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Video: Henry Green – Closer


British songwriter and producer Henry Green looks set to release new music in the form of EP, “Real” in early 2017 and has teased the EP with new singles “Closer” and the title track “Real.” The songs draw from Henry’s travels around Europe, focusing on the importance of immersing yourself in special moments and allowing real, raw emotion to be felt.

“Closer” displays Green’s desire to merge traditional songwriting with more abstract arrangements. The pairing of intimate, acoustic instruments with less recognisable synthesis and percussion, combined with Green’s distinctive vocal style, results in an intriguing and exciting outcome. Today Henry reveals the cinematic music video for the single. Filmed on the South West Coast of England, the “Closer” clip was directed by Jemima Fahy and Hattie Ellis and stars dancers Bakani Pick-up and Flora McMurtrie in a tumultuous embrace.

“Everyone involved in the EP and its visuals are all close friends, and that’s made the experience more enjoyable and inspiring,” Henry says about the video. “Bakani and Flora’s connection when dancing together is truly special, and I was desperate to get them involved in the visuals for this EP. We wanted to illustrate a natural love and desire purely through dance and for their movement to display a hunger; both for freedom and each other. The pair made it work so beautifully.”