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CFCF – On Vacation (Remixes)


International Feel launched their mini-album series late last year and second in line was CFCF with ‘On Vacation’ which many hailed as one of the finest of 2016 so far. As ever we asked a few people we like to do some versions.

Pharaohs come from LA and blend Liston Smith vibes in a modern electronic context. They have released music on ESP Institute and 100% Silk. Their take on ‘Pleasure Centre’ is a bongo driven ride with acoustic guitars and jazz infused flute harmonics. It’s a lovely thing.

CFCF himself takes on ‘Fleurs laissés dans un taxi’ in a beautiful balearic style. Super mellow with sweet guitar in a classic Pat Metheny style brings out the melody with the pads & syncopated drums and percussion rolling away in the background. Stream the original below:

Apiento takes the chance to re-edit ‘Chasing’ which was one of our favourites from the label. A little dub and an extension is all it takes to let this one breathe for a little longer.

Pleasure Centre (Pharaohs Remix)
Fleurs laissés dans un taxi (CFCF Re-Version)
Chasing (Apiento Edit)

CFCF – On Vacation LP


Michael Silver is CFCF, a man with a gift for a melody. He continually delivers timeless music as aptly illustrated in his debut release for International Feel, ‘On Vacation’. CFCF is a Montreal native who has been making music since he was 12 years old. Pitchfork have previously described his work as “a strong case for how much unexpected magic can be found in the ordinary and another excellent chapter in CFCF’s story.

The second in International Feel’s mini-album series, ‘On Vacation’, is an album inspired by places and spaces – some imaginary, some real. The keen sense of melody allows CFCF to switch genres thoughout this release and shows him in clear analogue organic territory. “It’s really gentle and low-key and I hope that people will not take it too seriously,’ explains Silver, ‘It’s a kind of jazzy affair.

‘Sate Padang’ is the album opener. A mystic little track, the likes you’d be happy to find in a dusty Japanese record store. It timelessly sets the scene. A mixture of digital and organic sounds perfectly held together by tight melodies and lush sounds. ‘Arto’ swiftly follows and pays homage to one of the great Japanese composers – Seigen Ono. Acoustic guitar and piano play harmoniously alongside a conga beat and sumptuous accordion, it transports you to an imaginary place within. An ambient piece, ‘In The Courtyard’ follows, with ‘Pleasure Centre’ closing the A side and showing Silver’s love of that under appreciated side of the 80s synth sound.

The B side opens with the stunning ‘Chasing’ where acoustic instrumentation swoops in for a beautiful run through a flowing melody. A track that makes us want to hit rewind and play again instantly. ‘Fleur Laisses Dans Un Taxi’ gives a nod to Paris in the Spring, ‘Lighthouse On Chatham Sound’ to a late afternoon setting by the sea and the album closes with ‘Vermont’, a contemplative piece that considers a future journey.

This album shows Silver in full stride and hitting somewhere pretty special. An artist open to music and melody and not hindered by genre or time and space. A cliche? Yes maybe… But listen and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Familiar for his own productions as well as collaborations with the likes of How To Dress Well, Holy Ghost!, Azari & III and Crystal Castles, Silver spent the first part of 2015 scoring an art film by Andrew Thomas Huang, who worked on Bjork’s latest album. He is currently scoring a crime movie set in Montreal and a meditative feature film by David Lynch’s son Austin Lynch, in collaboration with Cameron Reed aka Babe Rainbow.

Leo Abrahams – Chain (CFCF Remix)


‘Chain’ is the 2nd single to be taken from producer and guitarist Leo Abrahams forthcoming album, ‘Daylight’ (out this November) and features vocals from his frequent studio sparring partner, and one of the godfathers of electronic music, Brian Eno.

One of the album’s many highlights, ‘Chain’ sees Eno’s cut-up vocals collide with Abraham’s intricate guitar playing, ricocheting rhythms and fractured electronics. It’s pop music, just not as you know it.

The sound of Brian’s stacked vocals is, for me, one of the greatest sounds in music history,” explains Abrahams. “On ‘Chain’ I originally sang all the vocals myself, but as a result of some unconscious plagiarism people started saying it reminded them of Brian! So I asked him to do it, and the end result is both of us singing together. He is very generous with his time and, luckily for me, loves to sing.”

Accompanying the original is a remix from acclaimed Canadian producer CFCF who turns in a beatific Ambient Techno reworking, a surprisingly propulsive beat underpinning the track’s gauzy synths and sounds.

Released October 2nd on Lo Recordings.

Having previously experimented with everything from folk and art-rock to modern classical and electronica, and worked with everyone from Roxy Music to Pulp, Abrahams’ new album sees the Londoner bring his myriad influences together to produce music as inspirational as it is unclassifiable.

Dan Bodan – SOFTY SOFT Vol. 3


DFA Records is proud to present the third and final volume of remixes from Dan Bodan’s 2014 album, Soft.

SOFTY SOFT Vol. 3 consists of remixes from familiar faces, new monikers, and iconic figures in electronic music. We start with Montreal native CFCF’s Tasteless Dub Remix of Romeo, where gentle percussion and whispered vocals echo and reverberate off classic dub guitar and bass. Up next is 1080p Collection superstar MCFERRDOGG (AKA Max McFerren) with his take on Soft As Rain, with keyboard stabs and 808 cowbells and an overall vibe that reminds the author of Depeche Mode’s alt-dance classic Policy Of Truth.

Glaswegian pop hit-maker Howie B (Who you may know as a solo artist, or for his work with Björk, U2, and recently Ela Orleans) reduces Rusty to a bare minimum. We round out the collection as Soft began – with a remix by Low Concept, the name of the collaboration from Soft co-producers Ville Haimala (Renaissance Man) and Daniel Fisher (Physical Therapy). They bump up the BPM, transforming Dan’s angelic vocals into mere percussive texture, with the track racing towards a glimmering, acidy freakout.

DFA Records – Holiday Remix EP


A great holiday gift from DFA Records..

We have these dazzling remixes out right now and we are feeling the spirit of giving, so now you can download all of them from the DFA Soundcloud completely for FREE!

You can also purchase the new The Juan Maclean, Sinkane, Dan Bodan & Museum Of Love record’s on vinyl, CD and digital from here.

Dan Bodan – Softy Soft Vol. 1

dan bodan

Softy Soft Vol. 1 is the first selection of reworks of material from Dan Bodan’s acclaimed album “Soft”. Softy Soft is Dan Bodan commissioning friends, peers, and underground legends to bring Soft from the bedroom to the club. Montreal’s CFCF kicks off by adding layers of dance-pop piano and rolling basslines to Romeo, transforming it into a catwalk strut.

It’s backed up with the “Capulet’s Shallow Shame Re-think” by Los Angeles producer Draveng (who recently released a great EP on Soft co-producer Physical Therapy’s Allergy Season label), which oscillates and swirls in the lower registers, with only glimpses of Dan’s vocals peeking through the murk.

Stay tuned for future installments, which will feature remixes by E+E, Howie B, and Low Concept, among many others. Stream CFCF’s remix below. Purchase high quality digital music at DFA Direct.

Video: CFCF – Beyond Light

Montreal producer Mike Silver, a.k.a. CFCF, has unveiled the hypnotic video for “Beyond Light”, the second single from his upcoming new album “Outside”. Out on October 21 via Paper Bag Records/Dummy. Video directed by Derrick Belcham and Ruby Kato Attwood.

CFCF – Camera

Here’s “Camera”, the first taste of CFCF‘s Music For Objects EP, out July 9 on Paper Bag / Dummy. Featuring the saxophone of Francesco de Gallo. Download for free below.