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Best 20 Albums of 2014


(Spotify list here)

1. The Acid – Liminal
2. Caribou – Our Love
3. Alex Banks – Illuminate
4. Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes
5. The Juan Maclean – In A Dream
6. Flight Facilities – Down To Earth
7. Moiré – Shelter
8. Duologue – Never Get Lost
9. Throwing Snow – Mosaic
10. Valentin Stip – Sigh
11. Röyksopp – The Inevitable End
12. Electric Youth – Innerworld
13. SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land
14. Paul White – Shaker Notes
15. Illum Sphere – Ghosts Of Then And Now
16. WIFE – What’s Between
17. Tycho – Awake
18. Max Cooper – Human
19. Aphex Twin – Syro
20. Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!

No. 1: The Acid – Liminal #blogovision2014

the acid

The Acid is the electro collaboration trio of Australian singer-songwriter Ry X, Brit breakbeat hitmaker Adam Freeland and LA DJ/producer Steve Nalepa

Freeland: “I think as an artist, when you start, you are just messing around and then it takes off. You get serious and you try to do things that you’re expected to do. There was no expectation of what we were trying to make for us though. We are all from such different worlds. We just wanted to try it out and see what happens. It was nice to come from that space without any expectation.

It was just that at the end of the day that it all worked, and we said “see you tomorrow” to each other. It went from there. The creative chemistry was great with a different skill set amongst us. Combined it was great. . You sort of feel like you’re creativity is related to how much effort you put in. This didn’t feel like that, from my point of view at least.” (spotify link)

No. 2: Caribou – Our Love #blogovision2014

Caribou 2014 Our Love LP Vinyl Record Album 3

Caribou: “In the beginning, I had a different idea of what the record [‘Our Love‘] was gonna be. I thought that the record was gonna be transparent-sounding, super polished, super unreal. But alongside that was a desire to make the most personal, most connected thing that I’d made, and I found it really hard to square those two things together… For me, it synthesizes all the stuff coming from ‘Andorra’, then from ‘Swim’, and from Daphni having more of an influence from dance music and from synthetic sounds.” (spotify link)

No. 3: Alex Banks – Illuminate #blogovision2014

alex banks

Illuminate incorporates all the music that excites me,” says Alex Banks, “I’ve always found the idea of making an album in any one style too limiting. I wanted to explore the most cutting edge production techniques technology allows but with an emotive human warmth. I want it to sound current but have enough substance for people to still listen to it in ten years time.

Gernot Bronsert (Modeselektor / Monkeytown): ”It’s really rare to find an artist who has never released something before and who comes up with such a great album!” (spotify link)

No. 4: Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes #blogovision2014


As an experiment we are using a new version of BitTorrent to distribute a new Thom Yorke record… If it works well it could be an effective way of handing some control of internet commerce back to people who are creating the work. Enabling those people who make either music, video or any other kind of digital content to sell it themselves… Oh yes and it’s called Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes.” Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich

No. 5: The Juan Maclean – In A Dream #blogovision2014


Dance-pop duo The Juan Maclean, aka producer Juan Maclean and former LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang described In A Dream as Whang’s “triumph” and “the Nancy Show,” adding that the album “takes its musical cues from Moroder’s Munich to the Funky Nassau sounds of Compass Point and to anytime in downtown NYC.” (spotify link)

No. 6: Flight Facilities – Down To Earth #blogovision2014

flight facilities

People – even if they haven’t heard of us – think we’re at least reasonably credible. We’re not Radiohead… but we’re not some crazy dubstep band, either. More often than not, people will take that chance with us,” explain the Flight Facilities boys. On Down to Earth, “we’ve basically written songs with at least one person in every continent.” (spotify link)

No. 7: Moiré – Shelter #blogovision2014


London-based tripped-out techno producer Moiré discusses about “Shelter”: “‘London techno’ is my personal term for the way I feel. I’m not trying develop a genre, it’s more about life than actual music… I didn’t want to just keep releasing 12”s or EPs. I went to Actress and said that I wanted to do an album, and he was up for it.” (spotify link)

No. 08: Duologue – Never Get Lost #blogovision2014


London five-piece Duologue say: “Typically a first album is a collection of all the songs you have to date. We drew from years of making music and there are songs on there that are pretty old, all mixed in with material that came about during the recording process. With Never Get Lost it was written start to finish in about 10 months so it feels, to me at least, as if it’s all come from the same place. It feels a lot more coherent as a record, everything seems to fit together and I think everything from our song writing, playing and production has improved so I’m hoping other people agree.” (spotify link)

No. 09: Throwing Snow – Mosaic #blogovision2014

Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow explains: “The whole point of the album was that it would be a mosaic of my influences. There are too many to name really, but it stretches from modern dance music to eastern music via prog... I’ve tried to use a feeling of tension and release a lot, alongside unexpected arrangements. It’s dark in parts, but also has lighter areas.” (spotify link)