Video: Leifur James – Angel In Disguise

London based experimental producer and composer Leifur James unveils the incredible third single ‘Angel In Disguise’, with stunning visuals from Balázs Simon. The title track is taken from James’ eagerly awaited album, ‘Angel in Disguise’, due for release 5th June 2020 via Night Time Stories (sister label to the coveted ‘LateNightTales’).

Angel In Disguise’ sees slowly driving, haunting instrumentals rise to an enticing, early crescendo with a rapid descent. Melancholic keys and broken beats build tension on this nostalgic ode to veiled beauty; James’ moody vocals sitting on classical piano interspersed with driving electronic kicks. A complex track that sets the scene for the explorative album, this most recent offering is a compelling slice of electronica, with a spellbinding visual narrative.

“I was feeling a blurring of the lines between our experience as a society with the world and my own personal experience. Like these two clouded forms in my life at the time. I’m reminded of when you see the sun through thick fog; you can feel the sun shining behind the layer, but you can’t see it for its truest and purest form and feel submerged and surrounded by the fog. That analogy was happening at the same time for me, in an environmental and personal way.” Leifur James

An exploration of our damaged relationship with planet earth is soundtracked by James’ poignant melodies questioning our failure to respect mother nature. ‘Angel in Disguise’ stitches James’ complex emotional chords and Balazs’ desire to highlight the fragility of the world into a beautiful, short visual tale. Directed by Balázs Simon.

ng good, but clouded, corrupted. The drunkenness of the world, beauty that is hidden. That ambiguity played a big role in the concept: I wanted to show a vision of our planet, again in a primordial state, reset. It’s a new kind of abiogenesis, driven by parallels between water and plastic, as the source (and end) of life…” 

“…It’s funny how we were set out to shoot a film about our suffering planet, only to be struck by 90-95 km/h windstorms all day. It ripped apart the set, some of our lighting equipment, shook the bus and you could often feel small gravel hitting your face… I was fortunate to work with actress Franciska Törőcsik, who went all in despite it being February, freezing and stormy, or Eszter Takács, the art director of Midsommar, who had to watch her work destroyed by the weather and still came up with ways to save the day.”
– Balázs Simon

Leifur James’ ‘Angel In Disguise’ LP will be available 5th June via Night Time Stories and is available to pre-order here

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