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Tomas Barfod – Paloma LP

Whomadewho drummer/producer and electronic-pop stalwart Tomas Barfod arrives on Friends of Friends this November with his third album as a solo artist and his second for the Los Angeles label. Assisted by a diverse range of guest vocalists, the Paloma album is an expansive record that takes the dancefloor-friendly bedroom pop of the Salton Sea (Friends of Friends 2012) and Love Me (Secretly Canadian 2014) albums to dazzling new heights. Embracing a divergent array of genres and tempos, Paloma’s 11 tracks create a world of love and heartbreak, hued by Barfod’s broad synth strokes and effortless drum programming. Fans of Barfod’s previous releases on FoF and Kompakt will find plenty to latch onto here, including several vocal features from label favorite Nina K, but Paloma invokes a larger sound than the Danish producer has put forth in the past, a sound replete with higher highs, more dramatic hooks and an even crisper, more pristine production aesthetic.

Following a beatific vocal cut up intro, Paloma begins in earnest with “Things That Matter”, a propulsive dancefloor number featuring a duet from Louise and Sharin Foo and sparkling, hopeful synth work. “Hope in a Box” continues the airy, upbeat vibe of the album before the bass-forward production and R&B stylings of the Jonas Smith-featuring “Family” marks a stylistic departure for Barfod. Throughout the remainder of the album, strains of afrobeat, techno and synth pop enter the mix as Nina K and a host of other vocalists star in turn on the mic. It’s a delicate sonic balance, but Barfod’s major themes shine through loud and clear, showing off the acute pop sensibility he’s demonstrated since his first solo works well over a decade ago.

New to Paloma though is a celebratory quality and a quiet confidence that imbues the album’s arrangements, a quality that comes to the fore in the tough-as-nails drum programming of “Rhodes” and the sky high hooks of “In The Dark”. Barfod’s willingness to experiment has always been a key component of his solo work, but it has never sounded so complete and Paloma is the ultimate example of his songwriting prowess.

label: Friends Of Friends
date: 3rd November 2017

01. Grandiose*
02. Things That Matter ft. Louise Foo & Sharin Foo
03. Hope in a Box
04. Family ft. Jonas Smith
05. Pantheon
06. Better Than I Would
07. In The Dark ft. Nina K
08. Cannonball ft. Jonas H. Petersen
09. Rhodes*
10. Transpose ft. Adine Kjædegaard Fliid*
11. Tidal Wave ft. Nina K
*digital only


CCFX is a new supergroup resulting from a merger between two seminal Olympia, Washington pop outfits: CC Dust and Trans FX. On their debut self-titled EP, artists Chris McDonnell, Maryjane Dunphe and David Jaques join forces for a record that is at once a showcase and an aberration of what is currently coming out of the Pacific Northwest.

Recorded and mixed with local OG Captain Tripps, the EP’s sound partially recalls late 90’s/early 00’s indie pop as chiming, melodic guitar parts counter and complement Maryjane’s emotional vocals. In the same vein of the past few decades’ most beloved hitmakers (both in the clubs as well as on the radio), the music feeds on a sense of nostalgia not necessarily specific to any one time or place – sun-kissed riffs seem to go on forever, supported by a steady breakbeat.

The timbre of the music is warm and just slightly fuzzed out, and the expressive quality of Maryjane’s voice is pushed to the front. Without a clear indication as to how, CCFX have struck that rare balance between heartfelt sincerity and calculated disillusionment that many groups strive for, bearing the mark of a project which is as fearless as it is humble and out there living as big as it wants to be. These four tracks grant listeners access to suppressed and superseded feelings from youth, paired with a strange glint of whatever luxury this epoch’s future might still hold.

FFO Saint Etienne, Q Lazzarus, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, dancing, celebrations, success stories, etc.

Andrew Weatherall – Spreads A Haze (And A Glory)

Andrew Weatherall’s ‘Qualia’ LP is scheduled for September 29 release via Höga Nord Rekords.

Plastic Flowers – How Can I


Absent Forever is the newest album from London-based producer Plastic Flowers – his third full-length LP and the second for The Native Sound after Heavenly. Plastic Flowers formed vaguely around 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece and play a noisy version of Dream Pop filed under Shoegaze, Ambient and Indie. Much like his previous releases on labels such as Crash Symbols, Inner Ear Records or Bad Panda, this new album artfully slips intelligence and experimentation into a dying art form.

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Burial – Rodent

Keep Shelly in Athens – Dark Light

Shigeto – Don’t Trip (ft. Silas Green)

With his new album due Oct 6th via Ghostly International, Shigeto has shared new single “Don’t Trip”.

It’s been four years since Zach Saginaw, aka Shigeto, returned home to Michigan from a stint in Brooklyn, NY, and since then, the multi-faceted musician has become a part of the fabric of Detroit’s music scene. While always having a personal approach to his projects, Saginaw’s influences for his third album, The New Monday, are more about the community of Detroit than anything else. And the community comes through clearly on the new track “Don’t Trip,” which features the vocals of Detroit emcee Silas Green guiding the listener through Shigeto’s assertive, spiraling production.

Named after a weekly DJ event called Monday is the New Monday that Saginaw does at the unassuming Motor City Wine with a group of friends, The New Monday is the result of Saginaw diving into the city’s deep record culture, where the legacy of artists of the past help Saginaw embrace his own contributions. The album is set for an October 6th release via Ghostly International.

Grandbrothers – Bloodflow (Lone remix)

Grandbrothers recently announced details of their second album, ‘Open’ (due Oct 20th on City Slang) along with the enchanting track “Bloodflow”. Today they share a new version of the track, remixed by Lone, and announce more live dates including a string of shows with Bonobo this Autumn.

Grandbrothers are the sum of unique parts: progressive Swiss engineer/mechanic/sofware designer Vogel and German-Turkish pianist Sarp. Their second album ‘Open’ twins Sarp’s piano skills with Vogel’s talent for both building the formidably intricate mechanics with which he exploits his partner’s instrument and also designing its software. Sarp works at his ivory keyboard while, from behind his own computer keys, Vogel live-samples his partner’s notes, triggering further effects with the aid of homemade apparatus that physically manipulate the piano’s strings and body. “There are hammers I control,” he explains, “which hit different parts to make beats and percussive patterns. In the beginning, I just used an open circuit board I’d constructed without a proper case. It was very fragile and often didn’t work. We always had a soldering-iron when we played live.”

Mumbai Science – Jasmine

Mumbai Science proves once again that there’s no limit to their imagination. Their new track “Jasmine” sees them go completely overboard with instruments and synths rarely used in the current dance climate, resulting in a m esmerising peak-time banger! Inspired by flower power and spiritual journeys they blend the rational and irrational world of dance music into one track.

Taking the fast paced tempos of electro, the stiff and mechanised polyrhythms of techno and the sharp, heavy hitting force of thumping bass (plus a dash of acid for good measure), Mumbai Science have achieved their status as one of electro and techno’s brightest hopes for the future. Mumbai Science blend imagination and musical knowledge to create malleable cuts of floor-busting sounds that appeal to all tastes and niches.

Mumbai Science were officially born in 2010. They’ve more than made their mark across all spheres of dance music with countless EP’s and a full album to their names, gathering support from key players such as Soulwax, The Black Madonna, Laurent Garnier, Boys Noize, Tiga, Erol Alkan and Annie Mac. In 2014 Mumbai Science presented their debut album to the world: “Déjà Vu”. The highly acclaimed album (Mixmag’s ‘Electro Album of The Month’) featured collaborations with some of the finest talents of our generation. DJ Spank-Spank from the legendary acid house formation PHuture delivered a mesmerizing vocal for “King Of The Top Floor”, while cult superstar Peaches did not – and never will – shy away from controversy on “Whistleblower”. Igor Cavalera from Mixhell who now tours with Soulwax provided a deafening drumtrack for “Vegas”, one of the darker tracks of the album.

Later releases, “Black Hole”, which included the first ever Floorplan remix and most recently “Frequency Response”, an intergalactic banger; convinced dance floors around the world that Mumbai Science are here to stay! Mumbai Science have remixed artists including Goose and Digitalism, and toured Europe and the world with gigs including Bestival, XOYO (London) and Razzmatazz (Barcelona).

Washed Out – Hard to Say Goodbye (Lone Remix)

Washed Out has shared a remix of “Hard to Say Goodbye” from new album Mister Mellow by Lone. Fresh from releasing his latest EP on UK dance powerhouse R&S Records, the UK producer reimagines “Hard To Say Goodbye” as a dreamy, slow burning dance track. Washed Out has also announced a series of European tour dates..

The visual album Mister Mellow is Washed Out’s debut for Stones Throw Records, and is his most ambitious project to date. To create a comprehensive visual counterpart to each song, Ernest Greene served as creative director, working with 11 different visual artists, including the go-to animator for hip-hop superstars to a BAFTA Award-winning documentary director, to create visuals that utilise several forms of animation, from claymation and stop-motion to hand-drawn cartoons.

Washed Out has also announced live dates in the US, with Europe dates to follow very soon. Working in collaboration with Microsoft, Washed Out has translated the rich, detailed patchwork of Mister Mellow’s music and visuals into a powerful live experience, with robust and advanced live integrations that mimic the wide range of artistic styles seen and heard on the album. Stay tuned for the announcement of Washed Out’s November and December tour dates in Europe, when Ernest Greene will be bringing Mister Mellow to fans in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and more.