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Video: Dlina Volny – Tomorrow

New tears from the capital city of Belarus. Dlina Volny announce the track list for their new album “Dazed”, via Italians Do It Better on November 5th. Mixed by Dean Hurley, the trio employs the mechanized action of motoric rhythm machines, vintage synthesizers, & Post-punk bass lines to put their spin on classic Dark Wave. Masha Zinevitch lights the rain-soaked streets of Minsk with her contralto swoon in a post-soviet reality of fear, love & rebellion. Watch the short film for the album’s incredible closer “Tomorrow”, directed by Yauheni Sinichenko.

Video: Dlina Volny – Bipolar

“There’s a dark side to each of us. At some point we are on the precipice of having to choose whether to embrace it. But what is it like being on the border?” – Dlina Volny