Pascal Schumacher – Re: Amarcord (Fejká’s Daydream Version)


The vibraphonist and composer, Pascal Schumacher made a name for himself in a variety of collaborative endeavours from quartets to symphonic orchestras before discovering the liberation and wisdom of going solo with his 2020 release SOL, “I found out so much about myself alone, more than I ever would have imagined,” he says. The album captured Schumacher’s newfound passion for solitude in all its magnetism and exposed the depth of his relationship with the vibraphone through 14 tracks of breathtaking tenderness.  Almost a year on from the album, Schumacher invites four other solo musicians to reinterpret tracks from SOL. Re: SOL is an intimate and focused experiment on colliding solitudes. 

Pascal Schumacher has invited Fejká, an electronic music producer from Germany to join his project. Torn between the dreamy, soft atmosphere of ambient music and the hard punchy vibe of techno, Fejká’s style has varied influences with the producer knowing just how to harness the best of two contrasting genres. 

In Fejká’s rework of Amarcord, which sees the producer take the tune into his terrain of atmospheric electronic music, there’s an overwhelming sense that sounds were crafted with utmost care. Downtempo rhythmic beats and elegant synth samples take center-stage, all the while the vibraphone makes discreet appearances lightening what could otherwise be a much darker mood. “I was looking for a specific part that’s easy to loop because my music is quite atmospheric but also repetitive and evolving. With ‘Amarcord’ I immediately felt that the percussive bell sounding loop created an atmosphere in my head which I wanted to continue working on,” says Fejká, “The drums and synths, and other leads followed suit and the whole sound was already created in a really short time.” 

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