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Video: Hior Chronik – Words Are Gone feat. Hania Rani

Seductive drone and post cinematic soundscapes between ambient, indie-neoclassical music. These are the best words to describe the vibes of the new album by the Greek/Berliner composer Hior Chronik, entitled “Blind Heaven” out on November 8th via 7K!.

There is a dark and cinematic atmosphere that chases throughout the new album by the Greek composer and producer Hior Chronik, a natural sequel to “Out Of The Dust”, released on 7K! in 2017. While retaining an ambient and modern-classic dimension, “Blind Heaven” goes in search of new territories to observe and interpret. Sound landscapes made of synthesizers, electronics, strings, woodwinds and above all magical touches of the piano, so minimal as they are brilliant in their being perfectly integrated into the sonic trajectories traced by the Athens-born artist who has lived in Berlin for several years.

Track after track “Blind Heaven” reveals itself by involving the listener in a particularly evocative and immersive multi-stage sound journey: Nocturne, crepuscular, foggy, the record moves in neighboring territories without delineating a precise and static form: the sound moves magmatic, it is discovered, it hides, it explodes, it shrinks and once again it frees itself to cross extremely natural and peaceful landscapes, as well as darker, industrial, apocalyptic… more

released November 8, 2019

Hior Chronik – One Eternity at a Time

Seductive drone and post cinematic soundscapes between ambient, indie-neoclassical music. These are the best words to describe the vibes of the new album by the Greek/Berliner composer Hior Chronik, entitled “Blind Heaven” out on November 8th via 7K!.

The first single “One Eternity at a time” featuring Francesco Donadello is out today. Available to stream or buy:

Hior – Neukölln

Greek producer Hior (aka Hior Chronik) is back with a new EP, Neukölln, featuring 3 beautiful piano-based instrumental tracks. Out today on Ki Records. Stream in full below:

Video: Hior – Under Any Custody feat. Anna Maria Marjamäki

‘Under any custody’ feat. Anna Maria Marjamäki is the first single from Greek producer/musician Hior Chronik’s upcoming album ‘Descent’, out soon on Ki Records. Pre-order here.

Filming by Belek Wunderlich – Alex Koch. Video Production by Hior

HIOR CHRONIK – Taking The Veil LP


‘Taking the Veil’ is the debut solo album on Kitchen. Label by Berlin-based musician Hior Chronik. Originally from Athens, the new album is a follow-up to his previous work on the label as the duo Pill-Oh in ‘Vanishing Mirror’. The established foundation are intact on ‘Taking the Veil’: the bitterly romantic strings and gentle electronics whisper melting over plaintive piano scores. Hior Chronik has a penchant of producing subtly immense and cinematic compositions which are remarkably chilling in its beauty.

The latest release follows Hior Chronik’s distinctive compositional path with the pairing of a collaborator on each track. This time the instrumental colors are most intimate, honed to evocative perfection with each collaboration bringing its own nuances to a permeable set of motives. Through the contemplative moments, what give it life is the varied scoring which goes from solo piano to string orchestra, opening up a space that shimmers with stirring melancholy. Featuring classically aligned contemporaries such as Field Rotation (Denovali Records), Sophie Hutchings (Preservation), Luup (Experimedia) and Japanese composers Yasushi Yoshida (noble), Yoshinori Takezawa (Schole Records) among many others. The biggest change in this new album is the addition of vocals by Amber Ortolano and Fabiola Sanchez (Familiar Trees) on four songs. Figured centrally in the soundtrack as recurring lyrical voicing, the Amber Ortolano and Hior Chronik pairing also produced a rearranged version of ‘Twice’ originally written by Swedish electronic band Little Dragon.

‘Taking the Veil’ is presented in a 16-page art book format, also featuring the New York based Amber Ortolano as a photographer. The subject in the visual narrative of ‘Taking the Veil’ is of young women imprisoned by their flow of thoughts and their dark imagination. The delicate beauty and ambiguous gestures of feminine protagonists serve as powerful metaphors of the veil as the title of the album reflects – They reveal and conceal all at once, reviving emotions conjured by a sense of mystery. The album underlines this atmosphere that probe the consciousness imbued with burnished hues of something half-remembered and half-dreamed. ‘Taking the Veil’ is the best company for late hours and memory searching in a world of mist and shadows.

The album will be available on CD + Artbook and digital download on Kitchen. Label from 24 May 2015. Stay tuned for more information.

Mikael Delta – Rising Cities EP

mikael delta

One of the most prolific and influential artists in Greece, Mikael Delta, will soon release a new techno EP, called “Rising Cites,” a collaboration with fellow Greek producer Hior Chronik. Preview it below. No release date available yet.

Hior Chronik – I Can See Your World Behind Your Back


Greek-via-Berlin producer Hior Chronik, who is also the music mind behind Finna Fisken, has just shared a new track, I Can See The World Behind Your Back, which features some beautiful melancholic piano melodies with haunting sounds and minimal basslines.

Fina Fisken – Save the Day (Cherushii Remix)


San Francisco producer Cherushii has been enlisted to rework “Save the Day,” the lead single from Fina Fisken‘s (aka Sarah P -ex Keep Shelly in Athens’ member- and Greek-via-Berlin producer Hior Chronik) upcoming release for the freshly launched Strange Paradise label. Available for free via xlr8r here.

Fina Fisken – Mm OK

sarah p

Fina Fisken, the collaborative duo of Sarah P. (formally Keep Shelly in Athens’ lead singer) and producer Hior Chronik, are back with a brand new single, Mm OK, a follow up to their debut track “Save the Day” back in March. Mm OK features full-of-adrenaline beats backed with hypnotic echoes of Sarah cooing “Mm OK” in the background. Fina Fisken will release a four song EP in early July 2014 via Strange Paradise, so stay tuned.

Sarah P + Hior Chronik aka Fina Fisken – Save The Day

Greek vocalist Sarah P has recently departed from Keep Shelly In Athens, but her eerie vocals are back again on a new project with German producer Hior Chronik. She and Chronik are Fina Fisken and their debut track is the mesmerizing atmospheric house jam "Save The Day". Stream it below.

Sarah P: "I am really happy to share a track of FINA FISKEN. A project by my friend Hior Chronik and me, that happened in 3 weeks time. Its sound is deep electronic and not something that someone would expect from us to produce.. But it happened all naturally, and we are very excited to share it with you."