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Top 30 Albums of 2015

Spotify blogovision 2015 playlist

30: Thodoris Triantafillou – Trilogy
29: George FitzGerald – Fading Love
28: Coma – This Side Of Paradise
27: Fritz Kalkbrenner – Ways Over Water
26: 2econd Class Citizen – A Hall of Mirrors
25: Maya Jane Coles’ Nocturnal Sunshine
24: Lauer – Borndom
23: Lane 8 – Rise
22: Jori Hulkkonen – Oh But I Am
21: Leftfield – Alternative Light Source
20: Shlohmo – Dark Red
19: Tame Impala – Currents
18: St Germain – St Germain
17: Robot Koch – Hypermoment
16: Keep Shelly in Athens – Now I’m Ready
15: Romare – Projections
14: The Chemical Brothers – Born In The Echoes
13: Etienne de Crécy – Super Discount 3
12: Larry Gus – I Need New Eyes
11: Brolin – The Delta
10: Fort Romeau – Insides
9: Maribou State – Portraits
8: Howling – Sacred Ground
7: PilotPriest – W​/​W​/​D​/​K​/​F
6: Paoli – Views
5: Baio – The Names
4: Bob Moses – Days Gone By
3: Kölsch – 1983
2: Mano Le Tough – Trails
1: Jamie xx – In Colour

No. 1: Jamie xx – In Colour

“In Colour was composed over a five-year period, with Smith struggling to finish the music once he had started making it. Smith wanted to make an album that sounded like it did not come from any particular era, a dance music record that blends styles of UK garage, house and rave… It gatheres up elements of everything he’s done, moody ballads, floor-filling bangers, expansive and off-kilter collaborations with vocalists.”

Spotify blogovision 2015 playlist

No. 2: Mano Le Tough – Trails


Trails is full of slow-brewing, melody-driven tracks, many of them featuring Mano’s emotive vocals… The songs are never in a rush; they swell and blossom at a deliberate pace while blurring the lines between house, techno, new wave, ambient and classic pop music…

Spotify blogovision 2015 playlist

No. 3: Kölsch – 1983


A sublime collection of melodic techno vignettes between musing introspection and explosive expression… Heroic techno tracks for a grandiose sonic journey to the vibrant heart of today’s dance floor… Coupling contemporary production pizzaz with nostalgia-tinged soundscapes and sweeping melodies, this opus acts as both a skilfully composed portfolio of personal memories and a sublime collection of crowd-charming cuts – a modern classic in the making, coming from a master of his craft.” More here.

Spotify blogovision 2015 playlist

No. 4: Bob Moses – Days Gone By


Alternating between brooding dance-floor burners and moments of reflective, downbeat repose, “Days Gone By” is a record that’s not in a rush to get to its destination, preferring to subtly, slowly seduce rather than sway and swagger into submission, weaving a rich spectrum of sensation over the course of its twelve tracks.

Spotify blogovision 2015 playlist

No. 5: Baio – The Names


The Names explores ideas of space — of belonging, identity and finding a place in the world… There are “straight-up love songs”, as well as songs that nod to Dostoyevsky, Kurosawa, Iggy Pop, The Cars; there’s a track Baio describes as “a classic rock band arrangement, throwback pop song” and a “tribute to David Bowie and Bryan Ferry.”

Spotify blogovision 2015 playlist

No. 6: Paoli – Views


Soft and slow Nicolas Jaar-like electronic music full of textures, weird but beautiful vocals and subtile synths that occasionally pierce through the dreaminess.”

Spotify blogovision 2015 playlist

No. 8: Howling – Sacred Ground


Howling’s acoustic/electronic compositions incorporate delicate instrumentation, warm strings and organs, driving analogue sounds, gentle field recordings, and of course Ry X’s unmistakable voice.”

Spotify blogovision 2015 playlist

No. 9: Maribou State – Portraits


Portraits sees Chris Davids and Liam Ivory exemplify the sort of rare but precious sonic harmony that has made their name so far: equal parts emotive instrumentation and sturdy rhythms, stark soundscapes and rich textures.”