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Ara Koufax – Kissy Fits / Infrared

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Ara Koufax from Melbourne, Australia, make music that oscillates among experiments in house, techno and noise – material that steers clear of easy categorization while remaining thoroughly dancefloor friendly. Today, the pair delivers a two-track single for Cascine’s singles label, CSCN, that embodies this approach.

“Kissy Fits,” the single’s namesake, builds at 120 BPMs along a collage of looping vocal samples, INTERPOL sirens and shuffling percussion parts.

Whereas “Infrared,” the B side, underlies a squelching synth with melodic chord progressions to create a pensive atmosphere that drives the listener deep into the nighttime.

Following a feature last year on Cut Copy’s celebrated compilation, Oceans Apart, Ara Koufax have continued to gain momentum with a single for Cutters Records last fall and an EP through their own label, Downtime.

Ara Koufax – Adult Concepts

ara koufax

ARA KOUFAX have worked together since bonding in high school, introducing their new project in 2014 with Brenda: a feature of Cutters Records’ Oceans Apart compilation. Supported by the likes of Tim Sweeney and BBC Radio 1, Brenda paved way for the release of the pair’s eponymous EP: a three-track love letter to bubbling, textured electronic music from all corners of the globe.

Now, they return to Cutters Records to share ADULT CONCEPTS: a celebration of the year’s end and a snapshot of what can be expected of Ara Koufax in 2016.

Adult Concepts is the sound of coping mechanisms and the lure of quitting. Originally written as an introduction to the duos’s live show, the release’s titular track emerged from rehearsals in a sunburnt, claustrophobic apartment. At its core, Adult Concepts is an exercise in building full, driving house music from a bedrock of noise: a hangover of Spacemen 3 worship and lack of restraint.

The EP’s second track, Makers, is propelled by a buoyant, chugging rhythm section – nodding with love to Omar S, Motor City Drum Ensemble and the coming of warmer weather. Standing as a tonal counterpoint to Adult Concepts, the b-side fluctuates in intensity: embracing the quiet and chaotic in equal measure.

ARA KOUFAX – Adult Concepts – Out digitally December 4th on Cutters Records.