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Video: Baby Guru – Tell Me What You’re Made of


Baby Guru have shared a short film for “Tell Me What You’re Made of”, the opening track off their forthcoming album “IV”. It’s directed by Greek film maker and singer-songwriter The Boy. The 6-minute film belongs to the Greek weird wave movement. The story follows a mother and two daughters in their apartment life, alienated protagonists and a pervasive critique of the family.

Baby Guru – Tell Me What You’re Made of. From the album “IV”
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KU – Ganja LP

Dimitris Papadatos is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who just released his sophomore album “Ganja” as KU. His songwriting practice is mainly based on improvisational techniques and oblique strategies and the lyrics are based on his – yet unpublished, poetry.

Since KU’s 2013 debut “Feathers”, many things have changed. Proxima-b was discovered, the socio-economical state in Greece started falling apart, a snowstorm brought a hurricane, the seas became tombs, watching a concert became life threatening and his other projects Jay Glass Dubs and The Hydra started taking off, gaining international acclaim. Inside this turmoil and with an aftermath of changes in his personal life taking the lead, he decided it was time for all the material laying dormant in his demos to take shape into a second album.

Spiraling from the throbbing force of “A Happening” to the shuttered melancholy of “Cypriol”, “Ganja” is an album of departures and arrivals, a faint signature of a life past and the decision for a new one. The album’s lyrics are the main objective. Holding strong position on matters such as power, love, ambition and depression, it underlines the addiction that may come to all of the above separately and simultaneously. The words are to make “Ganja” a severe read-through of the artist’s psyche transformed in its duration in front of the listener’s own ears.

Like the plant that gave the album its name, the music in “Ganja” is a beneficial parasite, a strong symbiotic and a deja-vu of emotions, smells, melodies and orchestrations, indefinable yet so specific. The instrumentation is deliberately as elemental as possible, emphasizing on the essence of sound. Space guitars, Battiato-ian moogs, persuasive percussion and hummed protoelectronics juxtaposed with acoustic fragility, choral grandiose and white reggae moods reveal a process that is never militant towards one direction.
Recorded live in its larger amount, with the talent, musicianship and knowledge of his long time collaborators Baby Guru in their Marginalia Studio and produced by the band’s Prins Obi and King Elephant as well as KU himself, in Mondays between May and June 2015, “Ganja” is a personal story sung and played between friends who fight, love, decide and forget each other but never unknow what brings them together. That sacramental moment when everything is in sync and the words and sounds float freely and fill up the room like smoke from a dried out herb.

Music and lyrics by KU. Additional music by Baby Guru. Produced by King Elephant, Prins Obi and KU.

01 A Happening
02 Hyacinth
03 Turque
04 Dry Dates
05 Spring Elevator
06 Olympic Complex
07 Oolong “SoundCloud Radio edit”
08 Cypriol

Baby Guru – IV LP

baby guru.jpg

Athens, Greece psych-pop four-piece Baby Guru have announced their new album “IV”, follows the group’s 2015 mini-album “Sunshine Special” and is out on April 7th via Inner Ear. Below, hear the first track from the album, “Tell Me What You’re Made Of,” and check out the cover artwork and full tracklist.

After releasing their third full-length LP “Marginalia” in 2014, the members of Baby Guru spent the last years focusing on their individual careers. Singer Prins Obi and drummer King Elephant both released solo efforts and bassist Sir Kosmiche joined the psych-rock outfit “Chickn” and produced the debut album of Molimo (an African duo from Congo, performing live in the streets of Athens).

This year, Baby Guru’s fourth proper LP finds the band as a quartet and willing to push the boundaries once again, delivering their richest set of songs to date, both musically and lyrically.

They remain open to new directions without forgetting their roots and trademark sound and they seem mature enough to convey their feelings and thoughts on everyday struggle, (cosmic) unfulfilled romances, the illusions of fame, half-forgotten dreams, imaginary folk bands and disco freaks. “IV” is a hymn to group life and the work of four childhood friends who are seeking genuine forms of expression in a cold-hearted world.

Baby Guru are: Prins Obi (vocals,keys), King Elephant (drums), Sir Kosmiche (bass) and Kon Kon (guitar).

Baby Guru
[Inner Ear Records]
Format: Lp, Cd, Digital
Release Date: April 7
Pre-order via Inner Ear , BandCamp

1. Tell Me What You’re Made of
2. Bluebird Picnic
3. Oaxaca (The Calvino Song)
4. Before Sundown
5. Motel Rwanda
6. Palace in the Sun
7. Nothing Really Bothers Me
8. Amarousion

Baby Guru – Sunshine Special LP


In June 2015, Greek band Baby Guru officially dive into their Phase 2 with a brand new single, “Glance” and a new label, Klik records, as a home. The first installment in Baby Guru’s Phase 2, finds the band experimenting with different styles, moods and languages while paying tribute to the land of sunshine and welcoming its fourth official member.

Marmalade Skies (Part I)’ is an a cappella short song, playing almost like a canon and Marmalade Skies (Part II)’ is its Moog-arized reprise. ‘Στο νησί της Αφροδίτης’ and ‘Ήθελα να σου πω‘ are homages to the Greek pop-rock scene of the past. Bedouin’s Spiral’ is an improvisational piece, performed live in the studio, while Monday Generation’ is an outtake from Baby Guru’s debut album. The homonymous track is a Brazilian influenced la-la-la sensation and first single Glance’ is Baby Guru’s take on modern pop.

All in all, Sunshine Special’ is a daring, polymorphic mini-album that demands your attention and at the same time, an abstract dedication to the eight shades of summer. Being formed in 2009, Baby Guru is an ever evolving musical organism conceived by three childhood friends, in a basement. Now, six years and three studio albums later, they ‘ve been considered a leading band of the booming Greek rock music scene. Unlike though your typical rock band, Baby Guru play a colorful and otherworldly – sounding psych tunes, as described by Mtviggy after being picked as one of the 5 most interesting discoveries of 2014’s CMJ music marathon in New York.

The new Baby Guru mini LP will be out on September 25th through Klik Records. Worldwide distribution by WordandSound. Stream in full below.

Baby Guru – H8ela Na Sou Pw

baby guru

Here’s the second single from Baby Guru’s forthcoming “Sunshine Special” mini LP. A true homage to the Greek pop-rock scene of the past. Out, September 2015 through Klik Records.

Baby Guru – Glance

baby guru

After 3 studio albums, rave reviews and being one of the 5 top discoveries at 2014’s CMJ Music Marathon in New York, Baby Guru enter their Phase two with a brand new single release and a new label as a home.

“Glance” is the first track of the band’s forthcoming “Sunshine Special” EP and is released through Klik records. “Glance” expresses Baby Guru’s view of today’s pop music, leaded by the crystal clear Prins Obi’s melancholic vocals. Coming along in a great package with the brilliant King Elephant’s and VGO’s remixes, both mastered by Alexis Retsis. Buy all here.

Prins Obi – Notions LP


Prins Obi is the moniker of George Dimakis, pharmacist and singer/songwriter of Greek psych trio Baby Guru. Together they have released three official LPs (“Baby Guru”, “Pieces” and “Marginalia”), 5 digital EPs and they have performed live in Greece, Europe and U.S. (Eurosonic, CMJ Music Marathon, Europavox and more).

A year after the debut EP “Love Songs for Instant Success”, Prins Obi is back with his first solo full album, entitled “Notions”.

“Notions” is a personal diary of convictions, sensations and hallucinations, in the form of 11 tracks, some recently written and others dating back even 10 years ago. The album was recorded at a leisurely pace during 2014 with the valuable assistance of King Elephant and featuring special guests such as Sir Kosmiche, Kon Kon, KU and Christina. It is an amalgam of pop songwriting and electronic music (with particular emphasis on the use of the Moog synthesizer) and carries psychedelic frills and an aroma of late 60’s-early 70’s, but with unexpected changes in style.

Stream album’s cut “Weekend Lovers” below. Notions arrives on November 18th 2014 via Inner Ear.

01) Weekend Lovers
02) Sorrow
03) Evening Gown
04) Larry the King
05) Those Stormy Eyes
06) Notions
07) Kineta
08) The Warmest Color
09) Couples
10) Idolize You
11) Naked Dancers Union

Baby Guru – Marginalia Remixes EP

baby guru

Psych/pop Greek trio of Prins Obi, King Elephant and Sir Kosmiche aka Baby Guru, have just released the “Marginalia Remixes” EP, featuring great reworks from fellow Greek producers Larry GusMikael Delta and Melorman. The package also features a remix by band member Prins Obi for the track “Exegesis”. Available now for streaming below and free download from Inner Ear Records‘ Bandcamp page here.

Baby Guru – We Need Some Space

Greek based trio Baby Guru, a.k.a. Prins Obi, King Elephant and Sir Kosmiche, are set to drop their third album, Marginalia, on March 24 via Greek label Inner Ear Records. Before the release of the band’s most ambitious work to date, they’ve shared the first taste, We Need Some Space, a song that attempt to fuse high quality pop with synthesizer music and riveting grooves. Watch this space for more, soon.