Elliot Moss feat. Elsa y Elmar – Bodyintoshapes (Elsa y Elmar Remix)

Elliot Moss today announced his new EP A Change In Diet (The Remixes) will be released on March 20th, 2020, via Grand Jury. The EP includes reworkings of three songs from his recent album, A Change In Diet, that feature Colombian singer-songwriter Elsa y Elmar (on “Bodyintoshapes”), Cuban-American R&B singer Brika (on “Rabbit Roads”), and Mexican trapper Go Golden Junk (on “Silver + Gold”). The remix of “Bodyintoshapes,” featuring Elsa y Elmar’s hypnotic voice, can now be heard above.

“The idea for this EP came about after hearing what some of my closer musician friends and contributors did to my music in a live setting. After touring the world I wanted to connect more deeply with some of the different countries that touched me. The addition of these artists to these songs has helped to make them feel more complete,” explains Moss. “The mark of a talented melody writer to me is someone who can fit in between existing shapes and sequences—not lay over the top all the time. Elsa’s contribution to ‘Bodyintoshapes’ was so effortless and really just consisted of me turning up the fader and leaving it alone.”

Elsa y Elmar namesake Elsa Carvajal adds,”Whenever I listen to a track I’m invited to collaborate on, either one of the following scenarios happen: A) Once I press play I instantly get an endless flow of ideas for lyrics and melodies. Or B) Not much happens… and then ideas need to be worked for a long time. What happened with ‘Bodyintoshapes’ was scenario A), which was awesome. I think Elliott is a very skilled and talented artist, and even though I am usually very skeptical about using two different languages in one track, I think this song feels very natural. It’s a cool, euphonic track, and I am very grateful I was able to be a part of it.”

The remix EP follows A Change In Diet, released January 17th via Grand Jury to recognition from outlets including Pitchfork (“On his poignant second album, the multitalented singer-songwriter gives voice to the self-doubts that manifest in the wee hours of the morning.”) and Exclaim! (“Elliot Moss invites us into the depths of his mental and emotional landscape with bold vulnerability.”), among others. Pre-release singles “Barricade,” “July 4,” “Silver + Gold,” and “Bodyintoshapes” also caught the attention of outlets including American Songwriter (“ambient, trance-synth pop”), FLOOD, Atwood Magazine (“One would be hard-pressed to find an artist as intriguingly inimitable as New York-based musician Elliot Moss”), and Blah Blah Blah Science, among others.

Moss is currently in the midst of his North American headlining tour and performs next tonight in Minneapolis, MN. See below for a full itinerary.

A Change In Diet (The Remixes) tracklist:
1. Bodyintoshapes (feat. Elsa y Elmar)
2. Rabbit Roads (feat. Brika)
3. Silver + Gold (feat. Go Golden Junk)


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