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Mikael Delta – Circuit Theory LP


Mikael Delta returns to his dub techno roots with his sophisticated and atmospheric Album “Circuit Theory” on Bandcamp. Moody Rhythms and Analogue warm Chords create this proper Techno musical experience which paints the deepest emotions on an extraordinary life canvas.

From the immersive melodies and minimalism of the synths to the dubby beats the journey is long and the images and feelings change as the sounds become obsessed and cinematic.

“Circuit Theory”, consists of 10 instrumental tracks composed, arranged and produced by Mikael Delta.

Released May 24, 2017

Nutty Wombat Records pres. Pill Sessions

”Pill Sessions” is a Various Artists compilation, the first on NW records. One might rephrase it as ”encapsulated diversity”. This easily digestive format includes tracks from different styles/artists/people of club/electronic culture.

A pill for the mind and body.

Released May 25, 2017. All tracks mastered by Nikolas The Mute (Nikos Haldoupis).

Limited Edition 16 Gb USB Drive includes WAV, FLAC, mp3 (320 kbps), artists’ bio / HD photos and comes with Nutty Wombat Records logo sticker in black and white.

Sarah P. – Who Am I LP

Sarah P.‘s solo debut album Who Am I is out now! Who Am I is a pop record that is different, an ode to the humanly deep need of security and love and a piece of art that reads pages from Sarah P.’s diaries. It’s an album about fears, hopes, memories, dreams – and love. Inspired by Berlin, her Greek roots & personal struggles, Sarah asks “Who Am I? Who are we?”

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Video: Σtella – Way To Go


Having won praise from the likes of Paste MagazineI-DThe Line of Best Fit and Clash for her new album ‘Works For You’, Greek indie/pop artist Σtella has shared the final video made to accompany the LP. Made for the track ‘Way To Go’ it was directed by Evi Kalogiropoulou and Byron Kalomamas, shot in California and perfectly catches the track’s breezy nature.

Following on from her debut US shows at SXSW Σtellahas also revealed that she will be performing at the Release Festival in Athens on June 17th alongside the likes of Jamiroquai and Michale Kiwanuka, more details of that here.

Σtella – Works For You
Inner Ear Records
Released LP, CD and digital – Out Now!
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Tareq – Indigo (Remixes Pt. 1)


Riding high on the huge support for the original Indigo EP, Tareq returns for round two – a huge remix package. Here we see Part 1, with stunning reworks stretching across different shades of house and disco. Horse Meat Disco’s Severino, Paper Crows, Glovibes, Nosak, Hiras, join with an extended rework from the producer of the original EP, Lacquer.

Inhabiting the same space on the dancefloor as Depeche Mode at their funkiest, the original “Indigo” is a feast of intelligent, forward-thinking Electro-Pop vibes to transport any listener to another world, produced by the french electronic artist Lacquer.

Tareq is a London-based Greek-Jordanian recording artist, who has been producing electronic music since 2005. Tareq’s debut solo album “Cocoon” was voted Best Electronic Album of the Year 2010 in his native Greece, and included the hits “Cold”, “Feel Me” and “Mosquito” – with Mixmag naming “Feel Me” feat Natassa Bofiliou (Mighty Mouse Remix) as their Tune of the Month for August 2011.

Tareq’s second album “Fish” embodies a different approach to pop music from his first album and includes successful collaborations with a number of Greek Indie Pop artists such as Natassa Bofiliou, Ilia Darlin, Marietta Fafouti and Marina Satti. Tareq has also remixed many artists such as Casey Spooner, Fischerspooner, Gala, Marsheaux, CREEP, Mighty Mouse and many more.

Nemea – Back To Me feat. Lilly


Here is “Back To Me” featuring Lylli, taken from Viena-based half-Greek artist Nemea‘s new EP.

The EP chronicles two lovers separated across the ocean and their journey back to one another. Six tracks follow the stages of their relationship from departure to arrival through music combined with visual art and poetry to tell their story.

“Back to Me“ is out now on Good Life Music. Get it here.

Ixotopia – Ixotopia LP


ΗΧΟΤΟΠΙΑ is an audiovisual project from Athens that redefines the noir atmosphere of past decades with electronic music.

Technoir atmospheres and metronomic rhythms transform the noir atmosphere of the 60’s.

Video: Baby Guru – Tell Me What You’re Made of


Baby Guru have shared a short film for “Tell Me What You’re Made of”, the opening track off their forthcoming album “IV”. It’s directed by Greek film maker and singer-songwriter The Boy. The 6-minute film belongs to the Greek weird wave movement. The story follows a mother and two daughters in their apartment life, alienated protagonists and a pervasive critique of the family.

Baby Guru – Tell Me What You’re Made of. From the album “IV”
Purchase on: iTunes
Inner Ear site

Video: Sarah P. – Who Am I


“Who Am I” is the second single and the title song of Sarah P.’s upcoming solo debut album. Style wise, the song is a mix of jungle, house and pop. Carried by its whimsical vocals, “Who Am I” is a complex song with a complex meaning. According to Sarah, it’s an ode to “humanity, the world we live in and our importance (or unimportance) as individuals and/or as a whole”.

For the music video, Sarah turned to Italian director Oirot Buntot. The visuals were shot at the Teatro Rossi Aperto in Pisa. The beautiful location, the actors and the dancers, Oirot’s beautiful storytelling and Sarah’s music – all pieces of a puzzle that, when put together, the paint a picture of a philosophical question people have been asking themselves for thousands of years; “Who am I and where I come from?”

Director Oirot Bunto states: I shot the video in the Teatro Rossi Aperto, an abandoned then squatted, 250-years-old Italian late-baroque theatre in Pisa. It’s a stunning place and it’s wonderful how perfectly it fits with the increasing rhythm of “Who am I”. This is my very first professional experience and I’m proud I made it with Sarah P. – and I’m also happy, of course. I would like to thank all the people that struggle every day to keep the Teatro Rossi Aperto open, and all my friends that participated, and Sarah for this opportunity and amazing experience.

Sarah P. states: “I go on saying that we live in a world of broken values and ethics. What we used to know as right seems to fade – sometimes for a good reason, some others to take us back to scary times. Good things happen, bad things happen – but we’re spinning so fast. We struggle to keep up – at least I do. And as you already know, I believe that going back to our roots and revisiting our history might help us to see and act clearer. Already with my previous song, “Berlin During Winter”, I talked to you about how I see things – how I don’t see a point in repeating mistakes and the importance of introspection.

That question – who am I? So simple, yet so emotionally charged. I went on for years asking who am I and where do I belong. I always felt connected to my Greek roots, but disconnected from Greece’s modern society. I always wanted to fly away from my mother land’s nest. When I did, I realised that people, in the exact moment they would learn that I’m Greek, they would reduce me to that, when all I wanted was to take bits and pieces of all cultures and be a real citizen of the world. However, it seems like my heritage can’t let me be what I want to be – and I don’t blame it a single bit.”

Video: Σtella – Works For You


Freshly returned from a successful week at SXSW playing her debut US shows Greek indie-pop singer/songwriter/artists Σtella has shared a new video for her latest album’s title track ‘Works For You’. Following Stella on a day and night in Athens, working at home, rehearsing and playing live at Sonic Playground, Velvet Room, ΓΙΑΦΚΑ and Off the Record Studios the video also includes a nod to Stella’s love of Ninjas and features footage from the classic computer game Saboteur!

Directed by Dimitris Rokos. From the album “Works For You”
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Inner Ear site