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Video: Thylacine – Stormur

Directed and shot in Faroe Islands by Thylacine and Cécile Chabert

Essáy – Don’t Know Why

Nicolas Jaar – Sunder

Video: Chromatics – Famous Monsters

Elliot Moss feat. Elsa y Elmar – Bodyintoshapes (Elsa y Elmar Remix)

Elliot Moss today announced his new EP A Change In Diet (The Remixes) will be released on March 20th, 2020, via Grand Jury. The EP includes reworkings of three songs from his recent album, A Change In Diet, that feature Colombian singer-songwriter Elsa y Elmar (on “Bodyintoshapes”), Cuban-American R&B singer Brika (on “Rabbit Roads”), and Mexican trapper Go Golden Junk (on “Silver + Gold”). The remix of “Bodyintoshapes,” featuring Elsa y Elmar’s hypnotic voice, can now be heard above.

“The idea for this EP came about after hearing what some of my closer musician friends and contributors did to my music in a live setting. After touring the world I wanted to connect more deeply with some of the different countries that touched me. The addition of these artists to these songs has helped to make them feel more complete,” explains Moss. “The mark of a talented melody writer to me is someone who can fit in between existing shapes and sequences—not lay over the top all the time. Elsa’s contribution to ‘Bodyintoshapes’ was so effortless and really just consisted of me turning up the fader and leaving it alone.”

Elsa y Elmar namesake Elsa Carvajal adds,”Whenever I listen to a track I’m invited to collaborate on, either one of the following scenarios happen: A) Once I press play I instantly get an endless flow of ideas for lyrics and melodies. Or B) Not much happens… and then ideas need to be worked for a long time. What happened with ‘Bodyintoshapes’ was scenario A), which was awesome. I think Elliott is a very skilled and talented artist, and even though I am usually very skeptical about using two different languages in one track, I think this song feels very natural. It’s a cool, euphonic track, and I am very grateful I was able to be a part of it.”

The remix EP follows A Change In Diet, released January 17th via Grand Jury to recognition from outlets including Pitchfork (“On his poignant second album, the multitalented singer-songwriter gives voice to the self-doubts that manifest in the wee hours of the morning.”) and Exclaim! (“Elliot Moss invites us into the depths of his mental and emotional landscape with bold vulnerability.”), among others. Pre-release singles “Barricade,” “July 4,” “Silver + Gold,” and “Bodyintoshapes” also caught the attention of outlets including American Songwriter (“ambient, trance-synth pop”), FLOOD, Atwood Magazine (“One would be hard-pressed to find an artist as intriguingly inimitable as New York-based musician Elliot Moss”), and Blah Blah Blah Science, among others.

Moss is currently in the midst of his North American headlining tour and performs next tonight in Minneapolis, MN. See below for a full itinerary.

A Change In Diet (The Remixes) tracklist:
1. Bodyintoshapes (feat. Elsa y Elmar)
2. Rabbit Roads (feat. Brika)
3. Silver + Gold (feat. Go Golden Junk)


Eskimo Recordings – The White Collection

As it enters its 20th year of existence Belgian label Eskimo Recordings shows no sign of slowing down or scaling back its ambition. To kickstart this auspicious year the label returns with The White Collection’, 8th release in its acclaimed ‘Colour Series’ and a globe-trotting compilation featuring 14 tracks of leftfield electronic music drawn from 9 different countries.

Opening the compilation we head to the Russian Republic of Tatarstan where producer Anton Firtich, aka Antenna, has been steadily making a name for himself with a series of stunning cosmic disco releases. ‘Song for Udmurtia’, named for the region where both Anton’s wife and his cat came from, builds on that reputation. A breezy piece of laid back electronica perfectly positioned somewhere between the sophisticated lounge music of Herb Alpert and the Scandi-sounds of producers, and Eskimo alumni, like Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas.

Heading west we find ourselves in the Greek capital of Athens where Eskimo veteran NTEIBINT joins forces with vocalist Matina Sous Peau for ‘Back to the Roots of Love’. Well known for his sumptuous reinterpretation of classic disco sounds, ‘Back to the Roots of Love’ sees NTEIBINT widen his sonic palette, the result a stunning number that combines pop and disco sounds with the jazzier end of 90s Broken Beat.

Returning home, Gent 4-piece Omar Dahl provides the first entry in the compilation from a Belgian band with ‘Oscar’s Walk’. Inspired by Arabic and Balkan sounds and even a little of the widescreen cinematic feel of Ennio Morricone’s Spaghetti Western soundtracks, ‘Oscar’s Walk’ combines mournful brass and string instruments and shuffling beats to create a wonderfully hypnotic 5 minutes of genre-defying music.

Having previously provided 2 remixes for Eskimo much tipped Australian producer The Oddness makes his full debut on the label with ‘Get It Together’. Another dose of psychedelic, dub flavoured electronica that keeps the tempo low and the strangeness dialled up, ‘Get It Together’s chugging beat provides the perfect backdrop for myriad sounds to rattle and reverb their way into the cosmic ether.

Tel Aviv’s Middle Sky Boom makes a welcome return to Eskimo with the aptly titled ‘Dreamy Route’. A hazy, atmospheric jam featuring gauzy vocals, insistent looping chimes and textures that drift over the stuttering beat, the perfect accompaniment to a cocktail, or two, on a golden Mediterranean beach as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon.

Back to Belgium and this time an up & coming producer, Julian Hival, who recently made his debut on Traum Schallplatten. Drawing inspiration everywhere from Berlin underground techno to alienating downtempo compositions Julian’s contribution to ‘The White Collection’, ‘Lavender’, is a sprawling epic filled with eerie menace that recalls the likes of composer John Carpenter’s synth heavy 80s soundtracks.

With just a handful of releases to his name Sweden’s Paresse has already been tipped for big things by the likes of DJ Mag in the UK and ‘Angelus Redux’, a club ready number fuelled by a percussive heavy beat, bubbling bass line and topped with sparkling synth arpeggios and the kind of breathy French vocal that ecstatic moments in dark spaces were made for, shows just why so many have him on their radar.

One of the many highlights from Eskimo’s recent releases was the debut EP from Belgian producer Transistorcake. Ending a 5-year hiatus since his debut was picked up by Soulwax for their GTA station, ‘The Future Plans EP’ featured a set of evocative and ultimately euphoric electronica. This ‘Alternate Take’ of ‘Future Plan I’ from Transistorcake himself showcases his full live band and features a more improvised feel to the lead synth melody and driving motorik drums.

Heading west to San Francisco’s Bay Area Eskimo welcomes back Michoacan after a 7-year absence. Making up for lost time the producer, whose back catalogue also includes releases on labels such as DFA and Bear Entertainment, delivers a fine return in the shape of ‘I Can See’, a rousing disco-punk-pop number sure to find a home in both sticky-floored indie clubs and tropical disco beach parties alike.

If records were judged on name alone then Tonarunur’s ‘Relatively Safe Horseback Riding’ would be a shoo-in for all 2020’s end of year lists already. As it is the Icelandic producer’s Eskimo debut more than stands on its musical merits too and if ever a song has better captured the fun and excitement of a ride on a magical flying horse via the medium of sparkling synth-heavy space disco then we’ve yet to hear it (and of course would love to).

One of the new generation of Scandi-disco artists to have emerged in the past couple of years Bergen’s Cavego follows up a series of hugely acclaimed releases for Eskimo with the euphoric, bouncing, ‘Alfred (Og Vennene Hans)’. Harnessing the power of his enviable synth collection to dramatic effect Cavego delivers a more club focussed effort than previous releases without losing any of the cinematic feel that made his debut EP so entrancing.

Already a club hit Russian duo Radial Gaze’s ‘Totem Echoes’ makes a much-welcomed reappearance on ‘The White Collection’. An eclectic mix of disorientating synths, tribal chants and industrial percussion it’s a stunning release from this nascent partnership that recalls the like of Moscoman and fellow countrymen Simple Symmetry.

Having previously released on Eskimo with Middle Sky Boom, Eliezer teams up with fellow Tel Aviv producer Asaf Sanzer, aka Rina, for ‘San Sebastian’. Recalling the likes of Red Axes and Curses ‘San Sebastian’ filters Middle Eastern melodies through post-punk, house, disco and techno to dramatic effect, the end result in the kind of track that could equally soundtrack a beach party in Tel Aviv or a Goth basement club in Leeds.

Ending the compilation on a sweet, sweet blissful high Eskimo turn to another Nordic star in waiting, Boblebad. Built around a simple yet instantly addictive acoustic guitar refrain and sympathetic beat, ‘Kontemplasjon’ subtly builds as new elements, swirling synths, softly caressing strings and additional guitar parts, glide in and out of the mix gently melting away all your troubles.

Since launching in the year 2000, Gent based Eskimo Recordings has gone onto become one of the leading electronic music labels in the world releasing genre-defining artist albums and compilations from the likes of Satin Jackets, Aeroplane, Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas, The Glimmers, Optimo, Psychemagik and many more. Since its launch in 2013 the ‘Colour Series’, now in its 8th edition, has continued to build upon the label’s reputation, not only for discovering and curating great music but for great design and continuing that tradition the cover for ‘The White Collection’ features a stunning photo, ‘Gravitation’, by Amsterdam based German photographer Katrin Korfmann.

The White Collection out April 3 –

01. Antenna – Song For Udmurtia
02. NTEIBINT ft. Matina Sous Peau – Back To The Roots Of Love
03. Omar Dahl – Oscar‘s Walk
04. The Oddness – Get It Together
05. Middle Sky Boom – Dreamy Route
06. Julian Hival – Lavender
07. Paresse – Angelus Redux
08. Transistorcake – Future Plan I (Alternate Take)
09. Michoacan – I Can See
10. Tonarunur – Relatively Safe Horseback Riding
11. Cavego – Alfred (og vennene hans)
12. Radial Gaze – Totem Echoes
13. Eliezer & Rina – San Sebastian
14. Boblebad – Kontemplasjon
Digital Bonus: Franz Matthews, Local Suicide – Tutan Jamon (1001 Nights Instrumental Version)

Nicolas Godin – What Makes Me Think About You

Air’s Nicolas Godin – What Makes Me Think About You

Sarah P. – Athena

The second instalment of Sarah P.’s upcoming album Plotting Revolutions consists of the songs “Athena” & “The Poem of a Clear Conscience”. Athena is a beat-driven, disco-inspired song about Sarah’s hometown – her “old/new home”, as she calls it. “Athena is a song I wrote about Athens while I was still living in Berlin and reluctant to resettle in my hometown. Many things have changed since then, but not my complicated relationship with the city I love to call my old/new home. Music-wise, I continue exploring the disco elements and the more organic sound of my Maenads EP, adding a “sturdy” rhythm section and floating synths & vocals that well-represent the paradoxes of my city – the edginess and fragility of Athens and its people.”

On the other hand, The Poem of a Clear Conscience is carried along by its lyrics and playful synths, keeping up with Sarah’s sarcastic flair for pop music. A poetic take on the times we live in and the incapability of our world leaders to find a common ground for matters that affect us all. “I find it troubling that politicians nowadays still choose to play on and by small party interests, when we’re faced with great challenges that question the longevity of our planet, as well as with big scale social, political, and economical instabilities that undermine the democratic values, worldwide”.

With the addition of the two new songs, following the release of first singles “Laying Low” & “She”, it’s becoming clear that Plotting Revolutions is a contemporary record that’s addressing difficult matters without losing its humor and positivity. Plotting Revolutions is Sarah P.’s most mature work to date, both musically and lyrically. Sarah is standing opposite to the society with a mirror, trying to wake up all those who may be sleeping – themes she’s been continuously exploring through her work (Who Am I, Maenads EP).

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Aparde – No Need (Robot Koch Remix)

Released by: Ki Records