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Denial.of.Service – Sensou EP



The next release on FILM is Sensou EP by Denial.of.Service, an artist in many fields including music, video and performance art.

As he is active since the early eighties, he was involved in numerous projects, doing productions, remixes and videos for and with artists like David Bowie, Attrition Extrawelt and DAF. If you take a closer look on his artistic activity since the early 80ies ever then you will quickly realize there is a whole universe to uncover foald from around this artist.

Our suggestion: Start with this fine EP, featuring a hidden secret artwork that unveils in the dark.

Video: Grandbrothers – Arctica


German duo of Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel, aka Grandbrothers, have shared the video for “Arctica”, one of the standout cuts from their recent debut album “Dilation”, out now via Berlin-based label FILM. The video was made by graphic moving imagemakers Warped Type.

We use a system of self-built hammers that trigger all parts (metal, wood, strings) of the grand piano in order to create all the sounds you hear including percussions. On stage that looks like an open heart surgery on the grand piano with a lot of cables attached. We wanted to visualise that with the new video for Arctica.

Film – Eclipse LP


Hailing from Athens in Greece, dark-pop three-piece Film released their highly anticipated fourth album Eclipse through Inner Ear Records & Rough Trade Distribution. This follows the 2009 release of their critically acclaimed album Persona, which has hailed as one of the best albums of the year by Greek music press and by various respected international music media

During a long period of absence Athens-based trio, Film, took advantage of time in order to experiment on new material. Their comeback with a brand new album, called “Eclipse”, will be a pleasant surprise for those who are familiar with their music so far, but also those listening to it for the first time.

“Eclipse” starts with a big leap in a dark and spacey synth storm, moving on deconstructing progressively its dark foundation without losing its melodic thread and pop influences. Haunting sci-fi disco moments, gender bending otherworldly vocals, a vision through crystal lens, dominated by legendary analogue synth sounds based on an hybrid electronic/instrumental rhythm section, sometimes abstract and other times massive and epic. “Eclipse” is a look back to the 80’s electronic era through a wet window screen in black and white. Wet, deep and cinematic, minimal and modernistic at the same time, the album is skillfully balanced between experimentation and melodic simple riffs.

“Eclipse” is out on cd, vinyl including bonus cd and digital album from Inner Ear. Below, you can stream the official video for the track “Ping Pong With Angels” and stream the title track of the LP. Stream all the tracks here. Order here.

Director’s Quote ‘Gregory Rentis’:
Getting it dark and hypnotic was definitely the task at hand but, like the ’80s loving people that we are, we wanted a touch of humour in there.
I guess there is something ultra-literal about the video and the song, which interestingly enough makes it dreamier.
At the end of the day, when you get the chance to shoot a game of ping-pong, you better grab it.