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DREAM KOALA – Dimension Sleeper

dream koala

French-Brazilian singer, songwriter and producer Dream Koala presents his new 3 track EP ‘Exodus’, follows his breakthrough release from May 2014 ‘Earth.Home.Destroyed.’

The French-Brazilian artist continues his sci-fi Afro-futuristic themes of cosmological scope, liberation through galaxy-deep dreaming and imagined worlds.

I wanted to write these pieces as a set of visions , prophetic poems imbued with spirituality’ says Dream Koala (real name Yndi Ferreira).

These three songs complement and deepen the universe that I started to create with my previous EP. These are fragments that intertwine and eventually form a narrative. The arrangements that are more dynamic and reflect the dark, epic and mysterious side of the lyrics. I wanted to plunge the listener in the heart of my imagination.’

The result marry the Gallic electronica touch of dreamers like Air with a totally singular eco-apocalypse story to tell. Out on December 4th.

1. Dimension Sleeper
2. Synthetic Evolution
3. Threnody To Earth

Superpoze – Overseas (Video + Sekuoia Rework)


Following up on the success of his debut LP ‘Opening’, French producer Superpoze has invited three eminent producers to rework tracks from the album, to be released digitally on various dates through Combien Mille Records.

The first track will be Danish producer Sekuoia’s take on ‘Overseas’, and will be unveiled on 10th July. The original recently had its video premiered on FACT, who described it as one of the LP’s highlights. Directed by François Larpin:

Sekuoia makes the most of Superpoze’s hauntingly disembodied vocal samples, highlighting them over the kind of expertly crafted beat typical of Superpoze’s early work especially.

Sekuoia himself is quickly gaining esteem as a producer, with Beatport recently calling him ‘Denmark’s finest electronic musician’. His reputation has led to him being booked across Europe at festivals such as Roskilde and Amsterdam Dance Event, as well as a recent appearance with Superpoze in Paris.

The second rework comes from veteran of the French beat scene, and a frequent collaborator with Superpoze, Dream Koala. Superpoze says that the two share a lot musically, with Dream Koala being the first person he asked to listen to the LP demos.

His take on ‘Unlive’ foregrounds the gloriously reverb-drenched guitar of the original. Dream Koala also heavily accentuates the half-time beat toyed with in Superpoze’s version with his own cavernous, power ballad percussion. Dream Koala’s rework will be released on 24th July.

Jean Tonique provides the final track in the series with a laid back house workout around ‘Time Travel’. Bringing a refreshing, infectious departure from Superpoze’s more introspective original, Jean’s version is in a perfect mood to see out the series of collaborations – as well as the summer – with a scheduled release of 28th August.

Superpoze’s LP has been gaining plenty of exposure since its release earlier this year. Now the quality of these ‘Opening’ reworks serves as further testament to the incredible esteem in which this young French producer is held.

Video: Dream Koala – Earth

dream coala

Dream Koala is proud to present the new video for ‘EARTH’, the lead song from the French/Brazilian electronic artist’s ‘Earth. Home. Destroyed’ EP originally released last year.

One of the most ambitious and awe-inspiring videos of 2015 so far, it see DK (real name Yndi Ferreira) partner with CGI and visual effect studio ‘Fabulous 3D’ AKA duo Adrien Peze and Albin Merle. They first worked with Dream Koala on the video for his single ‘Odyssey’ from his self-titled EP out in September 2013.

Together they have developed a powerful and distinctly Gallic dreamy digital futurist aesthetic. As soon as Yndi began writing his new EP ‘Earth. Home. Destroyed.’ he knew he had to collaborate with them again.

As a child I spent days drawing fantastical creatures and impossible landscapes, my imagination was an endless playground where I loved losing myself. When I met Adrien and Albin, we immediately understood each other. With ‘Odyssey’ we wanted very contemplative and surrealistic images, whereas for ‘Earth’ we knew from the screenplay we had to add more dynamism, build a sort of blockbuster. The lyrics are somewhat prophetic and mystical, they are the starting point of the story. When I wrote ‘Kingdoms and cathedrals under the ocean’, I had very specific images in mind and Fabulous knew how to transpose them to visuals

It is the story of a post-apocalyptic world. Harmony with nature is broken and the last humans powerlessly watch their own downfall and await the end of the world. It is an ode to nature and a critique of the modern world, influenced by science fiction and cosmic mysticism.

What I wanted to illustrate through the words and the music video is the fragility of the human race against the titanic forces of nature. Our anthropocentrism makes us forget that nature will eventually annihilate the men but that life always will pave a path through the ages.

Video: Dream Koala – Odyssey

Paris-via-Berlin based rising young producer Yndi Ferreira, a.k.a. Dream Koala, has just shared this animated video for his latest single “Odyssey”, the title track from his recent 3-track EP, out now on Splendid. Directed by Fabulous and Les Gentils Garçons. Below you can also stream a stunning rework of his “Ocean”, featuring vocals from SoKo and a remix of The 1975’s Is There Somebody.