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Klyne – Closer

Klyne - 3 (Hi)

Klyne reveal their new single Closer, a perfectly crafted and executed slice of electronic-pop. The partnership of producer Ferdous Dehzad and singer Nick Klein prove yet again why they’re one of the most exciting acts to emerge this year. An infectious edge to the track’s staccato synth lines are topped off with singer Nick Klein’s measured soulful mastery.

The band expand on the Closer:
Closer is about someone going to the extreme in order to reach their lifelong desire, and at the same time coping with the fear that their fate might already be decided. One of life’s greater beauties is when a person breaks free of these psychological limitations. At first it looks like naive stubbornness, and the feelings of doubt never entirely go away. But then all of a sudden you’re halfway there, and that’s when you realize it is possible to actually achieve things that are beyond your “fate”. That’s the simple story we wanted to convey with this song – that and a ridiculous topline.

Earlier in the year Klyne introduced themselves right out the blocks with a confident and fully formed sound. Their debut single Paralyzed delivered a masterstroke between effortless and hook-laden production courtesy of Ferdous and a vocal pitched with such soulful warmth that it’s bearer, Nick Klein came across with an undeniable quality that along with new single Closer, sets the duo apart as a hugely exciting prospect for 2016.

Listen to Klyne’s remix of Disclosure’s ‘Omen’ feat. Sam Smith HERE.

Closer will be released digitally as a double a-side single with new track Waiting and as a 12” EP along with their previous single ‘Paralyzed / Entropy’.

Digital Release:
1. Closer
2. Waiting

12” EP Release:
A1. Closer
A2. Waiting
B1. Paralyzed

Video: Klyne – Paralyzed

klyne - 1

Amidst the dreary short days and long dark nights of January, a duo going by the rather misleading one-man’s name of Nick Klein made a new track available online in form of ‘Paralyzed. A shining light of infectious, soulful warmth that washed away the shadows of winter and ushered in the first crop of exciting new artists and producers of the year ahead and quickly caught the attention of Aesop.

Based in a small village just outside of Eindhoven, Netherlands, Nick Klein turned out to be the work of two young men, the aforementioned Nick Klein delivering an undeniably hypnotic vocal and Ferdous Dehzad producing the track’s glossy electronic shimmer.

Watch the video for ‘Paralyzed’ below:

Set in an old Church in Flatbush, Brooklyn – the video for Paralyzed was directed William Smith and Lucien Follini. While both call Eindhoven their home their families and background aren’t strictly embedded so close to home. Nick’s Indonesian mother arrived in the Netherlands as a refugee and likewise, Ferdous’ parents fled a war-torn Afghanistan in the 90’s settling as political refugees in the with Ferdous as an unborn child.

Unless you’re living in a major city where almost every element of 21st century culture is tangibly accessible, it’s a pretty fair conclusion to feel that your hometown isn’t the most inspiring of environments and instead it’s easy to explore countless avenues of inspiration online. This very blueprint resulted in Nick and Ferdous escaping the isolating nature of their small-town surroundings and monotonous jobs to form Klyne, drawing on the endless possibilities that shaped the duo’s sound and approach… that and Prince.

‘Paralyzed’ Tracklist:
01. Paralyzed
02. Entropy

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TĀLĀ – Unfinished Business


Below you can stream the final track taken from the new EP from TALA, out today on Aesop. “Unfinished Business” is the perfect pre-cursor of what else TALA will challenge us with next.  In case you missed it, check out the video for EP cut “Alchemy” here.

Video: TĀLĀ – Alchemy


Here’s the stunning video for TĀLĀ’s “Alchemy“, directed by Studio Moross who work with TĀLĀ across all her vibrant artwork.

On her debut EP she visited Morocco to film the the video for the EP’s title track, ’Serbia’. Displaying the hustle and colour of the city, its endless characters and energy matched to the urgency of the track’s beat. For Alchemy she’s returned to Morocco with Studio Moross to film the video, depicting a more serene side to the city, this time with open deserts and colour glowing from it’s scorched landscapes still works to exemplify the intensity in TĀLĀ’s sound.

TĀLĀ – Alchemy

TALA - Sept - 1

Below you can stream a new track from TĀLĀ, the title track to her new EP ‘Alchemy’, forthcoming on Aesop on November 17th 2014.

Where previous tracks featured her vocals, they were always deeper in the mix and skewed to mask them somewhat… on Alchemy she’s stepping right out front and centre, a bold and revealing step that unmasks TĀLĀ furthermore as the song begins to swirl and envelop, drowning you deep as if into a hypnotic spell, as her voice slowly turns into a siren not unlike that of the fabled Ulysses call. While there’s some many ideas packed into her sound, she always manages to stop it from pouring over and retains a clear and coherent thread through what she’s delivering.