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Blende feat. Mattie Safer – Back To Summertime

“None of that bouncy banana boat nonsense, it’s more real like this.”

London based Swedish producer, song writer and DJ Blende returns to Eskimo Recordings with ‘Back To Summertime’, an outrageously funky slice of disco house featuring the stunning vocals of former The Rapture vocalist Mattie Safer.

“The song came about from one of those demos you sometimes sit with that never seem to lead to anything,” explains Blende. “I was about ready to give up on it when Mattie recorded this brilliant vocal that probably would make even George Benson envious, and after that it was a smooth ride. I must admit I wasn’t paying too much attention to the lyrics at first and even though the title is hinting at the opposite it’s really quite a sad song. But I like that aspect; you book a resort holiday and then it rains for two weeks. None of that bouncy banana boat nonsense, it’s more real like this.”

“I loved the track that Johan delivered and it reminded me of summer festivals and parties on the beach,” recalls Mattie Safer. “The song is a story, two lovers who have let the complications and burdens of everyday life get in the way of their romance. The idea is to back to the innocence and simplicity of a carefree summer fling, just enjoying each other and life. You can run away from love but you can’t hide forever. It comes back around.”

Upping the synth-funk pressure Norwegian producer Cavego follows up his triumphant remix of Satin Jackets (one of Beatport’s biggest sellers in 2016) with not one but two, smooth as satin sheets remixes, sure to cause a population spike later this year. Finally completing the package Australian born, Munich based, producer TSM aka This Soft Machine delivers a remix that instantly recalls the strings, keys and heartbreak of classic Paradise Garage era disco.

Blende feat. Gustaph – Running


London based Swede Blende is an unashamed disco advocate, creating retro music for the modern age. Featuring the lively vocals of Hercules & Love Affair singer Gustaph, ‘Running’ takes the height of 80’s electro-funk into the present day.

Released on Ghent-based Eskimo Recordings, ‘Running’ is remixed by Dutch heroes Kraak & Smaak who stretch the track out into an warm, stirring house anthem as well as Knight One, who slows the pace and shines up the original into an exhilarating pop classic. Out next week on Eskimo.

Le Galaxie – Humanise (Video + Blende Remix)

Having already scored a No.1 Album in their native Ireland, La Galaxie look set to make their mark on foreign soil with forthcoming single ‘Humanise’. Utilizing a classic synth pop groove, the single is the first indication of where forthcoming album ‘Le Club’  is headed, and with DFA stalwart Eric Broucek taking on mixing duties the early signs are positive.

You can check the video for the single itself below.

Ahead of the June 9th 2014 release you can keep yourself entertained by checking out Blende’s synth heavy rework, which spices the original up with big room keys and some guitar licks reminiscent of a recent smash from a certain robotic duo. Be sure to check it.

Pyramid – The Phoenix EP [2014]

Parisian rising star Pyramid is back with a new EP, ‘The Phoenix’ out on Kitsuné this winter. The hotly tipped producer’s already made some noise with his tracks featured on the Kitsuné Parisien compilations. His profile skyrocketd after the release of the cult single, ‘Cosma’ with production partner Crayon, including the hit track, ‘Wolf‘. He returns to Kitsuné with a highly anticipated solo effort, ‘The Phoenix’.

The EP opens with ‘Astral’, supported by a solid baseline coupled with cheeky light piano bridges. Next track, ‘The Phoenix’ delves into left field hip-hop enhanced by a simple yet efficient instrumental, combining melodious synth and vocals from Willy Wesly. Final cut, ‘Lunar Ghosts’ comes closer to electronica while keeping a lively and tender rhythm, offering an ethereal experience.

The first remix by fellow Parisian, Lifelike gives a groovy nu disco house feel to ‘The Phoenix’ and turns into a powerful and very recognisable electro track. Blende’s one is a brilliant bass laden remix that will turn the dance floors upside-down.

Listen and download a minimix below.