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Monkey Safari – Cranes EP


Halle’s dynamic duo, Monkey Safari return to their beloved Hommage imprint after being away from the label for more than a year. With their beautifully crafted ‘Cranes’ release they will surely make up for their long absence in a big way. Even looking at the names of the remixers in charge (Wolf+Lamb and Kölsch) will leave every music lover very excited.

“Cranes” takes its time before introducing the bass drum, a bit more than two minutes to be exact. Monkey Safari get you in the mood with laid back, morphing spheric sounds and teasing percussions. The heavenly, slightly pitched down vocal will trigger a whole array of emotions before the journey even begins. Acoustic sounds combined with sleek piano chords and well placed break downs will make “Cranes” stay in your favorites list for months to come.

Everybody’s darling Kölsch is presenting the first remix. Kölsch is changing up the low frequencies as he adds layers of synthesizer progressions and a heavier bass drum. Sharp percussions and saw tooth sounds are drilling themselves through over ten minutes of musical bliss, but always leave enough space for the vocal to breathe.

Wolf + Lamb are closing out the release with their funk injected version. The lively acoustic drum programming breathes a different life into the track and takes it to a whole new level. They provide “Cranes” with an overall more uplifting feel.