Video: Halls – Face to Face

Halls’ second album, ‘Love to Give’, was released at the beginning of 2014. The day after the release show Howard heard that his father had cancer – and six months later he was dead. Howard stepped back from Halls, declining interviews and deleting social media accounts. During the following years Howard worked on various projects, leaning towards a slicker, more pop-oriented sound, and avoiding writing music that would directly deal with his loss and grief. However during this time Howard’s depression worsened, and he eventually cut himself off from these projects.

After a break, Howard began to write music again, this time facing up to his grief and depression. These songs became ‘Infinite Loss’, an album that combines musical elements used in Halls’ previous albums and a clearer, more direct writing style. After battling depression and working through issues, the album shows the polarity between a new-found positive perspective on life and struggles with lingering depression. The album is about coming out of a trauma and rediscovering life.

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