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Drones Club – Hurricane (Paul Woolford Remix)


Drones Club have shared the Paul Woolford remix of new single ‘Hurricane’, taken from their forthcoming ‘White Crocodile’ EP on PMR Records. The unique London collective have also been confirmed for a headline slot at this year’s Great Escape Festival, following a London show at Courtyard Theatre in support of the EP.

“Sometimes we wake up and outside our door there’s a gathering storm – a growing chaos we cannot control,” write Drones Club, introducing epic and euphoric new single ‘Hurricane’. “There is and will only ever be one option: to throw ourselves into the clouds. In this moment of acceptance and courage we are at our most free. However fucked our world may appear it’s the only one we have.” ‘Hurricane’ introduces an EP themed around ideas of nature, community, and the idea that going back to your roots – or, a prophet-like talking crocodile – can provide a way to move forward.

‘Hurricane’ is typically-ambitious statement from Drones Club, a band whose wider ambitions nonetheless feel far from typical. Their early gigs have been described as part-way between a religious ceremony and a political rally, featuring masked dancers in the crowd, hand-out literature, thick layers of smoke and blinding strobes. They have played surprise, guerrilla shows ranging from the Conservative Party conference (offering out lambs’ hearts to a government they feel fundamentally lacks one at its centre) to storming London Underground and London Fashion Week. It’s this spirit of activism which has always been shot through Drones Club, and is fundamentally empathetic: November’s collaborative single with Georgia, ‘Chelsea Girl’, was written in tribute to (and with proceeds going towards) Chelsea Manning, later pardoned by outgoing-President Obama.

Drones Club’s new EP, ‘White Crocodile’, is wider in scope yet also suggests a growing sense of focus for the London collective. First formed out of the desire to reconnect people in a low-attention economy, they still favour a model that’s collaborative rather than competitive: think the conceptual hijinks of Bill Drummond, the mock-corporate organisational structures of Devo, or the situationist ideas of ZTT and transplant it onto ultra-contemporary pop song writing and production. In 2017, Drones Club are growing an inclusive, idiosyncratic world where anything is possible and anyone is welcome – put out your hands and join the club.