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The Nancy Whang Casablanca Reworks


Gomma are proud to present a collection of fantastic Nancy Whang reworks of classic disco tracks that come in collaboration with a host of top modern day collaborators. The package also includes a new single with Drop Out Orchestra entitled ‘I Was Made For Loving You’, a cover of the famous Kiss record.

Whang has provided her trademark vocals to tracks by Soulwax, The Juan MacLean and Classixx before now, and after years as a vocalist and keyboard player in James Murphy’s super band LCD Soundsystem is now a revered artist in her own right. Each of the originals here were released on Casablanca – the label that made Giorgio Moroder’s Munich Disco Sound a worldwide trademark – and now have new life breathed into them to make them big hitters once more in 2014.

First is a remake of Dennis Parker’s ‘Like An Eagle’ with AudioJack. It’s a dazzling, uplifting track with plenty of cosmic energy and soaring vocals before next comes ‘Working The Midnight Shift’ with Bonar Bradbury of PBR Streetgang. This one, originally by Donna Summer, is a blissed out bomb with killer arps, tough basslines and plenty of retro disco flair.

Then comes the Nancy and Etienne De Crecy version of ‘Comme Un Aigle’, which is slowed to a seductive tempo, finds Nancy singing in French and is hugely sexy as a result. Following that is the inclusion of the new single in Semi Skimmed mix form (the original is also included), which is a rework of a Kiss classic. ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ is a broody bit of deep disco with Nancy’s killer vocal delivery front and centre and classic strings, plucked guitar funk and bold drums making for great listening all around.

Next is ‘Flashlight,’ originally by Parliament, which sees Nancy pair off with modern disco king pin The Revenge. It’s a trippy track with super deep kicks, a patient build up of tension and lots of bubbling synths that come at you from below.

This is a sizzling disco package once again from Gomma – both the new single and the collected previous reworks are essential tunes as we hit the height of summer.


1. Nancy Whang & Audiojack – Like An Eagle

2. Nancy Whang & Bonar Bradberry – Working The Midnight Shift (Disco Version)
3. Nancy Whang & Etienne de Crecy – Comme Un Aigle
4. Nancy Whang & Drop Out Orchestra – I Was Made For Loving You (Semi Skimmed Version)
5. Nancy Whang & The Revenge – Flashlight
6. Nancy Whang & Bonar Bradberry – Working The Midnight Shift

Nancy Whang & Audiojack – Like an Eagle

The always charming Gomma label has put together two fantastic artists in the form of Nancy Whang and Audiojack for a brand new sizzling single, ‘Like An Eagle’, that comes complete with a remix by Black Loops & Maik Yells.

After years as a vocalist and keyboarder in James Murphy’s superband LCD Soundsystem, finally Nancy steps out with her own solo project: 4 cover versions of big songs from the 70ies, each of which is to be produced by a big name of today’s electronic scene.

The first single is a rework of Dennis Parker’s ‘Like An Eagle’ which gets produced by AudioJack. Ibiza based, Leeds pair AudioJack have released on labels like 2020 Vision, Diynamic, Get Physical and countless other imprints and do a fine job here.

The single comes as a shorter radio version and a glorious extended edit. The basis for the track are spritely house drums run through with warbling, disco-fried synths that shine and glow gloriously. The airy vocal refrain up top soars like the Eagle being sung about as withering synths and plenty of 80s arppegiated lines colour the spaces left behind. This is a fantastically floating single that will sweep dancefloors up and shoot them thorugh space all spring long.

Toy Tonics acts Black Loops and Malik Yells also turn out a bomb remix. They decde to slow it down and chop it up, so the drums are more broken and raucous as tons of echo and grubby bassline phrases wobble and warbled underneath. More suited to sweatier clubs, it’s a delicious reworking on a fantastic original.

This is the start of a great new series of EPs from Nancy Whangs that is well worth keeping an eye on.

Out March 28. Preview it on our weekly Offradio show.