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Babis Kotsanis – Sunday Mornings

Babis Kotsanis is a Greek producer, vocalist and guitar & bass player who joined forces with Society 3.0 on a further exciting melodic deep house release. Babis is a musician & producer living in Athens, Greece. He started listening to rock music at the age of 6 so in 1998 a close friend taught him playing the electric guitar opening for him the door to discover the music world. After years at the age of 15 Babis was impressed about listening to Techno & House music for first time ever… that’s the way today he is an electronic music producer trying to make his dream completely come true & spread his music all over the world.

Released November 3, 2017 on Society 3.0 Recordings

Menta – Poly


Menta is an alternative band based in Athens, Greece. “Poly” is the first single from Menta’s forthcoming album entitled “Polyend”.

“Polyend” a sequel to (2015’s) “Telepherique” moves on the band’s instrumental pursuit through the sounds of old analog synthesizers. The album contains eight tracks and is planned to be released on the 26th of Feb 2018.

Video: UnknownArtist – Supermarket

Stream/Buy “Ena Album Gia Na me Skeftesai”

May Roosevelt – PA


So far, May Roosevelt is best known as a thereminist. She has already performed in cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, London, Istanbul, and she has collaborated with artists ranging from Tijuana groovy band Los Macuanos to Tel Aviv multi-talented artist Kutiman. Despite his collaborations, May has got three releases to his name so far, including 2011’s self released Haunted, eight musical compositions included the zeibekiko dance rhythm in “The Unicorn Died”, which was composed and presented for the first time in London at the Red Bull Music Academy in February 2010.

May Roosevelt marks her return in 2017 with her new album titled “Junea”, coming out on October 23th via Inner Ear. It’s her first release for the label.
Junea is a heroine of the modern digital world, where reality meets fiction through bridges made of electronic sounds and pixels. Musically, it could be said that she is an alter ego of May Roosevelt, adding new qualities to the artist’s existing musical identity.

In the world of Junea synthesizers rule, creating a multi-layered sound environment of crystal sounds and rhythmic beats. Ethereal vocals and encrypted lyrics lead to a parallel dreamy, three-dimensional universe that mirrors the artist’s exploration into new musical coordinates.

Stream the first single,”Pa”.

May Roosevelt – “Junea”
[Inner Ear Records]
Release date: 23 October
pre-order: Inner Ear’s website

01. Air
02. Pa
03. Flowers
04. Be
05. Let’s
06. In Your Eyes
07. Ta
08. Tides

Plisskën Winter Festival 2017

Winter Festival 2017

1st & 2nd December | Athens, Greece

“Plisskën is rammed, fizzing with energy and nobody goes home until dawn”  The Guardian

“The kind of eclectic line-up that will twitch the ears of any music connoisseur” – The Quietus

“In some ways Plisskën is a perfect festival” – Crack Magazine   









The winter edition of Athens’ Plisskën Festival returns once again with another innovative, heavy-hitting, multi genre line-up showcasing a broad mix of styles and quality. Set in a city rich in both ancient and modern culture on Friday the 1st and Saturday 2nd of December, Greece’s most ambitious and forward-thinking musical gathering will host 2 consecutive nights with over 40 international & local artists performing across 3 neighbouring venues. The surrounding area with house a food court, cocktail bar and lounge area, creating a unique street festival atmosphere for the crowd to enjoy.

Savages Perform at Plisskën

Since its debut year in 2010, past line-ups have included the likes of Perfume Genius, Savages, Mogwai, The Horrors, King Krule, Black Lips, Death Grips, Wild Beasts, Ariel Pink, Brodinski, Âme, Wooden Shjips, SWANS, Fuck Buttons, Mount Kimbie, Vitalic, Simian Mobile Disco and Peaches. Charismatic Canadian cult-hero Mac DeMarco and the father of Ethio-jazz Mulatu Astatke will headline this year’s event, which will also feature sets from deep techno’s finest Andy Stott, Ninja Tune whizzkid Romare and South London rap crew 67. Experimental noise outfit Holy Fuck, masters of eccentric electronica Liars and first lady of grime Lady Leshurr will also grace the stage, alongside Dutch duo Weval and Jessy Lanza, who deals in pure and minimal electronic pop. Much hyped XL newcomers SMERZ and Midwest house outsider Huerco S. are on the bill with Gaika, Ivan Smagghe, Chaos in the CBD, TOPS, Lotic and Lena Platonos helping to complete a bumper line-up of epic proportions.

Peaches performs at Plisskën

Not only is Plisskën committed to delivering an eclectic line-up containing some of the hottest musical acts on the planet, every year it pushes the boundaries of multiculturalism as well as it’s environmental and social ethos. Believing in young people and wanting to offer something back, The Lab, is an annual workshop organised by Plisskën, where participants get the chance to learn about all of the elements that comprise putting on a festival. From booking the bands, handling the press & marketing, to the environmental awareness of a production and finally the actual set up, by the end of it, one gets a well-rounded view & experience in production.

    Plisskën Festival has also been nominated for ‘Best Small & Best Indoor Festival’ by European Festival Awards for their third second consecutive year as well as the 2nd star for the Greener Festival Award.

Doors open on both festival days at 19:00

Plisskën’s box office and collection of festival passes will be located at Metallourgeion.


• Website:


Le Femme perform at Plisskën

 Plisskën by day

Zomby performs at Plisskën



Plastic Flowers – Dalliance


Absent Forever is the newest album from London-based producer Plastic Flowers – his third full-length LP and the second for The Native Sound after Heavenly. Plastic Flowers formed vaguely around 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece and play a noisy version of Dream Pop filed under Shoegaze, Ambient and Indie. Much like his previous releases on labels such as Crash Symbols, Inner Ear Records or Bad Panda, this new album artfully slips intelligence and experimentation into a dying art form.

Recordings were completed in less than three months in 2017 and the album comprises of ten tracks that have been around George’s hard drive in demo form since early 2013. For this record Plastic Flowers recorded himself onto tape in different DIY spaces around London, including a friend’s old house in Hampstead and his small home studio. While dealing with massive academic workload and stress for his PhD, he managed to completely reshape Plastic Flowers’ sound with a new record that captures the analog aesthetics and the warm sound of the tape. As part of the creative process, he collaborated with a string quartet and his ex bandmate Angelos who assisted in the recordings.

Absent Forever finds Plastic Flowers hopeful and heavy, a new direction for those familiar with his music. It still possess the pensive and melancholy undertones taken of Heavenly, but they take different forms and themes. There are different ways to find growth and constructiveness through the times and situations that are labelled as negative, but through this album Samaras explores themes of personal flaws and downfalls that changed his life and helped him complete Absent Forever.

Absent Forever is out November 10th on vinyl and digitally via The Native Sound.

Dans Mon Salon – Juicy

dans mon salon

Dans Mon Salon’s latest relase reflects a desire for a sensual exchange with a fictional stripper. Juicy craves her satisfaction through the attention of strangers. The night moves on and DMS keeps strong, awaiting liberation from this torturous game. Will he ever have the chance to meet this mysterious dancer who drew his desire from behind the looking glass? The challenge is on. The song gets lit by a club vibe that Michail has magically directed by raising the expectations for a dark celebration.

Out now on Amplify records.

Dimitri Batsis (aka Dans Mon Salon) reveals his”living room”, his ”personal space”, publicly through the energy of sound since the early 90’s. His affection and dedication to dance as well as other forms of music, is a relentless quest for purity. By his very nature, his steps on electronic music began with the purchase of a keyboard at the age of 12, as his relation to synthesizers and electronic devices of all sorts soon became a main need. Occasionally breaking through the limits of style and form, his dance affiliated creations are referential to his background: 80’s, funk, soul, tech, hip, house, disco, breaks… A diverse blend where global and personal energies mix and match and eventually electrify the inner senses. His appearances and releases may involve vocals and instrumentation through his intrinsic involvement in collaborations and projects. From fashion shows to warehouse parties, Dimitri is an emerging talent, with a idiosyncratic taste on sound, yet so original.

Taff – A Million Waves


Athens-based electronic music project TAFF is set to release its second digital single “A Million Waves” on September 29 on major digital stores.

The one-man passion project of Greek film editor and director George Tsirogiannis, TAFF fuses delicate male vocals with electronic darkness, harsh synth sounds and an evolving beat in this ode to tortured love.

Starting quietly, TAFF sings about “washing up” on a coast after swimming “a million waves” of searching for affection. He becomes able to “drink the sun”, gaining power from his newfound love. As heavy synths come in the middle of the track though, he is required to “leave a part of him” for his love to “disturb when there’s no storm to repress”.

Already picked by respected tastemaker La Belle Musique, the single us out today on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and other music stores. Get your copy now from Bandcamp (including an exclusive instrumental) and Amazon.

Video: Sarah P. – LoveStory

sarah p

Dream pop, slow jam “LoveStory” is the new single by Sarah P, out of her debut album Who Am I (out now via EraseRestart). The video was filmed by the award-winning director Eftychia Iosifidou and features Sarah and Clio Arvaniti. Friendship and sisterhood are two of the key themes of the video. What we witness is an unbreakable bond between two girls who no matter how far they are, they’ll always be close. “I like to think of it as the perfect day – a love story to last,” says Sarah. A heart-warming video, reassuring that when you give, you’re most likely going to get something back.

“LoveStory” is dedicated to those who, after experiencing hard times in their lives, got to find true bliss through someone or something and managed to let go of their infelicitous past. It’s also addressed to that special someone or something that lightens up our days. “You’re the one. I’m the earth and you’re my sun,” Sarah sings, well knowing that love is an essential part of our lives. “It’s a love song that can be sung to a mom, dad, child, sibling, friend, pet, lover; whomever/whatever’s cheering you up needs to receive this love letter,” she shares.

/// Along the video release, Sarah P. shared a letter on her homepage: ///

Nikos Diamantopoulos


Ο Νίκος Διαμαντόπουλος διεγνώστη πρόσφατα με νευρίνωμα (καλοήθης όγκος στον εγκέφαλο), όμως το εξαιρετικά δύσκολο χειρουργείο του πρέπει να γίνει στο Αννόβερο της Γερμανίας. Σχεδόν όλοι οι Dj’s της Ελλάδας λοιπόν θα συμμετέχουμε (προφανέστατα αφιλοκερδώς) για την οικονομική του ενίσχυση με σκοπό να καταφέρουμε να καλύψουμε τα έξοδα της επέμβασης. Νομίζω πως είναι αχρείαστο να αναφέρω το τι σημαίνει το όνομα “Νίκος Διαμαντόπουλος” και για την σκηνή μας, αλλά και για μένα προσωπικά. Όλοι ξέρουμε!
Όποιος δεν μπορεί να παρευρεθεί σε ένα από τα events, μπορεί να συνεισφέρει οικονομικά στον παρακάτω λογαριασμό:

Τράπεζα Πειραιώς: IBAN GR63 0172 1740 0051 7404 4110 926, Νίκος Διαμαντόπουλος.