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Quivver – Mumbo Jumbo / This Was


John Digweed’s Bedrock label is focused on releasing exceptional, forward-thinking electronic music, constantly working with some of the world’s finest artists, whose musical palettes are intensely inspired and musically diverse. Quivver (aka John Graham) is one such true musical innovator, a legend in electronic music circles and renowned as being one of the scene’s most essential creators since the early 1990’s.

The chilled ‘Reprise’ versions of (the excellently titled) ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ and ‘This Was’ were critically acclaimed highlights on the recent ‘Bedrock 18’ album, and now, to kick-off 2017 in style, the original club versions are set for their own single release.

As you would expect from one of the world’s finest electronic producers, innovative experimentation flows freely through Quivver productions, with ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ leading the way…

“The title ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ came about as I was trying to come up with vocal ideas for the track and did what I usually do – sing nonsense lyrics and try to find a good melody, at which point I usually go back and write proper lyrics, but since I liked the sound of the vocal I left the random nonsense as it was – then fed some of it through Alchemy to make it sound even weirder.” – Quivver

This element of open-minded electronic research has created an exceptionally original element for what is a gloriously groovy, hip-swinging, melodic gem that constantly mutates and develops from start to finish. This spirit of experimentation is continued with the deeply delicious vibes of ‘This Was’, and yet another perfect late-night Quivver delight is the end result.

On the live front, John has been keeping busy playing Quivver shows in South America, Amsterdam, Budapest, Ukraine, and Liverpool recently, and is currently readying himself to tour Japan in late January 2017. Never one to shy away from a creative curve-ball, he has also had a lot of fun playing a couple of live shows recently under his old drum & bass moniker – Skanna – a project he intends to revive with some new releases in the coming months.

Quivver’s Frisky Radio show ‘Controlled Substance’ also continues to go from strength to strength – on the 3rd Monday of every month – the 21st instalment will be broadcast on 16th January at 9pm UK time (1pm USA West Coast) and is well worth checking:

And finally… If you’re in London, John will be performing the track ‘Rooms’, that he wrote with Sasha, as part of his two live shows at the Barbican Theatre in May. More info here:

Secret Knowledge – Sugar Daddy (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)


The 5th instalment of John Digweed’s globetrotting ‘Live In…’ legendary mix series, recorded at Vagabond Nightclub in Downtown Miami during Miami Music Week 2014, featured 37 tracks notching up nearly four hours of music, spanning more than two decades, and included the classic ‘Sugar Daddy’, one of the most seminal dance tracks from 1992. Once heard, this inspirational track, created by Kris Needs and Wonder in their Secret Knowledge guise, can most certainly never be forgotten, and the rush of excitement and adulation that the revived classic received set the wheels in motion for John Digweed and Nick Muir to remix the track for a summer 2016 full single release on Bedrock, along with two of the re-mastered original versions.

Initiating proceedings with their trademark, super-solid percussive backbone, John Digweed and Nick Muir have had untold fun re-arranging, twisting and tweaking a plethora of spellbinding parts from the original to create their own distinctive updated vision of the original classic. Wonder’s gloriously breathy, seductive vocal, married with a selection of irresistibly hypnotic Moroder-esque hooks is a perfect combination for the duo to create one of the most stunningly distinctive reworks of 2016.

To anyone who was clubbing back in the early 90’s that “Whoo….” from the Original Mix still sends shivers down the spine today. Add to the equation a thunderstorm; bluesy finger snaps; Wonder’s unbelievably erotic vocals; a body pummelling kick drum; Kris Needs’ homage to the mighty Giorgio Moroder via a merciless, throbbing groove; top it all off subtle, euphoric pads; utilise the unrivalled engineering and mixing skills of Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns; and what you have is the perfect recipe that led to the creation of one of the best, ecstatic electronic club tracks from an era when anything was possible and genre restrictive rules were yet to be written. Now, re-mastered for a summer 2016 release on Bedrock, a new generation of clubbers can discover the delights of Secret Knowledge and their ‘Sugar Daddy’.

The respectful package is completed with the re-mastered original Out Of Our Brains on The 5.15 Mix (a remix created with the involvement of David Holmes after he witnessed the unbelievable emotional crowd reaction when Andrew Weatherall dropped the original mix at a club in Brighton, along with Ashley Beedle, Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns). But that’s only a small part of an amazing story… If you want to join the dots and discover more about all the players involved in the creation of this landmark record you might want to spend a little time reading Andrew Whitehurst’s excellent interview with Kris Needs for DJ Mag, from a few years ago:

Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot Remixes


The original “Sad Robot” collaboration between Nick Warren and Guy Mantzur was heaped with acclaim when it first appeared on John Digweed’s Bedrock label a year ago. This sparkling gem of a track pushed all the right buttons with a euphoric attitude that only comes from years of experience of rocking the best dancefloors around the world week in week out, and now the label is set to take the story to the next level with 3 diverse, exciting new remixes.

The enigmatic Rich Lane from Newcastle Under Lyme (who also records under aliases such as Original Disco Thing and Chug Norris) has been gaining plaudits for his musical creations that loosely fall into the realms of what are variously tagged “Slo-Mo”, “Chug”, “Nu-Disco” and even “NEW New Beat”. By channelling the sounds and feel of classic House, Techno, New Beat etc. and mellowing the groove towards a slower mid-tempo ride, whilst adding a sprinkling Post Punk, Funk and Synth Pop, Rich Lane is a masterful producer who draws together so many disparate elements that seem to unite a particular type of music lover. Here, through his love of classic analogue sounds, he has created a truly original take on “Sad Robot”.

German duo, Christian “D-Nox” Wedekind and Frank Beckers, have become firm favourites worldwide over the past 10 years with a perfect fusion of studio expertise and an impeccable dancefloor touch Their creative chemistry has become an unfailing source of massive grooves and their exceptional remix of “Sad Robot” sees them firmly at the forefront of the current phase of musical evolution, drawing from the best elements of a variety of musical genres, to create a mesmerizing new future.

Hailing from the current hotbed of exciting musical evolution, Argentina’s Alejo Gonzalez (renowned for his show on Radio 90.3FM Delta) has joined forces with fellow DJ and producer Max Blade to create a beautifully melancholic interpretation of “Sad Robot”, a perfect, understated finale for this remix package. The undoubted talent of this young duo marks them out as being ones to watch for the future, for sure.

BOg – Rewired EP


The highly creative, Paris-based, Romanian electronic music composer and DJ, BOg, returns to John Digweed’s Bedrock label for his first release of 2016, and already there are sparks of electric excitement in the air!

Having been deeply passionate about music since childhood, BOg has risen to his current prominence through releases on the likes of Crosstown Rebels and Alex Niggemann’s Soulfooled label, in addition Bedrock. Some of 2015’s musical highlights were BOg’s original track ‘Ava’ and his remix of the classic Bedrock track ‘Emerald’ on the ‘Re_Structured’ album, along with the dreamy 9-minutes of ‘Rakuten’ on ‘Underground Sound Of Ibiza 2’.

Now, with ‘Rewired’, BOg is raising the creative bar even higher, with 3 new musical masterpieces, showcasing his unique creative talent. The stunning, melody-rich title track perfectly showcases what the young Romanian is capable of, with its dreamy, subtle anthemic attitude. ‘The Other Side Of The River’ takes a slightly deeper melodic route, but the end result is no less enthralling. Finally, with the hypnotic, filmic ambient electronica of ‘Heartless City’, BOg highlights his ability to also create stylish excursions that go beyond the dancefloor.

With talent and releases like this, 2016 is already shaping up to be an amazing year for electronic music!

Dave Angel – Scorpion / Orion

Dave Angel 5

Referencing one of the great fights of Greek mythology, Dave Angel’s two new titanic Techno tracks for John Digweed’s Bedrock duel for dominance, in what is undoubtedly a supreme return to the label from the Godfather of the UK’s Techno scene. Set for release in the time whilst Scorpio is the current and reputedly the most powerful sign of the zodiac, it looks like the stars are aligned to perfection.

“Scorpion” has already featured exclusively in Eats Everything’s BBCR1 Essential Mix, recorded live at T In The Park, and is set to fly. Built around a sophisticated, multi-layered, hip-swinging groove, its ever-evolving, hypnotic, melodic bounce builds magically through a series of stunning breakdown crescendos into a totally mesmerising and unforgettable masterpiece.

The subtly powerful “Orion” takes a deeper, but no less impressive melodic route to total groove engagement. Interspersing proceedings with teasing vocal snippets and subtle euphoric synth swells proves to be another a winning formula. Both tracks demonstrate exactly why Dave remains such a driving force today, having evolved and matured stylistically over the years, since his early heart-stopping techno outings more than 2 decades ago now.

The son of a jazz musician, Dave Angel’s first musical instrument (appropriately) was a drum at age of eight, so it’s no surprise that he developed an ear for a good groove. Since entering the consciousness of the techno community in 1990, he has pretty much remained there ever since. Although he’s London born and bred, he has been making records like he’s from Detroit with a distinctive twist of funk and jazz for years. Dave Angel is one of the scene’s true characters, giving off an aura of positivity like no other, a kind of warmth that you cannot fail to feel through his exceptional, uplifting music. You have two classic new examples here – enjoy!

Out 16th November 2015 on Bedrock.

John Digweed – RE:STRUCTURED


John Digweed announces “RE:STRUCTURED”, featuring three CD’s and an exclusive DVD that impeccably captures the trademark Bedrock sound. Available to Pre-Order now:

Pioneering an international network of artists since its origin in 1991, together John Digweed and Nick Muir have provided a gateway for the visions of underground music’s most profound names to consistently release their innovative and groundbreaking productions. Rooted firmly in the upper tier of electronic music’s premier division, Bedrock has rightfully become a pivotal component in the hearts and minds of dance music lovers across the globe.

Driving forward from the releases of Structures One and Two in 2010 and 2011, John Digweed proudly announces his next showcase of all the styles and influences that have made Bedrock such an intrinsic element of dance music’s tapestry. Featuring three CD’s and an exclusive DVD that impeccably captures the trademark Bedrock sound, Re-Structured is yet another exceptional milestone in the history of Bedrock records.

Consistently enchanting the worlds most prolific dance floors, Re-Structured exhibits thirty-five tracks (twenty-one exclusive), which have been compiled and mixed by label head John Digweed over three discs. Welcoming new artists to Bedrock as well as inviting some revered favorites from over the years, Re-Structured intricately captivates Digweed’s electric perception of how music should be experienced. Each of the three discs are merged together by the unyielding and mesmeric production style of Bedrock artists new and old, creating a listening experience no like no other.

Titled ‘Re-Structured’, CD one includes ten exclusive never before heard tracks, introducing the likes of Montel with his stellar production of ‘At Night’, alongside Lee Van Dowski and Joop Junior who all make their debuts on the Bedrock imprint. Never straying too far away from some of the labels most of enthralling releases, Digweed welcomes back leading members of the Bedrock family Dave Angel, Quivver and BOg with the masterfully crafted ‘Ava’.

Certain to entice a standing ovation from all types of Bedrock listeners, the second CD boasts a remarkable selection of reworks and remixes from some classics from the labels catalogue. Transforming these eleven tracks into a perfected listening experience, the likes of Electric Rescue, Joeski, and Sian all provide their colossal and limitless production styles re-constructing some of Bedrocks most adored releases.

October 1st 2015 saw John Digweed celebrate seventeen years of Bedrock with a momentous party at one of London’s most distinguished venues, XOYO. The third disc holds a very special live recording of John’s set at the anniversary event, capturing the party at it’s pinnacle point once again demonstrating why he is still one of the most sought after artists in electronic music today. Whether it be supplying assured floor fillers with his own euphoric sounding ‘Track For Life’, or mesmerizing the crowd with the melodic synth arrangements of Gel Abril’s ‘Carpet Sneak’, his set at XOYO will undoubtedly go down in underground music folklore as one of his most memorable to date.

The final, and perhaps most integral segment of Re-Structured gives viewers a breathtaking insight into the world of Bedrock, this special DVD features footage from the Easter event in London and party at Manchester’s iconic Gorilla. Coupled with interviews with John and Danny Howells who discuss and explore the rich history of Bedrock records.

An inconceivable selection of productions fused together into a unique and eclectic release, Re-Structured reiterates the undeniable fact that John Digweed and Bedrock records are musical visionaries, responsible for shaping and inspiring the paths of so many artists to date. Whether it be focusing on the future, or propelled by the past, John Digweed continues to be one of electronic music’s most esteemed DJs, producers, and label bosses.


John Digweed – “Re-Structured” Tracklist:

CD1 – “Structures”
1. Quivver – Time Go By – Reprise
2. Joop Junior – Sofie_Lucie
3. Rory Gallagher & James Trystan – Waking Giants
4. Philipp Straub & Andrew Fonda – True Basics
5. Dave Angel – Scorpion
6. Montel – Life
7. CJ Jeff – Leave Me
8. BOg – Ava
9. Montel – At Night
10. Lee Van Dowski – Ici Et Maintenant

CD2 – “Re:Structures”
1. Bedrock – Santiago – Nick Muir 2015 Downtempo Version
2. Guy J – Candyland – Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix
3. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Track For Life – Cosmic Cowboys Remix
4. Bedrock – Santiago – Joeski Remix
5. Bedrock – Beautiful Strange – Montel Remix
6. Bedrock – Emerald – BOg Remix
7. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Aquatonic – Alberto Ruiz Remix
8. John Digweed & Nick Muir Vs Christian Smith & Wehbba – Mantis – Alexander Kowalski Remix
9. JDNMGJ – Trezzz – Nick Muir 2015 Remix
10. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Tangent – Sian Aztec Remix
11. John Digweed & Nick Muir Vs Psycatron – Awakenings – Electric Rescue Acid Remix

CD3 – “Live Structures” – John Digweed Live XOYO London
1. Culoe De Song – Y.O.U.D.
2. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Track For Life
3. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Aquatonic – Alberto Ruiz Remix
4. Bedrock – Santiago – Joeski Remix
5. Steve Parry – Flippant
6. Gel Abril – Carpet Sneak
7. Sian – Medicine Man – Pig & Dan Remix
8. Bedrock – Emerald – BOg Remix
9. Dave Angel – Scorpion
10. Pig&Dan – Lizard King – Julian Jeweil Remix
11. Bedrock – Beautiful Strange – Montel Remix
12. DJ Dozia – Pop Culture – KiNK Mix
13. Clarian – Fear and Self Loathing
14. Daniel Stefanik – Twilight Zone

John Digweed & Nick Muir – Track For Life EP


Between them, John Digweed and Nick Muir, producers of the finest electronic dance music, have been involved in many pivotal moments in the world of club music over the years and have in many ways helped to define genres & push the boundaries further. Their partnership has been one of electronic music’s most fruitful pairings, creating a body of work that’s seen them become one of the world’s most highly regarded production duos.

“Track For Life” is another mission statement, showing that they are not resting on past laurels, but always developing their sound in an exciting direction. The low-slung, hypno-throb groove with expanding melodic flourishes is totally masterful as the track’s beguiling energy builds subtly throughout.

Remix duties fall to Argy and Yousef, two exceptional driving forces within the modern electronic dance scene, and the perfect candidates to take “Track For Life” in distinctly different and eminently exciting directions and provide fitting alternatives to the Original.

Argyris Theofilis aka Argy has a rare talent for taking audiences on musical journeys they might never have imagined, weaving sonic tapestries that defy easy categorization of genre or era. His Argy Remix ups the pace and develops “Track For Life” into an unmistakably heavyweight, pulsating, peak-time monster.

Meanwhile, Yousef’s Circus Rework, locked down by a highly distinctive, tight, clanking, hip-swinging groove, is loaded with wonderful, bubbling energetic abandon.

Two great remix versions of one great track, means yet another exceptional release from Bedrock. Released: 28th September 2015.

VA: John Digweed – Underground Sound of Ibiza Series 2


After last year’s highly successful inaugural “Underground Sound of Ibiza” album, Bedrock is back with the second instalment of this summer series. The format for this latest edition has been expanded to fill 3xCDs, themed around the different hours of a night’s partying, featuring 30 exclusive new tracks from some of the world’s most exciting artists, selected and mixed to perfection by John Digweed.

The “2am” and “4am” discs are designed to reflect the best club-based sounds and feature, amongst others, the likes of Carlo Lio, Ramon Tapia, Guy J, Omid 16B, Whyt Noyz, jozif, Nick Muir, The Japanese Popstars, Dave Angel and Jimmy Van M. The truly global nature of new, forward-thinking electronic music sees Mexico’s Leo Leal joining forces with Italy’s Cosmic Cowboys; and Lebanon’s G-Mohris, Ireland’s Confute and R.E.C., Turkish/Dutch producer Philogresz and Romania’s BOg, amongst others, all contributing stunning tracks.

Winding down proceedings, the “8am” disc takes its cue from last year’s “Poolside” mix, showcasing a more downtempo, chilled selection that features some beautiful exclusive new music from artists such as Robert Babicz, Charlie May, Omid 16B, Stelios Vassiloudis and Eagles & Butterflies; introduces talented label debutants C-Jay from Holland, and London’s Brad Wilder; alongside exclusive alternative reworks of some of the label’s huge club tracks: “Sad Robot” by Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur, Marc Romboy’s “Counting Comets”, and “Takin’ Over” by Quivver.

Preview below. Pre-order here.

CD1 2am
1. Omid 16B – Heart of Silence
2. Leo Leal & Cosmic Cowboys – Quarzo
3. G-Mohris – Empty Space
4. Charlie May – Puschkah
5. Confute and R.E.C. – 2002
6. Jimmy Van M, Luxor T & Maxim Lany – ESS
7. Philogresz – Needless To Say
8. Brad Wilder – Sizzles
9. jozif – Tell Me, Sell Me
10. Charlie May – Wake Up Late
CD2 4am
1. Charlie May – MM
2. Ramon Tapia & Stavroz – Havana – Guy J Remix
3. Elio Riso & D-URRS – Identity Reserved
4. Dave Angel – Nightwalker
5. Nick Muir – The Bridge
6. Whyt Noyz – Routes
7. Robert Babicz – Astral Glider
8. BOg – Rakuten
9. Carlo Lio – Rebellion
10. The Japanese Popstars – Sample Whore – Confute 2015 Remix
CD3 8am
1. Stelios Vassiloudis – First Light
2. Quivver – Takin’ Over – Reprise
3. Marc Romboy – Counting Comets – Part 2
4. Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot – Beatless Version
5. C-Jay – BackSlider Part 1
6. Charlie May – Wake Up Later
7. Brad Wilder – Sizzles – Downtempo Version
8. Eagles & Butterflies – Life In Reverse
9. Omid 16B – Heart of Silence – Omid Underwater Mix
10. Robert Babicz – Just Waiting

Atapy & BOg – Strung / Despair


Bedrock launches into 2015 with a highly creative double-header from two respected artists from the revolution that is currently happening in the Romanian electronic scene – Atapy & BOg. Whether it’s the deeply delicious uplifting melodies and dramatic strings of “Strung”, or the more intense melancholic journey of “Despair”, there can be no denying that this duo are one’s to watch this year. Their distinctive collaborative style and attention to detail marks them out as having unique creative talent.

For Romania’s Arpi Takacs (aka Atapy), addiction to electronic music started early, first as a regular freak in club corners and then behind the decks, developing his DJ skills. Since 2010, his career has been firmly on the rise with likes of M.A.N.D.Y., Ritchie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Tom Budden, Djuma Soundsystem and many more, championing his highly desirous productions. It’s all about quality and not quantity for Atapy, with previous key releases on his own Cimelde label and Get Physical, alongside his collaborations with (amongst others): Noir, Digitaria and Cari Golden; and reworking The XX and the legendary “Knight Rider” theme, here is an artist with both style and passion.

BOg is a Romanian electronic music composer and DJ, based in Paris. Also deeply passionate about music since childhood, he has risen to his current prominence through releases on Crosstown Rebels, Fumakilla, Akbal Music, and (not forgetting) a recent superb remix of “Gridlock” by none other than John Digweed & Nick Muir on Bedrock. With talent and releases like this on the agenda it looks like 2015 is going to be an amazing year!

John Digweed – Live in Toronto 2014

john digweed

‘Live In Toronto’ is the sixth and latest installment of John Digweed’s legendary Live In… mix series, following the critically acclaimed release of ‘Live in Miami’ back in May 2014. With the release date set for 8th December 2014, ‘Live In Toronto’ is now available for pre-order, exclusively from Bedrock Records’ official store.

Capturing the electric energy of John’s last ever gig at Toronto’s iconic The Guvernment Nightclub on October 11th 2014, ‘Live in Toronto’ features 3 CDs and 43 tracks of the very best and freshest underground house and techno music. To promote this latest triple disc package, John has put together an exclusive 20-minute minimix of CD 1 that was featured on Transitions—John’s world famous radio show—which you can listen to now:

Featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, from German techno master Sven Väth, Iranian house/techno DJ Dubfire, to US based DJ/producer Matthew Dear stage name Audion and many more, this 4 hour compilation encompasses some of the finest tracks and remixes, meticulously hand selected by John Digweed himself.

‘Live in Toronto’ will be released through Bedrock Records on December 8th 2014, in digital format, as a 3x CD, or a limited edition 4x Vinyl package. Head to the Bedrock online store to grab your copy now.


CD 1
Miss Melera – Faith – Einmusik Remix
Stephan Bodzin – Sungam
Guy J – Once In A Blue Moon
Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff – Verona – Dario D’Attis Dubstrip Mix
Nicolas Masseyeff – Vero
Franck Roger – Wanderlust – Jordan Peak Remix
Adnon Olivier aka Olivier Berger – Casa Bulga
Kerb Staller – Four Fingers – Thugfucker’s Lio’s Wide Shut Rework
Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder – Fatty Boy
Hyenah – The Chase
Hugo Featuring Comadisco – Blue Days
Azimute – Where is The Magic
S.K.A.M. – Mystery

Sunshine Jones – The Sun
Marc Romboy – Hypernova
Wareika – The New Beat Generation
Just Be – The Early Years
The Tweaker – Easy Tiger
Gorge & Nick Curly – Lost Together
Sebastian Kommos – Understanding – Frank Mauer Remix
Livio & Roby – Ananda – Luca Bachetti Endless Remix
Nick Warren – Alta
John Digweed & Nick Muir – Gigawave – Fairmont Remix
Shlomi Aber – Tel Aviv Garden – Nic Fanciulli Remix
Pan-Pot & Vincenzo – Fiction Inc
Constar & Stefny Winter – Finding Yusef – Selway Feedback Dub Remix
Just Be – The Magic Rock
Guy J – Candyland – King Unique Remix

Quivver – Paper Lunch
B’utiza – Baphuma Ezulwini – Christian Pommer Remix
Ryan Crosson – Close To Danger
Sven Väth – L’Esperanza – Âme Reinterpretation
Alex Niggemann – Tarkus
D’julz – Remember
Francsico Allendes – Human Design
Breccia and Sebastian Markiewicz – Myth
Audion – Motormouth – Carlo Lio Remix
Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann – Agua feat. Xenia Beliayeva
Adam Beyer – People Understand
Patrice Bäumel – Mile High Gang
October – Homo Sapiens
Odessa – Donna
Audion – Dem Howl Feat. Troels Abrahamsen – Michael Mayer Instrumental Mix