Sarah P. – Athena

The second instalment of Sarah P.’s upcoming album Plotting Revolutions consists of the songs “Athena” & “The Poem of a Clear Conscience”. Athena is a beat-driven, disco-inspired song about Sarah’s hometown – her “old/new home”, as she calls it. “Athena is a song I wrote about Athens while I was still living in Berlin and reluctant to resettle in my hometown. Many things have changed since then, but not my complicated relationship with the city I love to call my old/new home. Music-wise, I continue exploring the disco elements and the more organic sound of my Maenads EP, adding a “sturdy” rhythm section and floating synths & vocals that well-represent the paradoxes of my city – the edginess and fragility of Athens and its people.”

On the other hand, The Poem of a Clear Conscience is carried along by its lyrics and playful synths, keeping up with Sarah’s sarcastic flair for pop music. A poetic take on the times we live in and the incapability of our world leaders to find a common ground for matters that affect us all. “I find it troubling that politicians nowadays still choose to play on and by small party interests, when we’re faced with great challenges that question the longevity of our planet, as well as with big scale social, political, and economical instabilities that undermine the democratic values, worldwide”.

With the addition of the two new songs, following the release of first singles “Laying Low” & “She”, it’s becoming clear that Plotting Revolutions is a contemporary record that’s addressing difficult matters without losing its humor and positivity. Plotting Revolutions is Sarah P.’s most mature work to date, both musically and lyrically. Sarah is standing opposite to the society with a mirror, trying to wake up all those who may be sleeping – themes she’s been continuously exploring through her work (Who Am I, Maenads EP).

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