Video: Christian Löffler & FINN – Ballet

German electronic musician Christian Löffler and filmmaking company On A Whim Films announce the release of the music video for Ballet (Ki Records), taken from Christian’s 2020 album, Lys. Shot by director Asya Nikolaeva and cinematographer Pavel Brenner in San Francisco during lockdown, the music video for Ballet is out now.
Christian Löffler’s track Ballet receives an embodiment in a music video produced by On A Whim Films, the San Francisco based production company orchestrating the visuals specializing in short and documentary films, music videos and commercials. The production process spanned the distance from San Francisco through Germany to Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Director Asya Nikolaeva brought on board cinematographer Pavel Brenner, who has directed and shot music videos including Acid Rain by Lorn and Split by Brodinski.

Christian Löffler is a star of the Berlin electronic music scene. He began playing music at the age of 14. Living in a remote region devoid of a musical environment, he had to teach himself the basics of music creation. Soon he developed his own deep and moving sound, coloured with a melancholic tinge, music for the soul and body. Christian Löffler’sBallet (Ki Records) is a hauntingly mysterious ambient electronic ballad. Over distant sparse spacious keys and chilling vocal chants that act as an ominous hymn thunderous kicks, disjointed clanks, and abstract percussion all kick start the dance of Ballet.

On A Whim Films took the liberty and used empty cinematic landscapes of an abandoned San Francisco to create the music video. A production team of 12 people operated during the complete lockdown while everyone in the city sheltered in place. Much of this ambient atmosphere had to do with the actors, professional ballet dancers, who brilliantly convey the song’s aura. The sonic duet dance with the visuals heightens the emotion of the video and the artistic spirit is felt from the colour pallet of each frame, the placement and angle of each shot, and the abstract symbolism.

“We set to find a physical object and a symbol that could metaphorically convey people’s emotional state during the lockdown. And we chose ice to be that object. We imagined our new reality, where people have to distance themselves from one another and where human communication is simply dangerous. Numbing emotions is the only way to survive in such a world. Our characters are doing so by consuming ice. They are feeding on ice, bathe in ice, they search for it. This way by eating cubes of ice they freeze their human feelings and emotions from the inside. So now it seems they can survive despite the lack of human contact. But at the end, we see that any lockdown and shelter in place cannot suppress our human nature. After all, the only thing people cannot live without is other people” – 
Asya Nikolaeva, Director

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