Dervisis – Laundry Room / Yelde

A year after his debut EP, Dervisis returns with a new 12’’ from Trial&Error Records to add a clubbier side to his already diverse and genre-blending sound. Dervisis’ music sits somewhere between leftfield club and bedroom pop with polyrhythms influenced by the shared culture of the Balkans and Middle East.

The EP is packed with two original cuts and two remixes. “Laundry Room”, the release’s opener, is a sungazing abstract house pop anthem, while “Yelde” is a chiftetelli-influenced percussive slow burner with chopped vocal hooks and a Burial-esque drone bass.

Gramrcy’s rowdy banger “Fidget Mix” of “Laundry Room” and BFTT’s atmospheric “Gliding Slug” take on “Yelde” conclude the EP.

Released: 2019-05-10 / Trial&Error Records

01. Laundry Room
02. Yelde
03. Laundry Room (Gramrcy’s Fidget Mix)
04. Yelde (BFTT’s Gliding Slug Remix)

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