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Horixon feat. Else Born – Hello EP


Having previously collaborated back in 2015 Eskimo artists Horixon (Monarchy’s Andrew Armstrong and Joe Ashworth) and Else Born have again teamed up to deliver the beautiful, heartfelt pop lament, ‘Hello’. With the British duo providing the perfect setting, a quiet storm of numinous pads, sparse piano chords and an almost 2-step beat, Else Born (aka Philco Fiction’s Turid Alida Solberg) has never sounded better, her vocals bursting with a subtle, fragile intensity that brings the song to vivid life.

“It’s late at night. It’s too late and the stars are out,” Turid explains. “You’re stuck in a never-ending fight with your lover. You really don’t feel like fighting, you try to get out of it and you try to stop his crying. You look for a spaceship to lift you up up up and away. And… suddenly you’re under the stars – no more. For a couple of seconds. Till you fall back into the familiar.”

On remix duties we have reworkings from Eskimo veteran NTEIBINT and Aleph Music’s Aera. Tapping into the long, proud history of heartbreaking disco ballads, Greek producer NTEIBINT’s remix will ensure there’s tears on the dance floor as its insistent, and remarkably, funky bass-line and stirring strings create a gorgeous counterpoint to Turid’s delicate vocals.

Finally fresh from releasing critically acclaimed records on labels like Innervisions and Hivern Discs Berlin based Aera provides a ‘Dub’ mix that wrings every ounce of emotion out of its entrancing bleeps and beeps. Inspired by a recent gig in New York the track subtly builds to a disorientating climax before deconstructing itself once more, till just the ghost of the track remains like an echo of a lost love. It must have been quite a gig.

Horixon feat. Else Born – Colours EP

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Horixon return to Eskimo with ‘Colours’, featuring the alluring vocals of Else Born from Norway’s finest pop export, Philco Fiction, and remixes from Croatian DJ hero Petar Dundov and Glasgow duo Illyus & Barrientos.

I’ve been a fan of Philco Fiction for years, after seeing them perform in London,’ Andrew Armstrong from Horixon explains. ‘I really love her songwriting and voice, it’s so beautiful and intriguing. We had the chance to send her some music. The song was meant to be restructured, but we loved the way it rambled along and the little hooks cross referenced each other, so although it’s not a typical structure it still builds and evolves. It’s our favourite Horixon track so far”.

Bangkok in October & ‘Autumn Leaves’. Instead of dwelling on summers & lovers long gone, I wanted to meditate on that good type of longing, a longing for something new. Every leaf falling, every nuance of color – a sign of change. A celebration”. Turid Alida aka Else Born

Following on from the successful ‘Hold It Like I Own It’ release, Horixon have created another groove-heavy record, with luscious vocals running throughout. Sorrowful strings combined with warm synths create a stirring piece of electro pop. The club mix speeds things up, whilst the Petar Dundov and Illyus & Barrientos remixes ramp up the bassline, and complete this beautiful package.

o+ Horixon is the pairing of Andrew Armstrong and Joe Sambrooke. Based in London, they aim to create records that showcase their passion for music. A member of Norwegian band Philco Fiction, Else Born is the alias of singer Turid Alida Solberg, and similarly to Horixon create luscious, electro pop.

o+o+ Croatian-born Petar Dundov has been creating emotionally charged music for over two decades. He has played at EXIT, Awakenings, Berghain, Fuse and Space, whilst also supported by Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink and Adam Beyer.

o+o+o+ Scottish duo Illyus & Barrientos debut on Eskimo with the second remix, whilst previously releasing on Glasgow Underground and Love & Other. Following on from their ‘Do Anything You Wanna’ EP last year, they have been supported by Pete Tong, Annie Mac and Danny Howard.

Horixon feat. Maya – Hold It Like I Own It


We’ve already blogged about Horixon‘s Hold It Like I Own It on Eskimo, a seductive vocal track complete with remixes from This Soft Machine and Hermigervill. You can now stream the full EP below.

Horixon feat. Maya – Hold It Like I Own It EP


Horixon are back on Eskimo with ‘Hold It Like I Own It’, a seductive vocal track complete with remixes from This Soft Machine and Hermigervill.

Featured on the label’s forthcoming compendium, The Orange Collection, ‘Hold It Like I Own It’ is an indelible and radiant record featuring the flawless vocals of Maya and co-written with Karin Park. The second original track, ‘Burnt Orange’ is a slick piano driven club track, shadowy with melancholic synths. Soft Machine and Hermigervill are on remix duty and an extended mix completes the package. This Soft Machine is infamous for his work with Nicolas Jaar’s Other People while Hermigervill is one of the backbones of the Icelandic music scene, providing a rework reminiscent of the early days of Ewan Pearson.

o+ Horixon are London-based outfit Andrew Armstrong and Joe Sambrooke. Mixing together their experience, the result is a fresh sounding club-vocal project, referencing 90’s R&B, classic house, a touch of garage, wrapped in beautiful atmospherics.

o+ o+ This Soft Machine was born in Australia, moved to Japan and is currently residing in Germany. First emerging with a 2hr mix for Nicolas Jaar’s Other People serial label, then providing the highest played mix on Oki Ni and his next release on the Eskimo Recordings has already gained support from the likes of FACT and Purple TV.

o+ o+ o+ Electronic beats wizard Hermigervill is a young upcoming electronic musician from Reykjavík, Iceland. John Grant, named “Rough Trade Album of the Year 2013”, features on his new album, and he has recently delivered an ode to Belgium, apt for this release on Ghent based Eskimo label.

Horixon – Lifeline EP [2013]

Hotly tipped London producers Andrew Armstrong and John Sambrooke, a.k.a. Horixon are set to release their very first single on Kitsuné with house legend Robert Owens.

Andrew Armstrong on the one hand is the producer half of the band Monarchy, and under that name has DJed across the world, remixed the likes of OMD, Jamiroquai, S’Xpress, Kelis, Kylie and many more. John Sambrooke on the other hand is more of a background producer/engineer in London, working behind the scenes assisting on a number of projects.

The two of them started Horixon on a whim, deciding to spend Wednesday afternoons, in the studio making something a bit clubby. The first track they did together needed a vocal, so they asked Chicago house legend Robert Owens to do the honours. The fit was perfect, updating his delivery to something modern, as well as keeping it classic and referencing strongly the sound of early house. The dance floor gem “Lifeline” was born.

For this debut, the band is joined by two great remixers: south London based producer Kiwi and Kitsuné’s protégés Is Tropical. In addition to this exciting release which everyone is anxious to discover, “Lifeline” is also one of the standout tracks on the forthcoming Kitsuné Maison 15 Compilation.