Shcaa – An Ungrateful Death

R&S welcome Parisian Sacha Khalife AKA Shcaa with his new double headed single ‘An Ungrateful  Death / Pacific Gold’, following up on his stellar EP on NYC’s Blank Slate back in 2015, two killer releases through Archipel and a more recent LP on Sharingtones.

Abstract, deep and dripping with atmosphere, ‘An Ungrateful Death’ takes the listener on an epic trippy journey –  sensuous rhythms and choppy guitars giddly colide while mumbled vocals offer a dreamy counterpoint before the whole piece transitions into an uneasily blissed out ambient coda. On the flip ‘Pacific Gold’ continues the abstraction, freeform guitar licks skitter and bounce around a loose limbed micro-house groove.

A producer, composer and guitarist based in Paris, Khalife’s restless musicality manages to uniquely meld electronics with blues, house and jazz without seeming forced. “My music found its first legitimacy within the structure of house music, the grooves as rails to let free peculiar shades,” he explains “I try to not  allow my music to fall into mindless experimentations, hopefully the graphic rhythms justify their abstraction.”

With ‘An Ungrateful Death / Pacific Gold’ sure to delight and confound dancefloors across the continent, it’s going to be interesting to see where Shcaa takes his music next.

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