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Lena Platonos – Hoping By Shopping (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)

Greek electronic pioneer Lena Platonos’ “Sun Masks” Remixes EP, which includes four finely crafted remixes by Kim Ann Foxman, Avalon Emerson, Lena Willikens and Borusiade, is out now on Dark Entries. Buy it here.

Premiered via LAGASTA.

Video: Avalon Emerson – Natural Impasse


Avalon Emerson’s latest EP, Narcissus In Retrograde, explores four different styles that shape her distinct voice as a producer and songwriter, from symphonic showstoppers to broken acid. Today she shares the video for opening track “Natural Impasse”. On the process in creating the video Emerson notes: “All of the clips are from my personal phone video archive taken over the last half a year or so. I trimmed each video, turned them into gifs, and processed them into various emojisaic gifs using a ruby utility created by my friend Lucas Mathis, then I edited them all together, a process that took me about two months.”

Watch the video for Natural Impasse:

Avalon Emerson’s Narcissus In Retrograde is out on Spectral Sound on November 25.

Video: Avalon Emerson – The Frontier


Avalon Emerson’s latest is a love letter to the Arizona desert, her childhood home. “The Frontier,” is her first record for Whities, an up-and-coming London-based label affiliated with Young Turks. The namesake a-side is a driving yet abstract slice of dance music. Recalling a midnight drive across a lonely Sonoran landscape, the song floats a gliding and emotional melody over a rush of unusual arpeggiations and hard-hitting drums.

The psychedelic desert motif continues on the b-side with the atmospheric “2000 Species of Cacti,” which substitutes a more expansive space for the a-side’s driving pulse — a glittering piano distorts across the cut’s superheated surface, creating a sonic fata morgana.

Finally, “The Frontier (High Desert Synthapella)” closes the record out by gifting the isolated delicate synth lead of the a-side, letting it drift ambient and alone in the aether. It rounds out what is, for Emerson, her most mature work to date: a step forward towards a hybrid form of house-techno that’s heavy enough for the dancefloor, but rich enough for the home high fi.

Avalon Emerson – Shtum 009


Shtum’s latest artist is none other than Avalon Emerson, who hits hard with her first appearance on the Dresden-based label with a record full of techno beauties.

“Constantly My Cure (Vocal Mix)” features vocals by Avalon herself that ride on an unstoppable acid-driven bassline towards a forceful and paradoxically cold yet warm climax. “Constantly My Cure (Plan Around Me Dub)”, offers an instrumental redux that’s less ambiguous in its intentions — this one’s aimed straight for maximum dancefloor effect. “Sword and Rose Forever” shows once again that she knows how to create relentless club music imbued with beautifully bittersweet atmosphere. The EP closes with the punch of “Hurdy Gurdy DJ Tool,” a break-laden machine-piston of a rhythmic workout that’s made for those selectors who want to set fire to the floor and jam the energy up to a frenetic peak.

Once again, the illustration on the B-side label is by Aram Haydeyan. Out on 14th September 2015 via Shtum.

Video: Avalon Emerson – Honest Gangster

avalon emerson

Avalon Emerson‘s new track on Spring Theory Records, Honest Gangster, gets a video by Caitlin Denny.

Avalon Emerson – Let Me Love & Steal EP


Berlin-based (via San Francisco) Avalon Emerson has shared a full stream of her upcoming EP for Spring Theory, the wonderfully titled “Let Me Love & Steal.” The four-track effort is officially out on October 20 2014 and is her second release on the label this year. Check it out below.

Some Ember – The Thrashing Whip (Avalon Emerson Remix)

avalon emerson

Berlin-via-San Francisco producer and DJ Avalon Emerson reworks the synth-laced dark pop of California duo Some Ember‘s “The Thrashing Whip” into a dense machine-minded techno. Available for free download here via XLR8R.

Avalon Emerson – Church of SoMa EP [2014]

Spring Theory will launch next month with a new three-track EP from rising producer/dj Avalon Emerson. Out on March 30, Church of SoMa EP is intended as a homage to Emerson’s "long nights spent dancing and DJing in one particularly loved warehouse" in San Francisco’s South of Market district (a.k.a. SoMa). The EP features two original productions and a remix of the EP’s title track by Stockholm producer Johan Cederberg, a.k.a. HNNY. Preview below.

Video: Avalon Emerson – Quoi

San Francisco DJ/producer Avalon Emerson has unveiled a new interactive video for "Quoi!", the b-side of her new record "Pressure / Quoi!," on the Icee Hot label, which can be previewd below. Created by digital artist Cabbibo. The interactive version of the video can be experienced using the Google Chrome browser here, and the non-interactive piece for "Quoi!" is viewable below.