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Video: Paul Kalkbrenner – Mothertrucker


In August 2015, the seventh Paul Kalkbrenner studio album ‘7’ will be released (preorder here). This is the second installment of the music-video trilogy FLORIAN. After returning from his odyssey, Florian becomes aware of the hurt he’s suffered.

Watch FLORIAN – Episode 1: Cloud Rider here. FLORIAN – Episode 3: Feed Your Head coming soon. Directed by: Bjoern Ruehmann / Furlined

Video: Paul Kalkbrenner – Cloud Rider


Paul Kalkbrenner will release his new album, the aptly titled “7”, this August. Below you can watch the official video for the LP’s first single, Cloud Rider. This is the first installment of the music-video trilogy FLORIAN. The series follows a fictional character named Florian, a young foreigner who compulsively shares the music he loves. Written by: Alexander Nowak, Felix Richter / Droga5 NY. Directed by: Bjoern Ruehmann / Furlined.

01. Battery Park
02. Cylence 412
03. Cloud Rider
04. Shuffleface
05. Tone & Timber
06. Channel Isle
07. Feed Your Head
08. Papercut Pilot
09. Mothertrucker
10. A Million Days
11. Align The Engine
12. Bright Roller

Columbia Records and Sony International will release 7 on August 7th, 2015. Pre-Order: