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Volor Flex – Exhale LP


Crafting your trademark sound is what most artists work for tirelessly throughout their career. Opening up new sonic and emotional horizons from the grounds of a tributary style is an entirely different story.

Alex Frolov has released 4 LPs and a handful of EPs in the last 4 years and they all have one thing in common – an ode to one of the most elusive and influentian producers of the last decade, Burial.

“Exhale” marks his fifth album as Volor Flex and it brings out some of his best moments so far through a 15 tracks long emotional journey that explores the deepest, at times darker sides of introspection one can find itself into.

Trampique – The Voice of Color LP


Volor Flex releases his second album as Trampique. “The Voice of Color” is a 10-piece moodboard that browses through almost as many states of being.

Following the personal diary that was “Face To Face”, this album is where Alex (aka Volor Flex) explores a wide variety of previously uncharted sonic territories with the technical and musical delicacy that makes him a future classic among emotional electronic music composers. Out now on Dark Clover / Origami Sound. Get it here.

Video: Trampique – March

Trampique is Volor Flex‘s new alias. "Face To Face" is the 12-tracks long album best described by the man himself:

"Trampik is this place in my hometown, where I go when I want to be alone. My close friends know that if I’m missing, they can find me there.

This album is about one year of my life. 2013 was very emotional and complex, each month has left a distinct print on my life. I had a lot of very difficult moments. I tried to translate them all into music. I made an album that describes this heartbreaking year."

Out March 14 on Dark Clover Records.

Volor Flex – Sabo [2013]

A master of lovelorn emotional surrender, Volor Flex brings his narrative to an end with Sabo, his fourth and last album under this alias. The reasons are only his to know, but Volor Flex certainly won’t be this producer’s final musical persona. Parts of Sabo already hint at subtle changes in direction and style – natural consequences of artistically perfecting oneself – showcasing even more of Volor’s expert manipulation of samples and composer skills.

Volor Flex’s reputation and popularity have been steadily on the rise for the past two years; he has released 3 albums and 3 EPs, all representative of what it means to brilliantly adapt the specifics of a signature style while living up to the staple sound itself. The man who has been referred to as Burial 2.0, Alex Frolov of Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia delivers us a complete, 20-track long, intensely introspective album, featuring collaborations with Lostlojic, Bulb, Sangam & Incomer.

Sabo is laden with familiar bittersweet moods made of crisp, dancy garage breaks paired with artfully constructed soundscapes as fragile as glass that Volor peels back until they break apart and fade away. All twenty tracks enclose the darnkess of the boreal forest, the harshness of the tundra, the anxiousness of isolation, the solace of being lost in thought and the memories of a loved one. Volor Flex adds a new expanse to the timeless comfort area that he’s been building and has now completed, a place of relief and daydreaming the listener will repeatedly want to come back to.

Out now on Dark Clovee. Get it here. Listen to all the tracks via the player below and check out the trailer-video.

Video: Volor Flex & Encode – Frontiere

Here’s the video edit for Altiplano’s b-side from Volor Flex‘s 6 tracks long 12″ with Encode. Out in early October on Dark Clover / Origami Sound. As a bonus, check out Volor’s remix  for Borealis’ Womb, out today.