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Beat Remvie – No​-​More​-​Stalgic EP

beat remvie

Almost one year after his debut release Beat Remvie (the indie dance/pop musical project of Greek producer Michalis GDaddie) returns with a concept EP about dreams and memories.

“No-More-Stalgic” is a three track EP that lures the listener into an aural time travel. Starting off with “Cocktails and Dreams”, Prins Obi’s vocals layer over a simple bassline and, combined with retro-referencing synths, they build up a dreamy 70’s atmosphere to set the mood. “Cry Out” has a steady disco-funk groove that drives you into dancing, only in favor of casting off the bitterness imprinted on Beat Remvie’s vocals. The closing track, “No-More-Stalgic”, kicks in with an ethereal intro where performer Yorgia Karidi seconds Beat Remvie’s pledge to never look back and leads the track to a cathartic acid dance towards the future.

Beat Remvie’s “No-More-Stalgic” EP is available via Bandcamp.

Beat Remvie feat. Yorgia Karidi – Break It (Love Supreme Edit)

beat remvie

Greek producer Beat Remvie (of GDaddie fame) has shared his great funky disco uptempo jam “Break It” featuring vocals by Yorgia Karidi. Check it out below.