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Virginyah feat. Rsn – Therapy Sessions EP

After her first single, Virginyah, in collaboration with composer and producer RSN, makes her first debut with “Therapy Sessions” EP which is out now on Timewarp Music.

The music of the album draws from the 90’s soul/funk style with trip hop, hip hop and R&B elements and it includes 5 songs. It is the outcome of a maiden voyage in pursuit of real self, a course towards consciousness and acceptance, something that is revealed in Virginyah’s self-referential lyrics and her soft-hearted performance.

Composition and production is signed by RSN, widely known for his distinctive sound, his music for films and documentaries, as well as his participation in productions of international musicians. Great musical contribution by Greek-born, Grammy winner and Grammy nominated bass player Panagiotis Andreou who belongs to a dynamic group of New York-based creative musicians redefining the contemporary music scene. Other musicians performing in the song “Do That Thing” are Dionysis Morfis on guitar riff, Kyriakos Kouvelas on solo guitar and Maya Siozou on rap vocals.

Virginyah has a rich musical background with classical and modern vocal studies. She was a member of the polyphonic female vocal group Fonés and has performed in festivals all over the world. She has collaborated so far with acclaimed Greek musicians. She also performs on music stages in Athens with the dance polyphonic quartet Dreamy Whispers.


KIT KIDO – Sharp Blade

Kit Kido (real name: Katerina Kozadinou) is a contemporary torch singer and “Sharp Blade” is her debut release, the first of a series of singles to be released in 2021. Noir synth sounds, uptempo beats and soulful melodic lines create a balance between electro-pop nostalgia and dance euphoria.

With a background in jazz studies, drawing inspiration from popular music and with distinct 90’s influences, Kit Kido blends with ease lyrical storytelling in a digital soundscape. Somewhere between the present and the future, she surrounds her dystopian love stories with guitars, loops and synthesizers, in that thin line where fantasy meets reality.

Marva Von Theo – Somewhere Safe

Formed in 2017, MARVA VON THEO are two classically trained musicians Marva Voulgari and Theo Foinidis based in Athens.

Their self-released debut long-player ‘Dream Within A Dream’ came out in 2018 and while there was promise in its dark introspective concept, it was not fully realised. Introducing some more uptempo rhythm structures, MARVA VON THEO have taken more time to produce the follow-up album Afterglow’to express those darker bittersweet feelings that often come after the end of something beautiful, a situation that is wholly relatable with current world events.

‘Somewhere Safe’ is smothered in agitation; utilising screaming vocals and a growling synthbass sequence, it provides a dramatic setting for another album highlight.

Marva Von Theo  Afterglow  out now via Wave Records.

Skymap – Scorpius

Greek producer Skymap releases chill-out gem “Scorpius”. Get it here.

Aonian – Ascent

AONIAN brings his new single ‘Ascent’, fusing melodic, trippy electronica with Mediterranean soundscapes.

The first glimpse to Aonian’s world as the first single of his upcoming debut album, it showcases a blend of contemporary electronic synths and swirling melodies, colliding with dreamy traditional and ethnic soundscapes.

With references to traditional and folk elements from his home country, the Greek born and London based producer successfully pays homage to our past and present whilst remaining loyal to an ever-changing cultural identity.

Ascent was inspired by conversations I had with friend, storyteller, and ethnomusicologist Anastasis Sarakatsanos (@nomadmusicamsterdam) back in the summer of 2017, conversations surrounding history, migration, and cultural identity, and how that part of history (and present) kept fuelling folklore stories and traditional music, as well as modern art in the Balkans, and the Mediterranean cultures. His performance on the Qanun instrument is featured throughout the track and made me overcome my initial doubts in including soundscapes from my motherland in my productions.

It’s the first track of my debut album, and the entrance to my Aonian world.” – Alkis Livathinos

Having already established a trusted reputation in composition across media and brands (including Louis Vuitton and Glossier), AONIAN emerges from five-years of conceptual and instrumental experimentation, delivering a refreshing sound, listeners need.

His recent remix for the Glastonbury brothers – Speakman Sound – has been supported and played by DJ John Digweed in a Bunker Sessions set and his upcoming debut album has attracted interest from the likes of London start-up Remixology HQ and the recently awarded music blog Give it a Spin.

Ascent is out now, as the first single of his upcoming self-titled debut album.

ANIMA – Eternal Return

The ”Eternal Return” is a debut single by ANIMA, aka Greek based musician / drummer / producer Giorgos Kosteletos. It’s a house -techno track inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept (also known as eternal recurrence). According this concept the universe and all existence and energy has been recurring, and will continue to recur, in a self-similar form an infinite number of times across infinite time or space.

Keep Shelly in Athens – You feat. Georgia Hurd

Today Greek dreampop artist Keep Shelly In Athens launches a new era for the project, which will feature primary member / producer RPR collaborating with different guest vocalists from around the world. The first single in this new series is “You” featuring LA-based vocalist Georgia Hurd. RPR discovered her music via Instagram and they quickly decided to start recording together, remotely. The track stays true to the KSIA aesthetic with a bit more upbeat electro-pop vibe, with Hurd’s vocals perfectly complimenting RPR’s production.

Ice_Eyes – Vicious Circles EP

Mighty Athenian duo Ice_Eyes (Anastasios Tatsis and Spiros Alfa) have previously released their edgy club mutations on labels such as Seagrave, Genot Centre, ANBA, TAR and Ernest D. Tapes. They have now assembled an action- packed six-track EP for Hypermedium, making fine use of their futuristic mechanics and ultra-fine sonic weaponry.

Ice_Eyes’s approach on ‘Vicious Circles’ simulates a plethora of dark materials mixed together, sculpted with a laser light cutter, as reflected on the self-titled track. This nexus ushers the listeners to throw themselves to an eerie storm of outstanding grime-leaning kinetics like ‘HYDRO’ or to the claustrophobic space of ‘Folded’. The gabber-ish breakcore rhythmology of ‘BH Agony’ creates an urge to frantically gasp for air, while the elegiac euphoria of ‘Crystalbody’ is the centrepiece of its full rave energy. This eumorphic projection of pseudo cylindrical body phenomena is always present and changes the mood effectively. ‘Endless Clicks’ outro gives away that different twist of mood shifts by formulating hazy vocal phrases and circling stuttering crunchy layered beats arrangements. All in all, ‘Vicious Circles’ creates an idiosyncratic portrait of club cult ecstasy mood shifts.

Releases February 19, 2021 on Hypermedium, a label aiming to showcase contemporary directions in electronic music, from mutated club music and electronic de-composition to advanced computer music synthesis and researches in rhythmic idiosyncrasies.

Video: Tendts – Spirit

Taken from Tendts’ new LP ‘Faith’ , out 23/10/2020 on T.A.F. recordings.

Keep Shelly in Athens – I See In Your Mind

The ethereal and swirling sounds of Greece’s Keep Shelly in Athens capture the transient feelings of city life and the inevitable passing of time. With lush melodic beats and dreamy vocals Keep Shelly’s production is an accessible and lighthearted entry into the world of down-tempo electronica.

With previous releases on labels including Forest Family Records, Transparent Records, Planet Mu, Cascine and Friends of Friends, the duo have already transported their whimsical arrangements and soothing productions across the globe, including performances at Coachella Festival, Parklife Festival, Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival and Austin’s Fun Fun Fun.

In addition to their own releases they have also done official remixes for Tycho (Ghostly International), Blood Diamonds (4AD), Steve Mason (Domino) and many more…

Their new EP, Defy Me, is due Nov. 12. Now they have shared the second single / lyric video from it, “I See In Your Mind.” You can pre-order the EP here.  Keep Shelly in Athens are RPR and Jessica Bell.

RPR notes, about the new EP, “So many things have happened since the beginning of this year which could provide material for several albums! Nevertheless, in the 5 tracks from our upcoming EP we tried to transform our anxiety about the future as well as our anger and outrage at everything that is happening right now, regarding the murder of innocent people and so many other issues, into something positive. I think this came out in a natural and unforced way, and we hope the audience will find some escape within these songs.”