Jadu Heart – Hyper Romance LP

Bristol-based duo Jadu Heart have just released their long-awaited sophomore album Hyper Romance (listen/purchase now), and shared new tour dates for 2021 (full dates below, tickets available now). Released independently via VLF Records, the album is out now on all available platforms. 

Written and recorded in a Bristol basement studio over the course of nine months utilizing a small arsenal of grimey foot pedals and amplifiers, the duo crafted a body of work that blends raw, lo-fi psych-rock with sonic healing. “The studio was right next to an old church so we decided to call it ‘The Crypt’, and some of that gothic influence definitely seeped into the album as a whole,” they remark. A project largely based on the interplay between calm and chaos, Hyper Romance is a collection of love songs written during a period of relocation and reflection. “It’s about the intense highs and lows of being in love, and is pretty much a soundtrack to the light and dark sides of your relationship.” Where their first album Melt Away experimented an electronic-leaning sound during a chaotic few years in the competitive London scene, Hyper Romance is the sound of the band growing up. Releasing six tracks over the course of a year, Alex Headford and Diva Jeffrey gave listeners a glimpse into the flux of maturity, moving to a new city, falling in love, and the emotions tied to it. 

Born to artistic families, Headford and Jeffrey were naturally drawn to music from a young age, both being immersed in it while at home and on family vacations. As self-taught songwriters and producers, they have always strived to chart their own course without relying on anyone else. This independence has inspired the duo to shift in a new musical direction, unbound to any one genre, as they draw influences from various fields. The 11-track Hyper Romance is testament to the longevity of the band, as they take listeners on a sonic journey through the world in which they inhabit. 

Listen to Hyper Romance now: https://www.jaduheart.com/

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