Volor Flex – Blowing Smoke EP

Debuting on Apollo Records back in 2012 with the Conspiracy EP, Volor Flex returns to the label in 2019 with the Blowing Smoke EP which further solidifies his reputation as a name to watch.

Volor Flex is one of the talented crop of producers hailing from Russia. Rising out of a thriving electronic scene which spreads across the vast plains of the country, he synthesizes a unique take on ambient, future garage and IDM perfectly at home in Apollo’s storied discography.

‘Days End’ opens with a forlorn piano melody backed by a cavernous infinite reverb and moodily swung drums; the piece has a narcotic pull that is sweetened by a rising bass figure.

Surging Vangelis style synth strings and ominous, withered pads battle for supremacy over a driving  beat on ‘The Wind In The Trees’, Volor Flex expertly controls the foreground and background with his use of reverb, masterfully creating contrast shifts and enveloping elliptical changes of mood.

The EP closes with ‘Blowing Smoke’, the most uptempo track on the release, with a hushed vocal contribution underpinned by a hypnotic bass motif and shuffling UK garage rhythm track.

The ‘Blowing Smoke EP’ could well be Volor Flex’s finest work to date and an illustration of the power of abstract electronic music to both seduce and entrance the dancefloor.

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