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Olga Kouklaki – Oxytocin EP

olga kouklaki 2

Olga Kouklaki’s new “Oxytocin” EP is out now via Kwaidan / !K7, featuring two brand new tracks with amazing remixes by Uppermost, Thodoris Triantafillou & Cj Jeff. Get it here.


– INSTINCTIVE: After an electro-pop second album, Olga returnes to her first aspirations: an electronic music instinctively more housy, more deep and for clubs. Four years later, the Greek producer starts this intuitive return to the roots and comes back with a new EP, filled with a bigger desire.

– ORGANIC: Avid to produce a spontaneous music, close to natural and to real-life, Olga choices of keys and sounds are translating, above all else, feelings and emotions.. Texts and lyrics are considered as independant arrangements which amplifying this desire to create a fluctuating, smooth and organic music.

– BIOLOGIC: The sound sensations are led by wooly textures, swinging bass lines and amplified rhythmic top lines. This primitive yearning to realize authentic tracks proves that Olga tends to convey a lively and biological sensitivity
– Olga works on the preparation of a brand new album of which the EP Oxytocin give us a promising foretaste!