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Video: Chromatics – Shadow (Maceo Plex Remix)

Acclaimed U.S live electronic band Chromatics announce remix package for their classic single, Shadow. Featuring remixes from Maceo PlexDean Hurley, MelawatiAcorne and two new edits of the original version, Chromatics – Shadow (Remixes) is out now via Italians Do It Better.
A collection of remixes which takes the much-loved original in a new direction from the dancefloor to cinematic-sounding reworks, Shadow was originally released in 2015 and swiftly became one of the standout entries in Chromatics’ impressive discography. Picking up early and key industry support from the likes of PitchforkShadow rose to fame in late 2016 when Chromatics performed the track in David Lynch’s cult tv series, Twin Peaks (Season 3). The band took to the stage at fictional venue, The Roadhouse and in turn catapulted the track to mainstream success. 

Leading the remixes, Maceo Plex transforms Shadow into a euphoric dance floor production. One of the many avenues of his vast musical skill set, Maceo Plex is the figurehead behind the seminal underground label, Ellum Audio, and has released four studio albums, mix compilations for London’s fabric and !K7’s DJ-Kicks series, along with productions under his Mariel Ito and Maetrik aliases. Also curating several BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix’s and gracing the cover of many a magazine from Mixmag to DJ Mag, Maceo Plex has provided official remixes for artists including Coldcut, Röyksopp, GusGus, DJ T, Maribou State, Perry Farrell, Faithless, New Order and more.
With the release of today’s new remixes, Chromatics pay tribute and honour the death of Twin Peaks’ fictional character, Laura Palmer who was originally portrayed by Sherly LeeLaura Palmer was found murdered at the age of seventeen, on the morning of February 24, 1989. An event that shook the small town of Twin Peaks to its core and prompted an investigation by protagonist and FBI agent, Dale Cooper.  
The release of Shadow (Remixes) marks Chromatics’ entrance in 2021 with the full EP now available to purchase here.

Shadow (Maceo Plex Remix)

Saturday (Dean Hurley Remix)

Shadow (Melawati Remix)

Shadow (Michel’s Runway Edit)

Shadow (Last Dance Of The Night Club Edit)

Windswept (Acorne Remix)

 Chromatics – Shadow (Remixes) – Out now via Italians Do It Better

Skymap – Scorpius

Greek producer Skymap releases chill-out gem “Scorpius”. Get it here.

Aonian – Ascent

AONIAN brings his new single ‘Ascent’, fusing melodic, trippy electronica with Mediterranean soundscapes.

The first glimpse to Aonian’s world as the first single of his upcoming debut album, it showcases a blend of contemporary electronic synths and swirling melodies, colliding with dreamy traditional and ethnic soundscapes.

With references to traditional and folk elements from his home country, the Greek born and London based producer successfully pays homage to our past and present whilst remaining loyal to an ever-changing cultural identity.

Ascent was inspired by conversations I had with friend, storyteller, and ethnomusicologist Anastasis Sarakatsanos (@nomadmusicamsterdam) back in the summer of 2017, conversations surrounding history, migration, and cultural identity, and how that part of history (and present) kept fuelling folklore stories and traditional music, as well as modern art in the Balkans, and the Mediterranean cultures. His performance on the Qanun instrument is featured throughout the track and made me overcome my initial doubts in including soundscapes from my motherland in my productions.

It’s the first track of my debut album, and the entrance to my Aonian world.” – Alkis Livathinos

Having already established a trusted reputation in composition across media and brands (including Louis Vuitton and Glossier), AONIAN emerges from five-years of conceptual and instrumental experimentation, delivering a refreshing sound, listeners need.

His recent remix for the Glastonbury brothers – Speakman Sound – has been supported and played by DJ John Digweed in a Bunker Sessions set and his upcoming debut album has attracted interest from the likes of London start-up Remixology HQ and the recently awarded music blog Give it a Spin.

Ascent is out now, as the first single of his upcoming self-titled debut album.

The Ghost of Helags – Bye Bye Tokyo

Readying their debut album for touch-down in the coming weeks, today – THE GHOST OF HELAGS – share one of its finest moments: “Bye Bye Tokyo”. 

The latest single to emerge from ‘We Came From The Stars’ (out 12 March 2021), finds the Berlin-based duo’s definitive dream-pop sound taking flight.

Feeling inspired and emotional on the plane home after what had been an unforgettable trip to Japan, Teresa Woischiski began to capture the myriad thoughts and feelings coursing through her mind at that very moment.

“[Bye Bye Tokyo] was written on the airplane on the way home from Japan (Tokyo)” reflects Teresa. “While everyone was sleeping, there was this unreal vibe of being amongst hundreds of silent people in a bubble of sound high above the clouds.”
The result is a snapshot of that stitch in time; a final memento from an adventure that would leave a lasting impression on the band for sometime to come. “Bye Bye Tokyo, I’ll bring home the neon lights” lulls Teresa here, over a panoramic score of glowing synthesisers and skittering syncopated beats. 


Video: Aparde – Know You

‘Know You’ is the first Single from Aparde’s upcoming Album ‘Alliance’ out on May 28th

Aparde’s new album, Alliance sees the German musician retreat from his recent experimentations with avant garde pop music back into the world of deep, and oftentimes dark, electronica. For his previous album, Hands Rest, Aparde ventured outside Berlin’s club scene through the use of his voice, which gave his music a softer and more intimate edge. Alliance is no less intimate, except this time the musician’s vulnerability seeps through the cracks rather than taking center stage. 

As impressive sonically as it is technically, Aparde used a mixture of electronic sounds, analogue equipment and his own voice either as a sound element or lyrical component to explore this duality of sound. “This album was about focusing on something that calmed me down and brought me away from reality,” says Aparde. When the musician says ‘away from reality’, he doesn’t mean into dreamy, ethereal soundscapes, but rather a deep dive into dystopian atmospheres of drone sounds and chewed-up drum machines. Alliance’s second track, Allies has a dire beginning and one might even be tempted in skipping it if it weren’t for Aparde’s hushed voice shining through the shadows, melancholic yes, but also warm. Despite the album’s focus on electronic gear the music isn’t exactly dance-able, tracks have a ruminative pace, brooding even, “I wanted to make the tracks with more breathing space between the atmosphere and silence. There are fewer elements but more impact, I think,” says Aparde. 

Things change gears toward the middle of Alliance, with both Lined and The Shift representing the colder, club-ier tracks of the album. For both of these tunes, any emotionality gets converted into a dense and thumping energy that is released in a cathartic fashion. It is, as Aparde describes, music “for you to move to when you have a good moment or a mental crisis”. But Aparde doesn’t leave it at that frequency; he closes off the album courageously by letting listeners in, once again, to his own world and emotions. While still a driving electronic track, Hole is framed around melancholic piano keys that bring the mood down, and prepare listeners for Know you, the album’s most intimate, and vulnerable piece. “I never felt alright,” Aparde admits open-heartedly on the track.

With Alliance, Aparde brings listeners deep into his soul, a soul that is at times conflicted and agitated and at times low-key and solemn. And as he does so, the listener’s own mood is muted and lifted in a journey of quest, dance and healing.


GVN – I Don’t

UK’s GVN makes his first appearance on Anjunabeats. With recent support from BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard, a collaboration with Third Party and a release on Martin Garrix STMPD label under his belt, ‘I Don’t’ marries trance with breakbeat. Expect much more from GVN on Anjunabeats in 2021.

Anjunabeats Rising Volume 1 is out now.

Keep Shelly in Athens – You feat. Georgia Hurd

Today Greek dreampop artist Keep Shelly In Athens launches a new era for the project, which will feature primary member / producer RPR collaborating with different guest vocalists from around the world. The first single in this new series is “You” featuring LA-based vocalist Georgia Hurd. RPR discovered her music via Instagram and they quickly decided to start recording together, remotely. The track stays true to the KSIA aesthetic with a bit more upbeat electro-pop vibe, with Hurd’s vocals perfectly complimenting RPR’s production.

Ice_Eyes – Vicious Circles EP

Mighty Athenian duo Ice_Eyes (Anastasios Tatsis and Spiros Alfa) have previously released their edgy club mutations on labels such as Seagrave, Genot Centre, ANBA, TAR and Ernest D. Tapes. They have now assembled an action- packed six-track EP for Hypermedium, making fine use of their futuristic mechanics and ultra-fine sonic weaponry.

Ice_Eyes’s approach on ‘Vicious Circles’ simulates a plethora of dark materials mixed together, sculpted with a laser light cutter, as reflected on the self-titled track. This nexus ushers the listeners to throw themselves to an eerie storm of outstanding grime-leaning kinetics like ‘HYDRO’ or to the claustrophobic space of ‘Folded’. The gabber-ish breakcore rhythmology of ‘BH Agony’ creates an urge to frantically gasp for air, while the elegiac euphoria of ‘Crystalbody’ is the centrepiece of its full rave energy. This eumorphic projection of pseudo cylindrical body phenomena is always present and changes the mood effectively. ‘Endless Clicks’ outro gives away that different twist of mood shifts by formulating hazy vocal phrases and circling stuttering crunchy layered beats arrangements. All in all, ‘Vicious Circles’ creates an idiosyncratic portrait of club cult ecstasy mood shifts.

Releases February 19, 2021 on Hypermedium, a label aiming to showcase contemporary directions in electronic music, from mutated club music and electronic de-composition to advanced computer music synthesis and researches in rhythmic idiosyncrasies.

Top 50 albums of 2020

Top 50 albums of 2020 by ZacGK

1.          WhoMadeWho – Synchronicity

2.          Amirali – Trial & Error

3.          KAS:ST – A Magic World

4.          Eelke Kleijn – Oscillations

5.          Thylacine – Timeless

6.          Cubicolor – Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night

7.          DJ Healer – Mixes

8.          Chromatics – Faded Now

9.          Jon Gurd – Lion

10.        Gidge – New Light

11.        Luttrell – Lucky Ones

12.        Kölsch – Now Here No Where

13.        Ambassadeurs – Human Stranger

14.        Howling – Colure

15.        Against All Logic – 2017 – 2019

16.        Rodriguez Jr. – Bliss

17.        Franky Wah – The Revival, Vol. 1

18.        City of the Sun – City of the Sun

19.        Lake Turner – Videosphere

20.        Rival Consoles – Articulation

21.        Moby – All Visible Objects

22.        Christian Löffler – Lys

23.        Yaeji – WHAT WE DREW 우리가 그려왔던

24.        CamelPhat – Dark Matter

25.        DJ Metatron – Loops Of Infinity (A Rave Loveletter)

26.        Caribou – Suddenly

27.        Groove Armada – Edge of the Horizon

28.        Ital Tek – Outland

29.        The Avalanches – We Will Always Love You

30.        Cri – Juvenile

31.        Kelly Lee Owens – Inner Song

32.        ford. – The Color of Nothing

33.        Icarus – Unfold

34.        SAULT – Untitled (Black Is)

35.        Four Tet – Sixteen Oceans

36.        Ghostpoet – I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep (Again)

37.        Actress – Karma & Desire

38.        Two People – Second Body

39.        The Soft Pink Truth – Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?

40.        Krust – The Edge Of Everything

41.        Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas – III

42.        E.M.M.A. – Indigo Dream

43.        Nicolas Godin – Concrete and Glass

44.        Holy Fuck – Deleter

45.        The Micronaut – Olympia (Summer Games)

46.        Niklas Paschburg – Svalbard

47.        Kruder & Dorfmeister – 1995

48.        Pantha Du Prince – Conference of Trees

49.        DJ Python – Mas Amable

50.        Sufjan Stevens – The Ascension

Thom Yorke, Burial & Four Tet – His Rope / Her Revolution