Virginyah feat. Rsn – Therapy Sessions EP

After her first single, Virginyah, in collaboration with composer and producer RSN, makes her first debut with “Therapy Sessions” EP which is out now on Timewarp Music.

The music of the album draws from the 90’s soul/funk style with trip hop, hip hop and R&B elements and it includes 5 songs. It is the outcome of a maiden voyage in pursuit of real self, a course towards consciousness and acceptance, something that is revealed in Virginyah’s self-referential lyrics and her soft-hearted performance.

Composition and production is signed by RSN, widely known for his distinctive sound, his music for films and documentaries, as well as his participation in productions of international musicians. Great musical contribution by Greek-born, Grammy winner and Grammy nominated bass player Panagiotis Andreou who belongs to a dynamic group of New York-based creative musicians redefining the contemporary music scene. Other musicians performing in the song “Do That Thing” are Dionysis Morfis on guitar riff, Kyriakos Kouvelas on solo guitar and Maya Siozou on rap vocals.

Virginyah has a rich musical background with classical and modern vocal studies. She was a member of the polyphonic female vocal group Fonés and has performed in festivals all over the world. She has collaborated so far with acclaimed Greek musicians. She also performs on music stages in Athens with the dance polyphonic quartet Dreamy Whispers.


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