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Benoit & Sergio – That’s The Party Talking EP

benoit & sergio

Marquee production team and live act in dance music Benoit & Sergio return to Culprit for a second fantastic release in as many years. After last year’s deliciously off-­kilter “Adjustments,” the Berlin­ and Rome­-based duo delivers a 3­-song statement of dancefloor intent, with “That’s The Party Talking.”

As was with “Adjustments,” this set of new Benoit & Sergio material landed on Culprit in a truly organic, natural way. Two of the songs on the EP, fresh out of the studio, were the standouts in the boys’ live set, that took the roof off the Culprit showcase in Zurich in September. After a series of covetous (and persuasive) glances from Andrei of Droog, label’s boss, the jams had their new home.

The EP’s title is perfectly descriptive of the collection’s mood and its ambition. Written with a late-­night, discerning raver in mind, the EP shows off some of Benoit & Sergio’s most memorable bassline and synth hooks – in the catalogue already bristling with them.

Though unified in purpose and concept, each of the three songs show a slightly different side of the producers’ sound: low end­-heavy melodic house that’s full of anthemic quality in ‘Ibiza Bass’; electronic funk, with a touch of sleaze in ‘That’s The Party Talking’; and tongue-­in­-cheek, mega bouncy, disco­-infused opus, tailor-­made for afternoon delight or a mid­-morning afterparty shake in ‘You Might Say.’

Yet again, Benoit & Sergio prove to be one of the most interesting and accomplished acts around, with an assured and unique sound and personality. Out on December 10th 2014 on Culprit.

Ibiza Bass
That’s The Party Talking
You Might Say

Video: Benoit & Sergio – Your Darkness

benoit & sergio

DC/Berlin house duo of Benoit Simon and Benjamin Meyer aka Benoit & Sergio unveiled the video for their great single “Your Darkness”, the title track from their latest three-track EP on Visionquest. The duo is currently working on their debut album, co-produced by Darkside’s Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington for Jaar’s label, Other People. Video directed by Kateb Habib. Get “Your Darkness” EP here.

Benoit & Sergio – Your Darkness

benoit & sergio

Renowned for their sublime, lyrical take on dance music, DC/Berlin based duo Benoit & Sergio return to their spiritual home of Visionquest with some freshly crafted groove ridden thrills. More set in the smoke and heat of the club than their vocalised bittersweet visions, the ‘Your Darkness’ EP showcases the duo at their dancefloor focused playful best whilst incorporating infectious vocal samples, searing melodies and pulsing rhythms. Opener ‘Splash’ is at once murky and tropical as the bassline grinds underneath light footed percussion whilst title track ‘Your Darkness’ is a deep and moody groover with signature rich synth work. Closing track ‘Beat Macho’ is a wayward beast with a darker edge and satisfyingly complex chugging framework that makes for a heady trip into the depths of the night.

This year the duo is working on completing their long anticipated debut album co-produced with DARKSIDE aka Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, and set to be released on the magically diverse Other People imprint. A single will be dropped as a teaser in the not too distant future.

Your Darkness EP is out on July 14th 2014 (vinyl) and July 28th 2014 (digitally) on Visionquest. Stream the title track below.