounts Flügel and Weatherall to both having a heavy influence on his career.

German DJ and producer Roman Flügel is easily one of the most revered names in the dance music spectrum. His take on ‘No Life’ is a masterclass in production. Flügel has created a track that is powerful whilst also superbly intricate. Flügel holds over twenty years of experience, extensively releasing on a number of labels whilst also co-founding Ongaku, Klang and Playhouse Recordings.

UK born DJ and producer maestro Andrew Weatherall remixes ‘Finds Love’ and reminds the listener of how beautiful electronic music can be. Combining cosmic layers with the ethereal vocal, this is a lesson in what a remix means. Weatherall has been experimenting with techno since the 90s, and well regarded as one of the world’s most influential DJs.

Phil Kieran – No Life (Roman Flugel Remix)
Phil Kieran – Find Love (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Release Date: February 24th 2017
Label: Hot Creations

Kieran created a ten track narrative in ‘Blinded By The Sun’, inspired by his experiences in the industry. It was met with high acclaim globally and this remix package further imprints his vision on pioneering imprint Hot Creations.

Remember the original versions of the two tracks below:

Phil Kieran – Blinded By The Sun LP


‘Blinded By The Sun’ sees Belfast born Phil Kieran create a ten track narrative inspired from over a decade in the electronic dance scene. His fourth album was picked up by Jamie Jones and signed to Hot Creations soon after.

The sun has inspired musicians for thousands of years and Kieran was able to draw a direct metaphor between the burning star and his experiences as a DJ. In an industry with all of it’s supposed glamour and beauty, it is the same industry that burns so many. Kieran didn’t use any samples, instead focusing on musicians and original sounds. ‘Think Too Much’ is a case in point, teaming up with Jess Brien. Her vocals add a soulful dimension; her intelligent, intuitive soul on board for nine of the tracks.” The album opens up with ‘Solar Storm’ and the listener is met with the enchanting voice of Wilson Magwere, who met Kieran after fleeing for his life due to the music he was making under Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

Kieran felt drawn to creating something positive and that would empower people on the dancefloor. Light and dark go hand in hand, and with all things beautiful there is a darker side. In dance music that is often drug use and the hedonistic after parties that can easily switch and become tainted with regrets, addictions and lost dreams. The hauntingly beautiful vocal of ‘Realities Forgotten’ and increased intensity of ‘I Can’t Help Myself’ nod to these lifestyle aspects, a spiralling swell in their rhythms.

Five tracks in and hope emerges, as the second half introduces tracks such as ‘Don’t Give Up’ and ‘Let It Go Away’, concluding in ‘Find Love’. Around the time he was producing the album he was reading Strength To Love’ by Martin Luther King. “I grew up in Northern Ireland and was surrounded by hate and love at the same time, and yet we always used music to escape hatred and bigotry. Ultimately love and music can win”.

“I wanted to capture something very real and raw. Something similar to the feeling you get at the end of the night, and jumping in a car from one after party to another driving through London or New York and then the music comes on the car stereo. It has your attention”.

For over a decade Kieran has dedicated his career to producing and DJing to his very best ability, resulting in a reputation that is undoubtedly as solid as the music he makes. He has previously worked with Green Velvet, and was personally chosen by Depeche Mode to remix ‘Sweetest Perfection’. Having released on ULTRAMAJIC, Hotflush, Cocoon, Turbo and his own imprint Phil Kieran Recordings, Kieran is an unwavering figure within the techno scene. His unprecedented skills in production have also meant that he’s created film scores alongside David Holmes and released music under his alias Le Carousel.

Solar Storm
Make A Change
Blinded By The Sun
Realities Forgotten
I Can’t Help Myself
Don’t Give Up
Think Too Much
No Life
Let It Go Away
Find Love

POPOF and Animal & Me – Going Back feat. Arno Joey EP


Parisian Popof gets set to release the second single from his stunning artist album ‘Love Somebody’ on Hot Creations. ‘Going Back feat. Arno Joey’ is also a collaboration with Animal & Me with a feast of remixes on offer.

“‘Going Back’ is the second single taken from my latest album ‘Love Somebody’. I collaborated with Animal & Me on this one; vocalist Arno Joey is also featured. After I finished the track, I submitted it to Oxia and Miss Kittin, Lee Foss, Eats Everything, Mar-T and Luca Donzelli for a remix. I am very proud of the end result. – Popof

Following in the same suit as the first single from the album, ‘Going Back’ also features the voice of Arno Joey and is a superior piece of electronic music with great crossover appeal. Oxia & Miss Kittin team up for the first remix adding percussion and hypnotic synths, spicing things up with Miss Kittin’s vocals. On the B-side, Eats Everything mixes trippy FX and a big build for the main room, while Lee Foss keeps things deep and smooth. Amnesia favourites Luca Donzelli & Mar-T offer a digital only remix with ounces of energy.

Going Back feat Arno Joey
Going Back feat Arno Joey & Miss Kittin (Oxia & Miss Kittin Remix)
Going Back feat Arno Joey (Eats Everything Remix)
Going Back feat Arno Joey (Lee Foss Remix)
Going Back feat Arno Joey (Luca Donzelli & Mar-T Remix)

o+ Voted Best Newcomer artist at the Ibiza DJ Awards in 2009, Popof has gained notoriety for his work with Cocoon, and remixing the likes of Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, and Moby. One of the most downloaded artists in techno music, he was appointed the official mentor of the Paris Techno Parade 2013’s fifteen year anniversary, a great honour he shared in front of 300.000 participants. Animal & Me is a French DJ and producer who is also known as Mono Dos on Definive.

o+o French DJ and producers Oxia & Miss Kittin are big names in the game. Their successful track ‘Housewife’ released in 2012 can be found on InFine. Bristolian Eats Everything has been a leader of the new wave of British DJs and producers. His releases can be found on labels such as Pets Recordings, Hypercolour and Southern Fried. Hot Creations co-founder Lee Foss has been growing from strength to strength with a recent venture with MK and Anabel Englund as Pleasure State. After releasing on Wow! Recordings, Mar-T’s label, Luca Donzelli soon formed a close working relationship with him. Mar-T is also a resident of Amnesia in Ibiza.

POPOF – Love Somebody LP


Hot Creations deliver their first artist album of the year with the Parisian luminary POPOF’s, ‘Love Somebody’.

Jamie Jones & Lee Foss’ Hot Creations imprint has successfully straddled the gap between underground house & techno and more crossover vocal led disco-infused dance music since it was launched in 2010. They have taken artists such as Patrick Topping, Richy Ahmed, Miguel Campbell, Annabel Englund and their own Hot Natured brand, who played live at Coachella this year, on a unique journey into the spotlight.

Only the fourth artist album to be released on the label, Alexandre Paounov AKA POPOF’s longplayer elevates the chic beats and smooth rolling melodies of house music to new heights, opening the world to fresh palatable tastes through tracks such as “Your Eyes” and “Lidl Girl”.

Maintaining a grasp on the dancefloor, tracks like “Pack n Rollin” and “Going Back” strike back to Popof’s roots as a former member of the free-party underground collective Heretik System in Paris. While “Words Gone” has already found great favor through remix treatment from Luciano, Marc Houle and Jamie Jones and the second single “Going Back” features remixes from Eats Everything, Lee Foss, Oxia & Miss Kittin and Luca Donzelli & Mar T.

I’ve been composing club-oriented dancefloor music since the beginning, and this album project allowed me to create tracks with a calmer side to them.” explains Popof, “I teamed up with a singer, Arno Joey, who does the vocals on most of the tracks and Miss Kittin is also featured on ‘Always On My Mind’, a very sunny, warm song. Moreover, there are two other tracks that I’ve worked on with French artist Animal & Me – ‘Going Back’ and ‘Always On My Mind’ – who, in my opinion, is a newcomer to follow attentively.

Sublimely captivating and with the right balance of emotion, ‘Love Somebody’ is a statement of intention for an artist with a heavy artillery of experience, ready to fire in new directions. A perfect combination of hooky house rhythms, understated techno production and evocative vocal melodies that you’ll hear everywhere this summer.

Popof feat. Arno Joey “Words Gone” Remixes out now on 12″ vinyl and exclusively on Beaport.
Pre-order POPOF ‘Love Somebody’ Order ‘on  iTunes / CD / LP (Out June 29)

Cuartero – Dioneli EP


Talented producer Cuartero masterfully combines house and techno to deliver four of his best works to date for the mighty Hot Creations.

I am delighted with this EP as I’ve been testing it in my shows for the last few months and it works really well on the dancefloor. When making tracks it’s important to stress certain elements, and in this case the strong kicks and the open hi-hats were the key. I sent it to Richy and Jamie who have also been playing the tracks at their gigs and finally they decided to release it.’ – Cuartero

Making a serious impact, title track ‘Dioneli’ is a rolling monster with raw, dominant percussions, while ‘Liquido’ follows suit as a heavy duty weapon. On the flip ‘Manipulated’ is a melodic masterpiece with a bouncing bassline and sultry vocals. Completing the package ‘Smooth Early’ rounds off with more sonic bassline action.

o+ Spanish bred Cuartero began producing at the tender age of 15, launching his first release in 2009. Releases soon followed on labels such as VIVa MUSIC, Monique Speciale and Cr2, achieving great national and international acclaim with most tracks reaching the Beatport Top 100.

Popof feat. Arno Joey – Words Gone EP

Hot Creations deliver ‘Words Gone’, the first single from the forthcoming artist album ‘Love Somebody’ by Parisian luminary Popof.

Featuring the handsome voice of Arno Joey, ‘Words Gone’ is a stunning slice of electronic music with crossover appeal, giving us a taster of what is in store for the album. Cadenza boss Luciano’s remix dives into tribal percussion, while main man Jamie Jones flips into a new gear, introducing a new melody, deep pads and emotive keys. Canadian techno legend Marc Houle is last to remix, using a bright synth melody to add a new groove.

I took my time and worked on the album over a two-year period for Hot Creations. I teamed up with a singer, Arno Joey, who does the vocals on most songs. This album is mainly a house-oriented production that you can listen to any time of the day.” – Popof

o+ Voted Best Newcomer artist at the Ibiza DJ Awards in 2009, Popof has gained notoriety for his work with Cocoon, and remixing the likes of Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, and Moby. One of the most downloaded artists in techno music, he was appointed the official mentor of the Paris Techno Parade 2013’s fifteen year anniversary, a great honour he shared in front of 300.000 participants.

o+o One of the biggest names in dance music, Luciano has released on labels such as Perlon, Transmat and Lo-Fi Stereo. Aside running Hot Creations, Hot Trax and Paradise, Jamie Jones is this year launching his new imprint Emerald City alongside Lee Foss. Another huge name in the business, live artist Marc Houle can be found on imprints such as Richie Hawtin’s Minus and his own Items & Things.

Luca C & Brigante feat. Róisín Murphy – Invisions


Luca C & Brigante make a welcomed first appearance on the unstoppable Hot Creations as they team up once again with the esteemed Róisín Murphy, after their massive ‘Flash Of Light’ collaboration released back in 2012.

Having had a break to work on their solo projects, here the duo conjure up one of their best releases to date. ‘Invisions’ is a wholly refreshing Italo House dream with old school melodic synths riding under Róisín’s seamless vocal. The release also features a ‘Club Version’ adding warm, rounded chimes and an infectious bassline. Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones delivers his ‘Submerged Remix’, deep and dark, destined for the earlier hours of the morning. The highly respected Luke Solomon also makes his first appearance on the label, rounding off the package with his ‘Body Dub’ version, directed straight at the dancefloor with a prominent hypnotic loop, driving hats and a distinctive, abstract melody.

Hot Natured feat. Roisin Murphy – Alternate State

Hot Natured, a.k.a. the collaborative house project of Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C and Ali Love, just released their debut album “Different Sides Of The Sun”. Below, you can stream “Alternate State”, one of the album’s standout tracks, featuring vocals from Róisín Murphy. “Different Sides Of The Sun” drops on September 2 via Hot Creations.In case you missed it, check out the video for the band’s single “Reverse Skydiving” here.