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Video: Mikael Delta – Snowing In Berlin



Here’s the official video for Mikael Delta’s Snowing In Berlin, taken from the Greek producer’s recently released album “Life Is Now“. Also included in the Café del Mar Music Piano Works Compilation.

The first concept idea of the track “Snowing In Berlin” was captured in Kreuzberg, Berlin. I thought that it would be so obvious to shoot a video in that location so, I decided to work on something more poetic avoiding possible descriptiveness. The whole story focuses on the main character who could be described as someone who’s searching to find his true self, a contemporary soul-searcher. During his journey he is surrounded by various symbolisms which compose abstractly the canvas of the whole story. 

The amazing landscapes,the dawn upon the water, the birds, the pyramids of snow and the crystal, underline the relationship between his emotional field and the spiritual quest of a continuous open up of new and greater life prospects. My collaboration with the director Anna Noti and the cinematographer Iason Arvanitakis was amazing.We were absolutely tuned in the energetic field of this experience, keeping ourselves from rumbling during the whole shooting as no words were needed. Actually it was like a powerful meditation long session which lasted from the dawn to the early evening. We realized this when we leaved the location and took our way back a bit tired and fulfilled.” Mikael Delta