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Dawn Richard – Honest


D∆WN, aka Dawn Richard, is one of the more prolific artists in the contemporary pop landscape and today she continues on her hot streak with new single “Honest”. The Kingdom produced collaboration is part of a bigger body of work between the two, coming soon on Fade To Mind.

Honest is an anthem for the complicated love that can’t quit, coming to terms with off and on relationships and blurry boundaries. Dawn’s vocals make that nostalgic pain into a pleasurable emotional call, floating over Kingdom’s longing chord changes and thick slabs of sub bass, crafting a diva club track that skitters between jungle and pillowy R&B.

Video: Kingdom – Shox


Kingdom shares the video for ‘Shox’, created by artist Sam Rolfes. ‘Shox’ EP is
out now on Fade to Mind.

Kingdom – SHOX


After a year focused on vocal collaborations and curating his Fade to Mind imprint, Kingdom returns with Shox, a two track instrumental EP, and the first element in a wave of new Kingdom material set to debut this year. Two delicately brutal tracks that are equally at home in the club or as the soundtrack to late-night off-road drives. While working on his forthcoming debut album set to be released later this year, Kingdom dove deeper into emotional instrumental territories, sonics he developed while working alongside vocalists and songwriters like Sza, Kelela, and D∆WN, as well as through deep collaboration with Prince William and Bok Bok. With a unique approach to blending R&B and club music, Kingdom’s maturation as a composer continues down the path he blazed with his last release, Vertical XL (2013).

“Shox” is a crystalline club track that embraces an otherworldly industrial aesthetic, a devastating half-time beat driven by horns and hydraulic drums. “Punished” embodies the rap-club aesthetic Kingdom pioneered in his early DJ sets and seminal mixtapes, allowing intricate percussion work to find its voice on top of the heavy bass, embodying a night of hedonism and the resulting physical punishment of waking life the next day. Both tracks merge influences ranging from ATL rap to first-wave R&Grime, held together by Kingdom’s signature sound design and flourish for mystical club music.

The Shox EP will be released digitally worldwide this Friday, March 25th on Fade to Mind, “Shox” is available as instant grat or stream at the link below.

Video: Nguzunguzu – Mecha

Below, you can watch Nguzunguzu‘s (real names: Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda) brand-new video for "Mecha," the grime-inflected lead track of LA duo’s recent Skycell EP for Fade to Mind. Director Jude MC and MOCAtv edited together clips from massive, blockbuster sci-fi and action films, such as Event Horizon, Prometheus, Battleship, Pacific Rim, The Matrix, and Transformers, among many others. More information regarding Jude MC’s video for "Mecha," as well as stills and animated GIFs from the piece, can be found here.

"By sampling footage from contemporary sci-fi and action films I am able to, through a process of divination, analyze the culture surrounding technological advancement and the mechanization of earth. Through time, we will see if life imitates art along the path of what is prophesied in these films, in the meantime they are certainly entertaining to watch."

Video: Kingdom – Bank Head feat. Kelela

Here’s the video for the lead single from Los Angeles producer Kingdom‘s fifth EP, Vertical XL. “Bank Head” is tense, restrained R&B, a new look for a producer who comes from the vortices of clubland. Making her Fade to Mind debut, Kelela sings of a physical desire and an attendant longing, which video director Jude MC depicts as nothing less than elemental, eternal like the sun and the stars, deep like a murky cave. Out now on Fade To Mind.