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Dems – Gold


When London is troubled, the residents can feel it. For the last two years, South London trio DEMS made music and visuals in a Guardians space in the ruin of an abandoned post office in South London. Now, as has so much of London, that space has been taken by developers, sold off to make flats for the 1%, and the artists and makers and journalists trying to turn cheap rent into a living have been scattered.

The identity of London is fragmenting, the kids are fucked off, and DEMS reflect this in their music. The first of a series of new tracks asking what the city will become, Gold is one of DEMS’ lyrically darkest moments, contrasted with their most hugely exuberant pop chorus so far – a huge leap in distortion and power from debut album Muscle Memory and its critical praise from Mistajam, Huw Stephens, The Guardian, Aesthetica, i-D, Line Of Best Fit, MOJO and more.

Ranging back and forth across the “the state of St Albans” and the freakouts and breakups of its overwhelmed, jaded residents, DEMS’ new work is a huge step forward in sonic depth and thematic range for the three-piece. FIELDS is excited to bring the first of these new works to you. Stream ‘Gold’ below.

Max Cooper – Voyage Through the Analogue Womb

max cooper

Ahead of the release of Max Cooper‘s latest solo effort, Kindred EP, you can stream EP cut “Voyage Through the Analogue Womb” via XLR8R below. The EP is complete with remixes from Throwing Snow and Innervisions affiliate David August and will drop on December 1st 2014 on London’s Fields label.

“Can you give me 10 minutes of your life with headphones on and eyes closed if I promise it will be worth it? Full time back guarantee – if you decide it wasn’t worth it, I will personally issue you with a 10 minute time voucher to be recouped at a moment of your choosing, at which point 10 extra minutes will be added to your day.

It’s a bit of a retro scifi synth track this one, with lots of classic pads and drums combined in with some more modern touches in the clicks and details, but it needs time to develop to get it’s proper effect, so that’s why I’ve given my totally realistic and achievable time back guarantee.”

Video: Max Cooper – Seething

max cooper

London’s Max Cooper has shared the official video for “Seething”, taken from his debut LP, Human, released earlier this year via the FIELDS imprint. The video is created by Andy Lomas, who edits visual aprts that originated from his Cellular Forms project, which strives for “digital simulation of a simplified biological model of morphogenesis, with three-dimensional structures generated out of interconnected particles to represent cells.”

The Slow Revolt – Never Get Close / Hold

slow revolt

UK artist The Slow Revolt has just released a new 12” titled “Never Get Close” via FIELDS label. The a-side title track can be streamed below and is available for the price of your email here, while the b-side bass-focused cut “Hold” is available for free download here via xlr8r. 

Max Cooper – Impacts (Original + Factory Floor Gabe Gurnsey Remix)

After a decade-plus in the UK dance circuit, Max Cooper is ready to release his debut LP, Human, on March 14 via Fields. Below, you can stream the stop-start stomper dancefloor-ready "Impacts", plus a remix from Factory Floor drum guy Gabe Gurnsey, who has folded his band’s hypnotic acid tweaking into the original’s rasping beats.

Max Cooper – Human [2014]

Following the release of a his Movement EP and the collaboration with Tom Hodge, London tunesmith Max Cooper has announced his debut LP, Human, which will drop on March 10, 2014 via FIELDS. The album is said to "represent an explosive leap into the full-length format for an artist who previously preferred to work in miniature," and will feature guest appearances from Belleruche‘s Kathrin DeBoer and frequent collaborator BRAIDS. Below, you can stream Human’s lead single, "Adrift," featuring the beautiful vocals of DeBoer. The single is out December 16.

1. Woven Ancestry
2. Adrift (feat. Kathrin DeBoer)
3. Automaton (feat. BRAIDS)
4. Supine
5. Seething
6. Numb (feat. Kathrin DeBoer)
7. Impacts
8. Empyrean
9. Apparitions
10. Potency
11. Awakening

Video: Max Cooper & Tom Hodge – Fragments of Self

Electronic producer Max Cooper collaborates with classical pianist and composer Tom Hodge and the result is the amazing Fragmented Self EP, part 1 of which is out now on Fields. Lifted from that release is "Fragments of Self," which has just been treated to a music video by director Nick Cobby.

"This track and video are about emergence from the combination of polar opposites. Fragments of self from very different places, but part of the same whole."

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge – Fragmented Self Part. 1 EP [2013]

Electronic producer Max Cooper collaborates with classical pianist and composer Tom Hodge and the result is the amazing Fragmented Self EP, which is out now on Fields. The two producers explored a few different possibilities ranging from the attempt to fuse extreme opposites in the title track Fragments of Self, to the distorted mayhem of falling off a cliff, and Quantet (also available as a free download), where Max chopped Tom’s orchestral session into tiny pieces and built something unnatural. The EP comes with a remix from one of Max’s favourite artists at the moment – Petrels. He’s done an amazing job on the remix of Fragments of Self, stripping away those nasty glitches and getting down to the nice stuff in a really live organic sort of way.

The EP comes in two parts, with the second part coming in a few weeks, and, a music video from Nick Cobby for Fragements of Self. Stream Max Cooper & Tom Hodge’s first collaborative EP in its entirety below.

Ghosting Season – Apophenia (Face & Heel Edit)

Mancunian duo Ghosting Season recently released its Apophenia via the nascent FIELDS label. Cardiff duo Face & Heel‘s edit of “Apophenia” plays up the balance, matching ghostly piano figures with deep kicks, shimmering background echoes, and haunting vocals and rimshots (via xlr8r). Download for free below.