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James Heather – MHope (DJ Seinfeld Yada Yada Remix)

Off the back of a highly successful year, ‘lo-fi house’ linchpin DJ Seinfeld proves his adaptability as a producer, ditching the hallmark granular and bouncing production for a much more ambient palette on the remix of James Heather’s ‘MHope’, taken from the album ‘Stories From Far Away On Piano’. The track features Heather’s piano underpinned by luscious, delicate padded synth layers that elevate the original drama and beauty of the track whilst adding subtle inflections of positivity and vitality.

Heather says of the remix; “I’ve long been an admirer of DJ Seinfeld’s work – one of the things I love about it is his treatment of the piano and pulling off the fine line in conveying melancholy, but also a sense of hope and energy through the instrument. I am honoured he has done a version of ‘MHope’. I feel DJ Seinfeld has really captured a feeling that feels true to my intentions on the track, without being briefed a narrative in anyway.”

Taken from the album ‘Reworks’, released 7 December 2018 on Ahead Of Our Time:

Bogus Order – Zen Brakes Vol. 2

In 1990, Bogus Order released Zen Brakes Vol. 1, the first ever Ninja Tune release. Last year saw the reemergence of Bogus Order with The Bullnose Step EP, released via Ahead Of Our Time, and this year they unveil Zen Brakes Vol. 2, the sequel to a historic debut some 27 years ago.

The artwork for Zen Brakes Vol. 2 was made using ‘Pixi’. A collaboration between Coldcut and Paul Miller,Pixi is a type of visual synthesiser using a new process we term ‘granular visual synthesis’.

The Bogus Order (Pixi version) app is a Pixi Player which uses music from this Zen Brakes Vol. 2 album, each track having a Pixi preset so the user can play tracks and generate visuals to go with them. Pictures can be saved and shared. The source pictures are from Coldcut’s travels e.g. Burning Man, and public domain images. The app also allows the user to take a photo and use this as the source image, so users can remix their own photos.

Coldcut x On-U Sound – Vitals feat. Roots Manuva


If Coldcut x On-U Sound’s album “Outside the Echo Chamber” is a modern day Mothership, ‘Vitals’ is its advance dispatch pod, hovering overhead and gripping you in a warm sonic tractor beam, bringing news of joyous, multicoloured musical thunder. Featuring fellow maverick and frequent Coldcut collaborator Roots Manuva, ‘Vitals’ is a spiky rallying cry for Britain’s indestructible musical melting pot.

Forget austerity, Articles and all types of assholery, it seems to suggest. There was a time before all that; a time when fathoms-deep dubs massaged your eardrums, irresistible drums beat onwards like hearts, and soul on fire lyrics told it like it is. That time comes again.

With a true-school dub remix from Dennis Bovell (alongside Mad Professor and Adrian Sherwood, the third column in the Holy Trinity of UK Dub) this is fresh, sharp UK music, looking inwards and outwards at once. Take a step outside the echo chamber – it sounds better out here.

The album “Outside The Echo Chamber” features Lee “Scratch” Perry, Roots Manuva,Ce’Cile, Toddla T, Junior Reed, Dave Taylor (Switch/With You.) and is out on May 19th 2017 on Ahead Of Our Time (Coldcut’s first label). Coldcut celebrate 30 years in the music game this year!

1. Vitals feat. Roots Manuva
2. Vitals feat. Roots Manuva (Dennis Bovell Remix)

Coldcut – Only Heaven feat. Roots Manuva


Coldcut, the British DJ and production duo that founded Ninja Tune in 1990, have shared a new single, “Only Heaven” featuring Roots Manuva and Thundercat. Out via their re-launched label, Ahead of Our Time.